Friday, December 30, 2011

The Lunatics' wrap up...

Yep friends, the last blog post..For 2011.
I have been a BAD blogger...BAD!!! This year.
So if there is anyone left on the planet who actually reads my rare goes.
 The Lunatics' 2011 wrap up......

In 2011, I made the conscious decision to take a step back from scrapbooking for a while, to finally pick up on a dream Ive had for over 20 years- to study Art at University level.

Because I am a "first year"..we do a lot of exercises...but i am enjoying them.The practical work is my thing, totally, but I'm shocked to find out how much i still love theory and writing an essay or two. I'm thinking I might do a couple of creative writing/literature units for electives this coming study period..I forgot how much I really do love to write.
I really am going back to basics- learning how to see things again, and now look at my Archibald prize entry and understand why it never got a look in.(even though i still love my entry).

...Work has been great this year. You know that saying "You've got to kiss a lot of frogs before you find Prince Charming"?..well, that sure applies here. After  20 years in the hairdressing industry..with all the crap that goes on in salons-this place feels like home. Its a nice place to be.

And then...Of course, there were some road trips with my Bestie, Maree.....
We hit Camp Mojo in the Hunter Valley and met the BEST bunch of women ever!!! (no dampened spirits even though it pithed down the WHOLE time)..(hence our smurf outfits)..LOL
 We did a scrap retreat to DAG station at Nundle with our Tamworth pals...(the most freezing but relaxing camp ever!!)
We hit the old frog and toad to Port Macquarie a few  times too..and we ALWAYS have a blast. Every person should be blessed with a bestie gal buddy like Mine..shes the best!!
Of course, I cannot not mention I officially became the Mother of a teenager this year too..AAARGGH.
So proud of how shes growing up....fingers crossed it stays that way!! LOL...

..and then of course there is Master H.....a chip off the 'ol block if there ever was one....for him its been a year of trying really really hard to be good for the teacher and not talk too much in class......LOL..yeah..well..he tries.LOL
Talk too much?? Dont know where that comes from??? LOL..
I had a health scare this year- after many episodes of racing heart and severe palpitations a suspected heart attack. I was too heavy. Plain and simple. I want to see my Children grow up and have kids of their own. So..
I started the health kick thing.
Thanks to the Dukan diet....

I'm down 12 kilos, and well on my way to my goal of dropping 20 kilos by the time I hit 40.
Its really not just a diet- its a complete lifestyle overhaul, and I feel all the better for it.
Even better?? No more heart turns.At all.
Damn straight.
There has been so much that has happened this year- ups and some major downs- but all in all, I think it turned out a pretty great year.
A year of dreams come true, with some bloody hard work thrown in.
Best of all???
I have had my soul mate and best friend beside me the whole way. Sure, we may not be the most grown up people in the world- but what the hell, right??

So...thank you for reading my final post for 2011- and from me and mine to you and yours- Have a blessed and Happy New Year- may 2012 be the year of dreams for you too- and if 2011 has been sucky- may it all be forgotten by this time next year.
Love to you all xxooDebxxoo

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A homemade Christmas..

This is something I truly believe in.
 Gifts made with the hands and heart mean more than any diamond ring, (well, at least to me).
However this year time has been VERY short. homemade Christmas gift list has been shortened somewhat.But it is one I was super excited to give.
So..the ONLY (*blush*) home-made gift i have given this year was to Mr H 's Godmother-who had eyed off a work I have hanging in my house.
So, I made her a version of- (and she loves it!!) :

All the papers are hand rusted and dyed- stitching, found objects and a little Collections image and  a few Darkroom door images.
Making this was a gift for me too. Making things that I want to make is gloriously good for the soul.
So, I wish all of you a little of something gloriously good too.
More soon, Debxxoo

Thursday, December 15, 2011


So..the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.
More soon, Debxxoo

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Le Christmas postie.......or,.......' Pretty is for girls'.....

Oh yes folks..
I'm gonna do it..
YUP!! .......
.Im gonna update my blog!!
Ok, so life has been a little hectic, and i have neglected the old blog for about 6 months..(yikes), but its time to share some stuff.
First though..I must shout out to my scrappy friends who entered the Scrapbooking Memories Masters' competition.. congratulations on your efforts!!!
A HUGE shout out to my beautiful buddies Kim Jeffress and Louise Nelson for making the famous Masters' list. For both of them, its a long overdue and very much deserved bit of loveliness, ..does the heart good.
Unfortunately, I didnt get time to play this year..i really do love giving the challenges a bash, but as many of you would know, I started studying this year.
Enough said really. Whoa!! there really is a reason we should study straight after highschool.., but Im giving it a good old bash anyway, 20 years later.
Ive just finished printmaking and textiles-
 This is a textiles map...long story...but i love the textures in it...
 My scary face in the woods- an intervention of a site.....
 First bashes at collographs.....
 My printmaking book centered around the transformation of the male psyche.....(a printmaking book)
 One of my lino-cut prints...

So, I really have been doing stuff.
Also.... just for my sanity, Ive been playing dollies....
My dear friend Jilly helped me out....(cause i was a bit scared to really attack my dolly)
But lets just say hello to  the Simply Vanilla Blythe baby who came to live with me...(who looked like this)

...yeah..pretty and all..but NOW..
her name is RYDER..and she looks like this......(sorry not best photo but If i actually took some real ones...Id never get around to posting)

 Isn't she adorable????? Shes had a mohair re-weft, new eye chips, extra eyelashes, a sucky mouth carved in and a new paint job....(my first attempt at carving a sucky mouth....not perfect..but i love her expression!!)
Why the red eyes???  Because  I love me some creepy...Pretty is for girls!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!

So here she is with her sisters Cherri and Piper.....
Now all I need to do is find a little blue haired sister for them...(hehehehe)
So, I will finish this long overdue post with a simple message...
Peace, Joy and Love to you all at Christmas time. May you all stay safe, and enjoy spending time with those you love.
May 2011 be a happy memory as it draws to a close, and may all your dreams come true in 2012.
Much love, adoration and respect to you all ,

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

HULLOOOOOO!!!! My name is ya doin??

Hi there!!!
I have been ridiculously absent. Thank you to everyone who has sent me a message or an email to check if Im alright..and yes, I'm fine!! Ive just been really really flat out..studying and home life..and work...  and wotnot!!
Well...and then there's  all the fabulous trips and retreats Ive been on.
So..heres a few bits and pieces Ive been up to...(just to prove Im alive!!)
So...I went to the fabulous Camp Mojo with my beautiful buddy Maree.....
we had a ball of a time....
it was wet..and cold....

 ..we used these beautiful plastic bags  as raincoats to get us from here to there......
and it was definately worth a laugh....
and on top of Glee night performances, and MC Hammer impersonations and making some fabulous new friends...(especially table buddies Mik and Harrat!!*wink* *wave!!*).... I did  actually do some actual scrapbooking : see:?????

 ...and i had a class with Rachel Greig and made some cards...(the top ones) and then I made some with the new Graphic 45 well as a mini album(still empty!!)

..and then we did a class with sarah Gladman..which was supposed to look awesome.... unfortunately I completely ruined it became this:

...and then we wandered off to the Angels R scrappin retreat at DAG Station , Nundle....but not before a suspected heart attack put me in hospital for the day:
 ..Dont I look sexy???? Pshaw!! you lie!! LOL..
...Ive been having a few heart related issues for a while now..but this was the worst one..and it would seem that every time I end up under Doctors observation..the symptoms that least this time there was no damage to my thats good!! It seems I have really low blood pressure...and we have  congenital heart defects in the family, I just need them to work out what mine is!!!(Did I mention i also gave up coffee due to this heart case it helps??? #notverymuchbloodyfunIcantellyou)) to Dag the very next day for some R&R;
and a bit more actual scrapbooking!!!

..and then theres Uni....
Ive been studying for my Bachelor of Fine Arts since the start of the year..and so far Im averaging High Distinctions..until I got to Internet Design....hardest thing I have ever done in my life!!! Challenging..but i still manged to pull a Im happy with that..(more so that its over!!LOL)..and now Im on to printmaking and Textiles..(WAAAY MORE my scene..)Heres the Transformation art journal i made for Printmaking class...every single part of it is upcycled or repurposed...(oh..except for the 7 Gypsies journal handles)hehehehe

..and then...we got a new baby in the house...
After much harping, and begging and super cute baby talk...Miss M got her very own puppy....

This is Ellie!!!She is a little maltese..about 11 weeks old in this photo..and it is beautiful how much they love each cute!!
We have also added a couple of goats to the menagerie:

Meet Laverne and Shirley!!! I love them so much..theyre really inquisitive..and friendly...just like big puppy dogs.
On the arty front... Theres lots of bits and pieces happening..but probably nothing interesting enough to share right now...but needless to say....I feel my style is changing so much, and Uni is really opening my eyes to things I never knew about- things I am busting to try.... so i should perhaps share some art journal pages with you- just so you can see..
but that is , in a nutshell what ive been up to since June...(amongst other stuff)..but lastly and most importantly-
this week i found out someone very special to me has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
It is a huge shock to all of those who know and love her, but i know in my heart she will fight this thing with style, grace and flair so few people have.
For you, my friend, Hugs, and lovexxoo
And to all who have made it to the bottom of this long winded post...
Love and health to you.....because thats what is important, yes??

More soon, Debxxoo(no!! really!!)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Big Ummah turns into pretty patchwork....

Last night while making some pretties with resin..the lunatic(who is also a very big clutz) spilled a whole bottle of resin on her art table.
Now if you've ever worked with resin, you'll know its sticky gear.And once i wiped it off, the table- she didnt look so healthy...(apart from all the paint spatters on her).
So, this morning I woke up with a brainwave, nay an epiphany!!
I have so many beautiful scrapbook papers Im not using at the why not give the table a facelift??
So, after a few I dare yous' and do its' from my facebook is the blow by blow..

Le Table... before..(see the paint spills?? sheesh and i was supposed to be keeping this table in good order..)) ..and really, how boring is it??

so..a little sanding...

work out the look by laying out my chosen papers....

Glue the papers down well using a good wood glue..or in my case..craft glue...and then give it a good go over with a brayer.... (oh, and note my favourite piece of paper ever is smack bang in the middle of the know that piece you buy 50 of because you love it so?? LOL; Love, Elsie papers if youre wondering)
 See...all  stuck off to the hardware shop for some lacquer!!

When I got back..I thought it needed, a little inking around the edges..(of course!!) LOL...
 Rolled on the first coat of lacquer.....

  I'm using this...(its the only one they sell at Kootingal on a Sunday morning)

VOILA!!! First coat done... but my pretty patchwork table will need about 4 more. Much prettier, yes??

Sad thing I have to clean my messy art room, because the table looks so nice...the rest of my art room looks dreadful!!!
Aaaah..such is life!!
Happy Sunday everyone!!..
(off to have a rest..all the fumes from the lacquer has made me a bit dizzy) :)
More soon!!
(no, really!!)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Uni work...

Hullo!!! yup..thats pretty much all Ive been doing of late-Uni I havent anything too exciting to share...but I thought Id show you one of my collage pages....and an altered book I made from one of the Units I have been studying.
So, perhaps not my usual standard or style of work..but I have to do what the Teachers say..yes???
ahem.... well, mostly!!
Once its marked Ill share my animation too.....
if you promise not to laugh..LOL.
So..what are you up to???
Are you making anything special??
Whos going to go for Scrapbook Memories Master this year???
Feels strange..but this will be the first time in about 6 years I havent entered. I totally love the challenge..and its a thrill if your work gets a HM....(couldnt tell you about the being named a Master though) LOL....
so..if you are entering this year..(and if youre thinking you might..DO IT!!!)..I want to take this opportunity to say..
Love to all...more soon!!!
Love, Debxxoo

Thursday, April 21, 2011

She does blog occasionally...... Maybe occasionally is a little generous.
I have been absent, I know.
I have been a very busy gal with work, home, and most of all University.
My decision to study has been 20 years coming..but now i am , Im soo stoked to be doing it.
Whoever would have thought that I would get such a big kick out of writing essays about conceptualism and modern art??
So, sadly, the crafting has gone by the wayside a a "im so sorry Ive been absent".. I thought i might share one of my "how to" videos.just for fun.
Its pretty basic, but if youve ever wanted to try mixed media and didnt know where to start....heres a good basic how to to get you started.
Have a go if you want to...(note: I think i refer to the Kit...which is an old Tarisota collection..but you can make do with stuff from your stash!!)

"Flying home" Mixed Media Canvas from Deb Godley on Vimeo.

And...Happy Easter!! may you enjoy this time with your family..and your art supplies!!!
Love to you allxx

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ode to a star...

so. I can say now that I didnt make it in to the Archibald exhibition...which means I can share this pic of my painting and my lovely subject.
Such a steep learning curve for me, painting an actual person...and this painting is so very stylized still..but its all about the subject. All of it.
it is huge. Its about 2 metres tall by a metre and a half or so wide. Took me about 6 months, off and on....and it has truly been a labour of love and I cant wait til it comes home..
More than anything?? Its an ode to one of the biggest, twinkliest stars in my sky.
Thank you, Mrs Bartlam.
More soon...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another tick on the bucket list...

I cant show you much...but i can show you this.......

What is it??? Its big!!!! thats what it is..took me about 6 months from start to finish..
Am I happy with it?? Yes.
Any more hints?.... this might help.....*squeal*.
Its officially on its merry way...
Can i tell you who i painted?? Not yet.But I can tell you this person has had a HUGE influence on my life as it is right now..and i will forever be thankful...more than that person will ever know.
Do i expect to win??
Hell no.
Do I expect to be selected for the exhibition??
Hell no.
Why did i do it??
because I wanted to.and thats good enough for me.
Have a happy day...because i sure as hell am!!!
love to you all..and ill leave you with this thought..
"Dont be daunted. Just do your job.Continue to show up for your piece of it, whatever that might be. If your job is to dance, do your dance. If the divine cockeyed genius assigned to your case decides to let some sort of wonderment be glimpsed, for just one moment through your efforts, then OLE!!..and if not?? Do your dance anyhow." Elizabeth Gilbert Speaks. (TED)
More soon.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Operetta of a Child....

this is my latest work.......fresh out from a Master Artist's class with Glenys Mann....
If you ever get the chance to do a class with simply must.
more soon. debxxoo

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Graphic 45- An ode to beauty.

Hullo !!!!
Finally, a blog entry with no words..
for your viewing pleasure: A Visual Ode to Graphic 45... some of my favourite projects I have created using some of its gorgeous collections:

More soon,