Friday, April 27, 2012

Must be nice to be Mother nature.....

So... creatively speaking. since the start of the whole UNI thing.. there hasn't beenva lot of time for "making stuff just for the sake of making stuff".
It would appear that every painting, drawing, sculpture,photograph ...anything really,  has  been for an assignment or exercise or project for a unit I am doing.
Save for a few Blythe customs.
This little baby isn't a real Blythe.   She is a BASAAK BLYBE ..from Ebay. But you can rip them to bits without worrying too much about the fact that you are cracking open a $150 + doll. (These ones are about $32ish delivered.)..And... my justification for them is that when it comes to doing a real custom..Ive had practice... and confidence before attacking a real one.
Note: They are not even a scratch of the quality of the real ones. I have to replace their bodies..(usually I wacck a Moxie dolly body on them)because their legs fall off..and the eye change mechanism doesn't change smoothly..and breaks easily..and when you get them their whole scalp just..falls off!!!  But the face is similar stuff to the real its good for practicing carving mouths and stuff too....
So..... here is me yanking out her eye chips to put in new ones.......

 Then.....painting her some new eye make- up.....
 Note: this is a real Blythe with her eye chips out..I just like how freaky it looks ...TEEHEEE.....
 This is my little Cyber punk chickie with her re-root. this stuff is an angora wool blend in a ball from spotlight a few years ago...(you can still get it there)
 See How she has different eyes?? Soooo fun.... It must be nice to be Mother Nature.... Its a very nice feeling getting to decide how someone will look.
She even had a little ink done!!! (they're really just  Marah Johnson rub- ons) and a Kaiser-craft blingy thing for a nose stud.

On a more personal note..I'm beginning to miss scrapbooking. So watch this space....Who knows?? I might even just do a bit for old times' sake....after I do some paintings for Uni, of course......
What are you making this weekend???
More soon, Deb XXOO

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A small thank you.

On this, one of our most hallowed days, we bow our heads in respect for those who served, those who died,those who still serve and those who altered our history for eternity.
There is so much to be said, but today is not the day for fancy words, or long paragraphs about how I feel.
On this day, it is about them.
I would just like to say to all our Servicemen and Servicewomen, past present and future; on behalf of me and mine;
Thank you.

..On being a teen girly..

So. The day began as it always does, with much rushing about and complaints about wishes for sleeping longer and "do we have to go to school really???"..we all carried on and went to school and work.
Nothing unusual. Just a normal day.
Once the school day was over and  the trip home commenced, there was much excited chatter and phone to friend banter about the process that teen girlies all over the country were lining up for- the One Direction pre-sale.
Of course, I acted very non-chalant. This was Miss M and her friends' business to worry over..not mine.
However, as the excitement of turning on every computer in the house, logging on and running from room to room to try and get on site to buy tickets for a bunch of girlies...and shrieks of "oh no!" and "I cant get on!!!" began to frizzle away the calm quiet of my afternoon cuppa..the nerves began for the girls.
What if they didnt get tickets?
 Would this not be the worst thing that ever happened to my teen girl in her" whole life" (to quote the child)????
( I think not...however as her Mum...I'm here to help)
Cake was eaten.
Lots. (I eat when I'm nervous).
Daughters' arms were flapping all over the house.
It was time to step in.
I signed in with my trusty Firefox. Completely un-trendy but so efficient..and taaadaaa!!! 9 tickets were purchased.
Then the screams of panic elevated into shrieks of joy..and more phone to friend excitement began.
So. they are going.
I am feeling somewhat vindicated as I have been poo- pooed for being the only Firefox user in the house.
I like it when stuff works.
Lets just hope the ridiculously long time line until the actual concert is not fraught with the typical boy band grievances.
 They bloody well better show up. Or else.

Monday, April 23, 2012

....Aaaaand here it is. A matter of months has passed since my last blog entry.
The sad reality of my life is that each minute is lately accounted for, borrowed and owed to.
Blogging has just not made the priority list. Until now.
A real fact of my life is that blogging is therapy to me.  A few words is sometimes all that is needed to calm the nerves and free the spirit. Much like painting is for me. I may not be Wordsworth, I may not be Whiteley..but nevertheless. To share, to create, to write. This is what I do.
If no one reads what I write? If no-one likes what I paint?. Makes not a scrap of difference to me at all.
I have had somewhat of an epiphany.
If I always live my life by how I am received- where is the fun in that?
 To completely piss someone off- or to make someone happy- this is just life.
So, please forgive me if you see my blog take a steep turn to the left..or right..or plunge into the depths of whatever-land... I would love for you to come along for the ride....but if my driving scares be it. I shall happily fare thee well at the roadside.
I still make art. I write. I take photos. I make stuff. I watch stuff. I feel stuff.
..and that's where we are now, you and I; Dear Reader.
Welcome back.
More soon.