Thursday, May 31, 2012

To dance-an awfully big adventure...

At times, life can be a mystery. Inspiration can run away with you..or, just run away. The beginnings of this unit  VSW21 with Curtin  (Observation and Perception)..well, I was having a moment.
The days of painting for enjoyment, and creating for the hell (and fun) of it have been missing for a long time. The thought of having 18 months more of slogging through life AND Uni assignments was getting the better of me.
 However, with time, the projects managed to get me in- and although it might not be "my kind " of painting...going to Uni isn't about going and knowing..its about learning new things..challenges to your abilities- and making it an adventure.
Sometimes, I feel like a 2 year old in amongst a gallery full of Whiteleys and Monets, but so what right??? Like Elizabeth Gilbert says- 'dance anyway'. So, to cut a long story short, here are a few images from my exercise folio and art journals.

I have also been doing some writing units with Griffith uni. Last semester, I did "Creative and Professional writing", this term I'm doing  "Writing the Short Story". Next term I'm doing "Writing for Children and Adolescents".
Yes, this girl wants to write a book.
Long before I fell in love with art- I fell in love with words. Even before I kept art journals- I  always wrote stories and  poetry. I always dreamed of writing books- stories that people would fall in love with.
For many years- I wanted to be a journalist. I gave all that up to be a hairdresser...(LOL)
Anyway, I have had some wonderful feedback from my tutors that tells me, 'well maybe perhaps this is where I'm headed'- I apparently have a (and I quote from my tutor) a "Natural gift for this"(WOW!!!)
So who knows?????I could fall in a big hole, or it just might work -Dance anyway , right????

Speaking of dancing anyway...I also want to shout out to a dear, inspiring friend...who is also a client of mine, (and has been for over 16 years)...she started her writing blog up this year.
Her writing is as inspiring as she is- so go have a look... (Note, the title of her blog is Seeking Wisdom- but the blog address is Seaking Ive put it in my blog roll like that. Yes, I can spell...(sometimes!!)
Love to all...and until next post,
Dance, my friends, dance.

Monday, May 28, 2012

For someone special....

This little layout was a labour of love- I haven't had the time (or the inclination)  to sit down and scrapbook for almost 12 months- but sometimes someone special comes along and you just want to do something commemorative- (after one gets over the initial jitters that one may have forgotten how to scrapbook!!!!)...
So, I made this for my dear friend Sarah, her hubby Cam, and the most precious little boy , Riley James.
I have mounted this behind glass in a black frame, so Sarah and Cam can hang it on the wall in their home.
More soon,
Deb, (the see?-I-havent-forgotten-how-scrapbooker..LOL....)xxoo

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Storyteller

So..last year I had a bash at the Archibald with a painting of one of my favourite artists....
Her pic has been tucked away behind a door in my house since then..(cause its HUGE!! and I only have half walls with a picture rail on which to put it).....
I was invited to take more of my work into the glorious Cafe 2340 here in Tamworth, so after some prompting by my husband..I altered her....
Truth be known, I was never really happy with her eyes.
So when I decided to add her third eye, and her mystical crown, and her mehndi on her face and hand...
I was amazed at how much more I liked it...and really, how much more it represents its subject.
*slaps forehead*. If only I had sent it in like this...but you get that.Live and learn, baby!!!
The words "Speak freely, write candidly, read endlessly" have also been hidden in the painting.
So true, huh??
Might need to ink those words on me somewhere, I think...
Love to all...
more soon.

Friday, May 4, 2012

For the love of a goat......

Its National Scrapbook Day!!!!
(hahahaha ..actually my post has nothing to do with goats.. I just love my old buddy Shirl so much and figured she needed to be famous for the day....)
How quickly does it roll around every year??? Its scary to think the year is already almost half over.
Well. Its actually National Scrapbook Day in the US on the 5th...and that's tomorrow; us Aussies start celebrating we get to do it twice!!!
There is a blog hop going on...and in all my years as a scrapbooker..I can honestly say..Ive never done if you're can go here or  here to take part and play along.
There are many prizes..and challenges and wotnot to take part if you are partial to a spot of paper and glue type activities...GO FOR IT!!!!
Here is a list of some of the exceptionally talented peeps playing along.....

Sherry Mendoza

Katherine Prefol

Kristie Taylor

Melissa Harris Goodman

Jenny Burns

Tina Dalton

LeAnne Payne

Sheree Power

Michelle Clarke

Jamie Dougherty

Liz Hicks

Heidi Kelley

Irit Shalom

JJ Sobey


Gerry van Gent

Cheryl Bodkin Waters

Mel Connell

Gine Kristofferson Silvera

Sarah Moore

Samantha Hauzer

Drew Scott

Jennifer Priest

Jordie Craig

Kathy Hall

Melissa Elsner

Michelle Thomas

Trina McClune

Nadia Cannizzo

Lynne Erskine Forsythe

Gloria Stengel

Leanne Allinson

Wendy Crafts

Agnus Kasprzak

Natasja Cats Verbeek

Kim Jeffress

Gina Rodgers

Trudi Harrison

Steph Devlin:

Beck Beattie:

Melita Chow:

Emeline Seet:

Crece Thomas:

Rebecca Boyer:

Emma Rose Sabourin Rayburn:

Brandie Partello:

Marjie Kemper

Susan Pyrcz Weckesser:

Iris Babao Uy:
Susan Mintmire:

So..get your scrap on...and get involved. Its such a nice way to spend the weekend, don't you think???
A big shout out to all of those lovelies at Retreats around the country today...especially those in Darwin doing the courses with this exceptionally talented artist..
Sp...get to it guys!!!
More soon,