Saturday, June 26, 2010

I is in a book!!

One of the greatest things about the internet is that you can be apart of wonderful artist communities with people all over the world!!
I was stoked to be a part of the Many Hands, Many Lands art journal project on the Gary Reef Ning website...and now, all the beautiful art works that were created in 4 journals that crossed the globe, many times..are available to see in a beautiful book!!!
Im stoked to say Im in there too...and I made the dustcover too!!
Seriously big fat proud today.You can see a preview here
My copy is on its way!!
More soonxxoo

Go follow that rainbow...

...and forget the speed limit!!
Love to you this lovely day!!xxoo

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In case you hadnt heard...

Im running a Scrapbooking/ Papercrafters' Retreat In August...
August 20, 21 and 22 at the Lake Keepit Sport and Recreation Camp near Gunnedah, NSW.
If you havent already booked in, there are a few spots left,
Its a hugely fun weekend of creativity, challenges, and optional classes with some of Australias' best Paper Artists.
heres a sneaky peak of one of the classes offered by Ngaire Bartlam
Trust me, super cute!!!
The cost for the weekend is $175..this includes all food for the weekend and accomodations (lodge style), plus awesome challenge packs full to brimming with goodies, and even more awesomer(is that a word??) prizes to be given away!!
There is no time limit on the creative you can create all night , every night if you wish to!!!
There will be two of the Regions' best paperarts shops available for you to do the retail therapy bit,
and we always have a themed party night on the Saturday night..just for fun!!!
And..if thats not enough....(coming all the way from Brisbane)....
2 Classes with the Super talented Jill Geraghty -Groves
and 2 classes with the Super talented Ngaire Bartlam
will be available as an added extra of $55 each.
If you would like to do all 4 classes, I can offer you a special package price of $200 for all 4 classes.
So, to have the works is only $375 all up!!.
If youre interested, or you have indicated you want to come but as yet havent officially booked in or paid for your spot..(or decided which classes you want to do)..
contact me at for more info or if you have questions...AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!
The very final due date for bookings and COMPLETE payments is July be QUICK!!!!
Seriously, if you live in the area..or even if you dont..its a great weekend.....most of us go home with sore ribs from laughing....
come join us!!
You wont be sorry!!
Plug done.LOL.
more soon...

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Happy Wanderer ... home.
My perhaps longest serving friend (LOL) Maree , My Mum and My Sister Renee went on a little wander across the state with me last week..with the purpose of attending the Brisbane Scrapbook and Papercraft expo.
We arrived in Brissy Friday arvo, and the first thing we did was join this beautiful lady
and this beautiful lady at Carina Tattoos for some additions to my collection..(and theirs!!) new addition was this red polka dot bow Gary did for me..(FREEHAND!!)...he is a super talented tattooist...(and was looking a bit oochy shoulder is quite swollen here and I bruised like a mutha!!!)LOL..will have to take a fresh photo..its nearly all healed now...
Then..after we checked in to our to South Bank for a market wander...
(photo taken with iphone Hipstamatic toy)
seriously..Southbank is so purty at night....
...and then.....
Ree and I got to go to the Ron Mueck exhibition at the Museum of modern Art....
the most fascinating,amazing confronting thing...
another one I can check off the bucket list....

She was huge!!! (Thats me by her nose)she was big too!!!! were just waiting for her to cry that first cry.....
..and the wild man here..completey creeped us out..his eyes watched you wherever you went, and you were seriously expecting him , at any minute to stand up, stretch..and say..."well its off to lunch for me..back soon..". The most lifelike, amazing statements...I cant say enough how much I enjoyed it....
We went to the Expo Saturday and Sunday..met some fabulous people, did some fabulous classes, spent some fabulous moneys..LOL...
(hipstamatic pic) and the fabulous Sarah Gladman....even more gorgeous in real life...

I got to meet Louise Nelson in real life..super sweet,(and only marginally taller than me )sickeningly talented woman...LOL..and the equally as sickeningly talented Peg Hewitt...
Sherry Mendoza and me...this gal is fun!!
..and it was a super hoot to meet Lynette Van Barrello...I wanted to keep her..shes funny.*hehehehe*.
..and then..after it was all over....and after a small flat battery episode..
Ree and I hit the Gold Coast!!!..a little beach...

a little Ikea lovin......

a coffee with someone fabulous and then some!!!(please dont hit me ..I havent had time to edit yet!!)
(eeegads...I do look a little worn out, huh!!)
and then...home to the cold weather..
(doncha just love that APP?..took this out the window as we were driving home )

but warmed by the fact that we had an AWESOME holiday...and the fact that we still had the best place to go to yet...
more soon...xxDebxxoo

Friday, June 4, 2010

Sneaky Peaky..sssshhh!!!

This is a small part one of my projects that went up today for the Tarisota Fabric Style School!!
Lots of fun techniques and EASY to do..(cause Im soooo not a sewer!!)
5 of the Tarisota Designers have created super fun projects complete with step by step instructions..and its not too late to play because its a month long school!!..And..youll get all the past tutorials for the month even if you sign up now..
Go HERE to play!!!
*Squeal* having so much fun!!!
Happy Saturday to you....
more soon..Debxxoo