Saturday, May 29, 2010

Le Art Room Makeover....before and after..

Ok, well Ive been whingeing about the state of my art room for some time..(as has my whole family)..and its finally done. Now that its done...Im disgusted in the state of it before!! *blush*...
lets hope it stays that way!!(if it doesnt Im a dead duck!!) here goes..yes..its bad..its very very bad..
Note that I have open shelves....cardboard boxes full of junk....and family sewing needs draped over any available object.
My desk when Im making stuff..... OMG what a craphole!!(ahem..scuse the language!)
Bookcase..full of magazines I havent read in like 4 years..and projects just chucked about..*sheesh*broken DVD players just floating about...(was planning to bash it up for its innards)
My easel jammed in a corner with bad light and in front of my favourite prints, power cords randomly hanging about and my paints in a box on the floor!!!(OMIGOSH!)
Yes...a bloody mess..but, it my mess..and when I get creative its just what happens I guess...
I am a hoarder...I keep everything..just in case.....I get that from my Grandmother...
but I was finding my head was becoming as cluttered as my on to the makeover...

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Pretty huh? My darling hubby and I went to Bunnings and bought a budget flat pack modular kitchen and built it ..plenty of room to put all my papers, tools, embellishments, junk, stamp collections, fabric,paints, mediums and other whotnots... We painted my bookcase white, and I inherited the family dining room table (cause we need a new one)

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This is the view from behind my new desk...looking at my computer desk/officey bit.Painted the desk white too...(looks like I might have painted the chair a little too..LOL)...
The computer area is MUCH better..phew!!!
..a little closer look... the big space is reserved for a new painting Im doing for myself... I gave my Mum the Pretty rainbow girl with the Rose in her hair because she loves her so....
MY easel and my trolley..painting area for me!!!( Lots of natural light there..its the best spot to paint!!!)..
And do you like my birdcage in the trees??? Its a it on ebay for like $ cute!!!
See the bench space on the "kitchen"..Lots of room for drying projects..a lovely inconspicuous corner for canvasses,..and of course a new home for my beautiful Cherri and Piper girls :)..not to mention my beloved Prismacolour pencil collection....
Not the best shot...but these shelf frames come from Bunnings...supercute way to display my (very precious )Grandmothers' old cameras..
Shelves look nicer white...and I can see my ribbons again!!!..and this beautiful vintage typewriter I was given by one of my clients!!! (Thanks Sharon!!MMWWAA!)not to mention the cute little chicky Montana gave me...
..My Emily Martin print collection....all together where nothing can be put in front of them..*sigh*..and the guitar I altered 100 years you like the new blinds?? On spesh at Spotlight..and Im in love with them!!!
The wall colour is a Nippon paint colour called "Summersea" perfect..(of course Shane cried when he saw the first coat put on..he doesnt like it so room, my rules..yes??)LOL...
So there ya go..One new art room for me...hope youve enjoyed walking through my new art to make a mess!! LOL
More soon, Debxxoo

New Tarisota Style School Open Now!!

...So after a bit of a holiday, the beautiful Tarisota Boutique has re-opened its doors...a new shop, new collections, a new site and ...
a new school!!!
Yup!! Thats right..a school!!! This month were focusing on Fabric!!
You can, for a small price, gain access to the Tarisota Style School for a whole MONTH!!..and each week there are new projects...todays' is a gorgeous Reverse Applique layout with the beautiful Gigi Kennedy!!!
Tomorrow? How to make a super cute felt cupcake with fabric Goddess Rachel Tucker!!!
I have a few projects up too...on video!! LOL..Yup..I have done video tutorials..eeek!
So if youre a tinkerer behind the machine like I am...come join in the wont be sorry!!
Sign up is available now!!!
*squeal* so exciting!!!
More soon!!
Love Debxxoo

Friday, May 28, 2010

...and the winner is.........

LOL..well, after we put the names of everyone who commented on FB and here on my blog, The Divine Miss M drew out the name of...
Julie!!! (*applause*)
Send me your addy lovely ..and I will forward the lovely , one of a kind pendant straight on to you!!
Thank you so much for all your lovely comments!!!It truly warms my heart and blows me away that people come to visit my page of ramblings...
OH!! and , incidentally..if you do love to visit.. look over to your right>>>>> and you will see a beautiful BUTTON made for Lunatic Fringe by the Divine Ngaire Bartlam!! *(thank you sweetness and light!!) Just copy and paste the code underneath into your HTML gadget on your blog..and she will be there for you to see always!!!
More soon..I have a big reveal to do very soon!!! LOL..

Monday, May 24, 2010

OO..Its a quickie!! *naughty*

Hi all!!
No..I have not forgotten my promised give away to all those lovelies who left me links through the blog site and facebook..or who emailed me personally...
I have got the worlds hugest mess here at the moment..largely due to your wonderful help..
AND am currently feeling like someone shoved a whole heap of steel wool down my throat following an attack with a flame thrower followed by ice blocks shoved down my shirt, repeated beatings to the head with a mallet and a someone-kicked -me- in -the-stomach feeling..sounds violent huh?
i have the flu..going to bed now..will draw the winner soon!! But a huge, lovely thank you with warm squishies to everyone who sent me inspiration!!
You make my heart sing..(and quite possibly my pocket empty! LOL)
Soon!! Promise!!
Love love, Debxxoo

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day..

Happy Mothers' Day to all those beautiful women whose brightest moment each day is the face is of her smiling children, the tears in their eyes, the warmth of their cuddles, the pride in their victories, the sadness in their failures.Happy Mothers' Day to those who protect their children fiercely, and who are proud to be called Mummy, Mum, Mother and know how important it is to put their small(and bigger!) ones first..and Happy Mothers' Day to all those women who live with the guilt that they aren't the best Mother in the world every day..but who try nontheless..the world needs more like you. Enjoy your day.
XXOO Debxxoo

Friday, May 7, 2010

Embarassed Much??..A pleaase help me post complete with give-away!!!

Why do I need help???
Well, I had a man come to the house..cause he had to do a value thingy.. (thats a whole other story)..but when he took one step inside the house (straight into my art room)and said"And what is THIS room SUPPOSED to be?" in a slightly disgusted tone..(blush)..
I figured its possibly time to have a clean out...and a clean up...and perhaps a restyling altogether.
Which is something I have been thinking about for a long time..I am finding there is so much clutter now I cant work in it......hmmm...perhaps ot the best situation...LOL
so ive been searching for inspirational far Ive come up with these:
LOVE the table space..clear and lovely in this one....and all the colour co-ordinated buckets of bits and pieces...
I want this whole room..but I am sooo painting the walls this colour..and I think I want the table covered in spots.......
I want to live here..this is part of Teesha Moores' studio..*sigh*
I love the table idea here...and black is great!!!
OOO..look at the beautiful white table..although..I dont think it would stay that colour long at my house...and I love the green..but ive just painted the bathroom that colour..;)
I need help!!!
If you have a great space or know of one, send me a link to some piccies in the comments section...and I will randomly select a winner who will win one of my collage pendants featuring one of my looks like this!!(Only nicer in real life..really!!)
..cause who doesnt love to make stuff?? Herein however lies my problem..LOL..
Ill leave it open until the 22nd of May...(my little sisters' birthday)
Cant wait to see what you come up with....
more soon Debxxoo

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Last year and early this year I was honoured to have been asked to be the "Guest Artist In Residence" over at Tarisota ...and I had such a lovely time..I was soo honoured to be a part of such a beautiful thing, and be numbered among people who have been personal idols...idols and heroes.
Well, Tarisota has been on a little break...and is coming back soon....with a new look and heaps of exciting new 'stuff'..(insert vigorous clapping)..
and the best bit is..(well, for me at least LOL) Tamar has asked me to stay..and be a fully fledged part of the Tarisota team!!!
*sigh* so happy to be able to be a part of such a beautiful thing..and hopefully I can in some way inspire others the way the beautiful and inconceivably talented team at Tarisota have always inspired me....
Big shoes... big shoes to fill....
*Clapping wildly*
watch this space...
More soonXXDebxxOO