Saturday, August 28, 2010

Video Tutorials and everything!!

This is one of the many projects you can watch (yes, thats right i said watch..we are very flash over at Tarisota LOL) the tutorial for if you join up for Style School!!
Soo much fun.
More soon
Deb xxoo

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tarisota is giving away.......

This book.....
This Tarisota Collection
and entry to this Months' Style Studio!!!

So..fancy a little giveaway ?? Huh?

Do ya wanna??
Well, all you have to do is go here read the instructions..(sooo not hard at all, really) and leave a comment...and you could win!!!
OMG..sooo worth having a bash at!!
Go on, ya know you want to!!
More soon Debxxoo

I am in love with Max...

After years of searching for "the one"...
the one who fulfills my every need,
who stores well my passions...
who follows me everywhere i want to, and need to go..
after trying out so many others..
after giving money away to those who promised me the world..
but always left me wanting more...
I want you to meet Max.
This is Max. Isn't he handsome?
Gone are the pretty, rippable, not enough room anywhere totes and scrapbooking trolleys for me.
I have met the storage love of my life.Wanna see inside?

...*oh,* dear, I think Im getting all hot and bothered...papers, cardstock, cutters, massive amounts of letters, canvasses, art journals, stamps and whatever-the-hell-else fit in the bottom.
My Distress inks and ink pads, my embossing powders, my paints. my sewing stuff, all go in the super deep sections in the middle, and my pencils, and crayons, and brad boxes and buttons and whatnot go in the top.
And it folds out so i can use it like a proper workstation..and it has to big fat super sexy wheels and is easy to wheel!!
If I added up what I have spent on all my other portable storage attempts over the years..I could have had about...4..nay, 5 of these!!
And all I needed was this one beautiful hunk of tool box.
I have also traded in my girly tool tote..again..
For a big, fat craftright tool tote..
Yes, she says..
we have a winner.
As you were.
More soon.XXOODebXXOO

Friday, August 13, 2010


I have to share this with you.
My whole life. It was about survival.
It has been about survival.
Then, I found art. Again.
..and it began in me the opening of doors, of letting in the sunshine and allowing myself to sit quietly and drink it in, and to smile..from the inside out.
Of allowing myself to enjoy all that has been given to me.
A beautiful man, and 2 gorgeous children, and amazing friends.
Sure, I almost slipped into that.."how do I make money out of it" phase.
But someone very wise once said to me
"the minute you start trying to make money out of something that you love..
pretty soon, you wont love it any more..because you HAVE to do it."
So right.
For me..its about the meditative process..the freedom that comes with creating. The joy that comes with sharing what you know. The elation at learning something new.The tingle that happens when someone gets it.
Sure, I know I am not the best artist in the world..sheesh, probably not even in my house!!
But I am the best artist I can be for me. For fun.For freedom.For life.
And you can too.
So..quit telling yourself you cant..and do it.
Watch Suzis' videos.
They speak volumes.
Sermon over.
Now go make something already!!
I know it will be great!Why? because you made it.
Love to you on a sunny Saturday.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sneaky peaky Number2!!!

Just thought I'd share a little sneak peak with you of the Mixed Media canvas I'm teaching on Style Studio this month here.
I have been a bit quiet, yes I know..Ive been busily preparing for my Paperarts Retreat next week!!!
*sigh* where has the time gone???
more soon, Love, Debxxoo

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sneaky Studio peaky....

...just a quick sneaky peaky and one of my project tutorials for Style Studio..which starts tomorrow?? Want to come play??? Go here
We'd love to see you!!!
love, Debxxoo

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Style Studio coming up!!!!

Its that time again!!! Style Studio is focusing on projects for the home this time around..and its going to be F_U_N!!!!....
...go here to find out more and to register!!!
More soon, Love, Debxxoo