Saturday, July 9, 2011

Big Ummah turns into pretty patchwork....

Last night while making some pretties with resin..the lunatic(who is also a very big clutz) spilled a whole bottle of resin on her art table.
Now if you've ever worked with resin, you'll know its sticky gear.And once i wiped it off, the table- she didnt look so healthy...(apart from all the paint spatters on her).
So, this morning I woke up with a brainwave, nay an epiphany!!
I have so many beautiful scrapbook papers Im not using at the why not give the table a facelift??
So, after a few I dare yous' and do its' from my facebook is the blow by blow..

Le Table... before..(see the paint spills?? sheesh and i was supposed to be keeping this table in good order..)) ..and really, how boring is it??

so..a little sanding...

work out the look by laying out my chosen papers....

Glue the papers down well using a good wood glue..or in my case..craft glue...and then give it a good go over with a brayer.... (oh, and note my favourite piece of paper ever is smack bang in the middle of the know that piece you buy 50 of because you love it so?? LOL; Love, Elsie papers if youre wondering)
 See...all  stuck off to the hardware shop for some lacquer!!

When I got back..I thought it needed, a little inking around the edges..(of course!!) LOL...
 Rolled on the first coat of lacquer.....

  I'm using this...(its the only one they sell at Kootingal on a Sunday morning)

VOILA!!! First coat done... but my pretty patchwork table will need about 4 more. Much prettier, yes??

Sad thing I have to clean my messy art room, because the table looks so nice...the rest of my art room looks dreadful!!!
Aaaah..such is life!!
Happy Sunday everyone!!..
(off to have a rest..all the fumes from the lacquer has made me a bit dizzy) :)
More soon!!
(no, really!!)