Saturday, April 15, 2017

Life Lessons, or You can't start the next chapter....

Its been a long time since I blogged.

Apart from the fact that I had lost access, and I really had nothing particularly good to post- (never stopped me before though, right?).. its been a busy 3 years.

Disclaimer:I want to point out that I am posting this for myself- and for no other reason, and maybe, just maybe it might help someone feeling a little lost themselves. Nothing I write here is directed at anyone in particular, so please don't assume that it is. (After all to ASSUME is to make an ASS out of U and ME.)😛 -I don't know- my Dad always says that. 

So to sum up-

I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from Curtin University.
I then suffered a complete and utter Creative Block. Some people might also call it depression. I'm only just now working out that for me- these things are one and the same.
I stopped working in Administration.
Returned to hairdressing.
Started creating again.
Started smiling again.

On the upside though, in that 3 years I learned a few life lessons. To summarise:

1. Money isn't everything.
2. Family is. (everything)
3. Creativity needs to be fed...every day.
4. Never let anyone allow you to feel inferior, stupid,unwanted or a burden. 
5. Never work for a friend;(someone told me this once years ago and I didn't believe them. I was so, so wrong.).
6. Do more of what makes you happy and present in your own life.
7. Friendship is important but it is also a two way street. If you are doing all the trying- its not friendship, its a job. (see 5.)
8. You are not perfect, nor will you ever be, and that's ok.
9. You are good enough.
10. You are not your job.

So, heavy stuff aside- Ive started playing in the SoulFull Project hosted by Annette of the Art and Soul Studio. 
This has been wonderful for me.
It makes me art journal at least once a week, but now I'm doing it more.
Creating art is my thing and its so nice to be doing it again.
The art journal page above is my effort from one of the quotes Annette sends you once you register.
Visit her page on Facebook for more info.
Its free to play, and she has a lovely shop too.

If something is hurting you- change it- even if its hard.
If you don't feel brave enough to do it- journal it, because a journal is like a friend who listens without judgement.
Perhaps it might even give you the strength to take things to the next level.

Ive been out of the loop with everything and everyone for a while now- so hit me up if there's something fun I should know about, and I will try and do the same for everyone here too.

Art saves- it really does.

Love to you, Deb xxoo