Wednesday, September 21, 2011

HULLOOOOOO!!!! My name is ya doin??

Hi there!!!
I have been ridiculously absent. Thank you to everyone who has sent me a message or an email to check if Im alright..and yes, I'm fine!! Ive just been really really flat out..studying and home life..and work...  and wotnot!!
Well...and then there's  all the fabulous trips and retreats Ive been on.
So..heres a few bits and pieces Ive been up to...(just to prove Im alive!!)
So...I went to the fabulous Camp Mojo with my beautiful buddy Maree.....
we had a ball of a time....
it was wet..and cold....

 ..we used these beautiful plastic bags  as raincoats to get us from here to there......
and it was definately worth a laugh....
and on top of Glee night performances, and MC Hammer impersonations and making some fabulous new friends...(especially table buddies Mik and Harrat!!*wink* *wave!!*).... I did  actually do some actual scrapbooking : see:?????

 ...and i had a class with Rachel Greig and made some cards...(the top ones) and then I made some with the new Graphic 45 well as a mini album(still empty!!)

..and then we did a class with sarah Gladman..which was supposed to look awesome.... unfortunately I completely ruined it became this:

...and then we wandered off to the Angels R scrappin retreat at DAG Station , Nundle....but not before a suspected heart attack put me in hospital for the day:
 ..Dont I look sexy???? Pshaw!! you lie!! LOL..
...Ive been having a few heart related issues for a while now..but this was the worst one..and it would seem that every time I end up under Doctors observation..the symptoms that least this time there was no damage to my thats good!! It seems I have really low blood pressure...and we have  congenital heart defects in the family, I just need them to work out what mine is!!!(Did I mention i also gave up coffee due to this heart case it helps??? #notverymuchbloodyfunIcantellyou)) to Dag the very next day for some R&R;
and a bit more actual scrapbooking!!!

..and then theres Uni....
Ive been studying for my Bachelor of Fine Arts since the start of the year..and so far Im averaging High Distinctions..until I got to Internet Design....hardest thing I have ever done in my life!!! Challenging..but i still manged to pull a Im happy with that..(more so that its over!!LOL)..and now Im on to printmaking and Textiles..(WAAAY MORE my scene..)Heres the Transformation art journal i made for Printmaking class...every single part of it is upcycled or repurposed...(oh..except for the 7 Gypsies journal handles)hehehehe

..and then...we got a new baby in the house...
After much harping, and begging and super cute baby talk...Miss M got her very own puppy....

This is Ellie!!!She is a little maltese..about 11 weeks old in this photo..and it is beautiful how much they love each cute!!
We have also added a couple of goats to the menagerie:

Meet Laverne and Shirley!!! I love them so much..theyre really inquisitive..and friendly...just like big puppy dogs.
On the arty front... Theres lots of bits and pieces happening..but probably nothing interesting enough to share right now...but needless to say....I feel my style is changing so much, and Uni is really opening my eyes to things I never knew about- things I am busting to try.... so i should perhaps share some art journal pages with you- just so you can see..
but that is , in a nutshell what ive been up to since June...(amongst other stuff)..but lastly and most importantly-
this week i found out someone very special to me has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
It is a huge shock to all of those who know and love her, but i know in my heart she will fight this thing with style, grace and flair so few people have.
For you, my friend, Hugs, and lovexxoo
And to all who have made it to the bottom of this long winded post...
Love and health to you.....because thats what is important, yes??

More soon, Debxxoo(no!! really!!)