Sunday, December 30, 2012

Heres to us!!!

Well, here it is, the eve of 2012...when we all sit back and reflect on dreams that came true,changes, good stuff that happened- bad stuff that happened, trials and tribulations of a year.
 As is my way; I am compelled to write stuff down.
So here goes.
 For me 2012 was a rollercoaster ride.
 This year I left my hairdressing career behind and went to work for my dearest and oldest friend- helping her get her Accounting Firm off the ground.
 I'm learning how to be an Office manager- and doing a Traineeship in Business Administration.Its incredibly different for me, and yes;
 I slap my forehead every day.
 But I think I am getting better.
My busted out shoulder is happy too. No more pain every day. Just sometimes.
 I turned 40, watched my little girl fall in love for the first time, and saw my little boy continue on his journey into a young man.
 I climbed the Harbour Bridge,and continued my art studies, all with my soul mate by my side.
 I am evolving as an artist..and allowing it to happen.
 I saw my parents seperate after 45 years of marriage, watched depression manifest itself in my family yet again, watched people I love hurt, and struggle and fight to stay afloat- or to stay here.
I watched a vibrant woman whither and weaken but not surrender.
 I watched a very young man fight to the death with Cancer- and lose.
 I watched friends near and far struggle with illness, and stuff that is way too hard to even imagine.
 I watched people i know and love succeed beyond their wildest dreams; and gave myself time to reassess my own.
 I watched the world go crazy time and time again.
 I have watched people do amazing things- hard things- wonderful things.
 I have watched people I love push me away and not know why.
I have learned that I am not invincible.
 But the bottom line is. I am still here, and my struggles this year, too many to mention, are counter weighted with wonderful memories, happiness and triumph over adversity.
 If there is one lesson I have learned this year- it is this;
 "I am me, you are you, and whatever that means is ok by me."
 Simple as that.
 To every single person who is a part of my life... whether you are near or far...know that I am proud and honoured to be included in your life in whatever form that takes- and I wish you, from the bottom of my heart, the most wonderful, perfect and fantastic 2013 you could hope for.
 "Here's to us!"
 Love, Debxxoo

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The world didn't end!!!!

 ....and in honour of that fact..I thought I would share something on the ol' neglected bloggy.... just a few pretties Ive made this year...(Teamed with a little bit of last year) ...especially for my friend Peg..who says.."Give me images!! Lots of images!!" ya go!!!
"Wings" was one of my SM Masters' entries this year.....
 "Dream" was also a Masters' entry...
 "A Fine Gentleman" was too....
 This is my double layout that got a HM.....
 This not so good pic is a layout I recently did at a camp in Tamworth..see the Imaginarium Designs feather??? so yummy....
 This one was from camp too..... the sweetest puppy ever...
 My sweet niece Ceanna,
 A couple of arches from last year....just because.....
 A Grahic 45 and Collections chipboard shadow box...
 Last years' SM Masters' HM.... LOL
 And a couple of Tarisota works...........from last year.....
So...there you have it... what are you going to do today seeing as the world didn't end???
LOL..if you're anything like me??? The same stuff you were doing all year. to wrap some pressies and get ready for work!!!!!
More soon, my lovelies!!!xxDebxx