Thursday, May 26, 2011

Uni work...

Hullo!!! yup..thats pretty much all Ive been doing of late-Uni I havent anything too exciting to share...but I thought Id show you one of my collage pages....and an altered book I made from one of the Units I have been studying.
So, perhaps not my usual standard or style of work..but I have to do what the Teachers say..yes???
ahem.... well, mostly!!
Once its marked Ill share my animation too.....
if you promise not to laugh..LOL.
So..what are you up to???
Are you making anything special??
Whos going to go for Scrapbook Memories Master this year???
Feels strange..but this will be the first time in about 6 years I havent entered. I totally love the challenge..and its a thrill if your work gets a HM....(couldnt tell you about the being named a Master though) LOL....
so..if you are entering this year..(and if youre thinking you might..DO IT!!!)..I want to take this opportunity to say..
Love to all...more soon!!!
Love, Debxxoo