Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy EVERY Australian Day!!

Whatever your birthplace,heritage,your religious, cultural, sexual or political persuasion,  Heres' to wishing every Australian Citizen a Happy Safe and healthy Australia day- where ideally, the right to be who you are is uniquely yours.
..and here's a warm welcome to those who are becoming Australian Citizens all over the country today. Welcome!!
..and for everyone else  who calls Australia home..Happy Australia Day!!
Happy Aussie day!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Little White Rabbit Told me.....

About a fabulous new shop in Tamworth called the "White Rabbit Store".
 It is all kinds of wonderful..
yummy altered vintage fashions, beautiful pottery, handmade jewellery and art pieces, soy candles and vintage bric a brac and every other kind of retro yumminess to browse.
Let me take you on a little tour:

I am also excited to say I have been asked to contribute some of my art to the wee shop. Mostly paintings and jewellery.
So if youre visiting Tamworth ..go check it out!! Its super cute!!
More Soon, Debxxoo

Friday, January 20, 2012

Using PanPastels to create an art journal page background_

Hi Guys!! just thought I'd share a quick technique with you for the basis of mixed media art journal pages using PanPastels-  if youve never used them they're so versatile-  and can replace inks in  scrapbooking, as well as for their obvious fine art applications.Ive coloured photos with them as well!!
Step 1: apply a light application of a few colours using the Softtools....(some toolsbcome with the pans)
Step 2: take a wet paintbrush and wipe it across your PanPastel... paint a design onto your page..then, do it again with different colours... NOT the Mona Lisa- but you can see where I'm headed right??
Step 3: Squirt your page with a water spray- so this lots!! The, tip your page so the colours run,or for a more dramatic result, blow on it directionally  with a straw in your mouth .
Can you see how the colours start to run, and the pigment breaks up on the page creating depth and texture??
Step 4: Using your Softtools, dab dry PanPastels back onto the wet page, the colour will pool ..its an awesome effect!!

So...heres' what the page is looking like now... I think it needs spraying again to make those pools run, then letting dry, and doing the whole process all over again!! Remember Mixed Media is about layers- the more the better. Follow this with some imagery, some text...maybe some more PanPastels brushed acroos the page..and youve got yourself a great technique for starting any Mixed Media piece!!!
Dont forget to visit PanPastels on Facebook- theyre running a great competition to win some PanPastels for yourself!!!
More soon....Happy Creating!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

A wee tot of assemblage for the junkies....

So, here is my first art piece to share with you for 2012.
It started out life as a broken doll head and a  sardine, an 'Angel of the Apocalypse'.
Do you see the  wee 7 horsemen of the apocalypse??
The script is actually a verse from Revelations- "The Angel with the tiny scroll.... ".
Sometimes art just happens all by itself. Just like this piece did.
Heres hoping you are having a great creative start to 2012.
More love to you!!xxoo Debxxoo