Sunday, January 30, 2011

CARPE DIEM!!!!!..and in other news....

Ive been making some stuff:
Like this Shadow box of my Goddaughter, Grace.....using the new Graphic 45 "once upon a springtime"
this will be going in to sit at Angels R Scrappin...where you can buy all the goodies that go in it!!
and this:

another shadow box..using Scrapwares' Happy Days set...(these are October afternoon papers).
Heres a close up of the sweet girly inside...This little number and all the wee bits that go in it are also available at Angels R Scrappin....(where you can see this In Real Life!!!
..and THEN!!
after 20 years of wishing i could...thanks to the encouragement of my beautiful arty/scrappy/mixed media-ey friends both here and far...and my bestest pal Maree..and the undying support of my Hubby, Shane..
I have today Enrolled in University!!!
I will be doing a Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts.
But determined to do well.
and worried.
and seriously, crapping myself..LOL
But...Im doing it..lifes' too short, right???
Heres to 2011..the year of doing stuff.
Carpe Diem..
Seize the day!!
So, How will you seize it???
More soon,
Love Debxxoo

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Muse in a Box-assemblage

..just thought Id share the piece i made for the Camp Mojo challenge for this had to use stamping on fabric....
so..I did....and came up with this..
I used my favourite Stampin Up" a whole bunch of mediums and bits and pieces..and used some of Mr DeMengs paint some of my own.
I love working this way......bit dark..creepy..but with a sense of humour...
you like??
More soon,
Love, Debxxoo

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Pocketful of Starlight" up for auction!!, if you know me know i have an obsession with Blythe dolls..I love their big eyes so....and this painting (16inch x 12 inch, mixed media on canvas..edges painted black and sealed) definately has Blythe as its Muse......but its inspiration is from the kids that have lost all THEIR toys in the QLD floods. Their homes, their precious families..their safe places...and yet..watching them on the news , they still smile...and are SO READY to help clean up.
Kids are the bomb...they are little pockets full of starlight.
Anyhoo..enough of my can buy this painting..there is an auction going on here.
All monies raised goes to Qld flood victims.
There are heaps of awesome creations up for auction there if the painting isnt your thang..maybe something else is!!!
More soon, Love, debxxoo

Sunday, January 16, 2011

art journalling with the kidlets....

A couple more art journal pages....
..for the art journal every day challenge......
I have even had the kids doing some: art journalling is a GREAT way to occupy the kids on the holidays......
These ones are by Halen. (8):

Halen has really taken to this style of journalling...
and these ones are by Montana:(12)

and this one is my favourite:
....all you need is some paint, a few magazines and some scissors and glue..maybe a few pens..... sooo much fun....
Hope you are enjoying your holidays as much as we are!!!
More soon, debxxoo

Sunday, January 9, 2011

wee posty... another art journal page down....I had a go at Teesha Moore style art journalling this time....I love her work so much...
a lot of the images were cut from tattoo mags and frankie(only the best mag ever!!!!)...I used a lot of crayon, paint and pens too...soooo much fun!!
and then... a couple of "announcements"..., a sad face....Why??
well, i made a decision this year that facebook and me have to part ways a little. I find i spend too much time on i have decided to clean up my friends know , limit those who have access to what im up to..all my arty, scrappy , creative and real friends and family will stay..but thats all. No offence to anyone at all, really...just trying to make my addiction a little easier to break...LOL...
also...I will be moderating comments on here too..because i had a couple of pointlessly nasty comments about a couple of posts..and although you are entitled to your opinion...if you're going to leave nasty comments on least have the guts to tell me who you are so i can stand up for myself..anonymous comments will remain..but ill be checking them over first!!!
well..thats enough sad faces....
heres to a bright new year..keep your chin up...try to smile every day...and..
dont take crap from anyone!!!
Love to you all...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Art journal every 2 of the great things about art journalling is you can get your frustrations out...and you can make a statement..a record of things that happen in your life...just expressed visually...all along with the fun of playing with your art goodies. I always love how collage turns out..its always a surprise.
more soon Debxxoo

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Art journal every day...

So, I decided to do this..(thanks to a little nudge from my energizer bunny pal Sherry Mendoza)
the deal is you sign up with a promise to commit yourself to sit down (or stand up!!) to do 10 minutes minimum art journalling every day for a month.
I cannot finish an art journal page in 10 minutes..true...but..10 mins multiplied over a few nights means i have finished page one..(hard to show you how much texture is in this page by photo)..lets just say its gonna be a bumpy journal!! LOL
Ive used penicil, crayon, ink, luminarte paints, graphite, impasto medium and vintage book paper....
just for fun!!!
why dont you come play too??????
more soon, debxxoo

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to 2011!!

Just a quick little wave hi from me for the first day of 2011..
Ive been playing with my blog designer..and the new pretty backgrounds from pretty!!!(just click on the buttons on either side of my blog to get your own!!)
I do hope to do something more just mine....but then again..its soo pretty!! how cute is that owl?????
Anyhoo..heres to wishing you many adventures for 2011.....
More soon,
Love, Debxxoo