Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SM Masters..2011..

So, as has been the case for the last 5 years..I entered Scrapbook Memories Masters. the list came out yesterday, with the Masters being allowed to "out" themselves.
No, Im not on it!!
LOL..Heres the list:
1. Bridgette Hatton
2. Emma Allen
3. Fran Tynan
4. Kathleen Glossop
5. Kerryn Leworthy
6. Lauren Bell
7. Michelle Winston
8. Tara Scobie
9. Tatum Woodroffe
10. Tiff Sawyer

I am in awe of the talent here, on this list..and I want to wish all of you the heartiest, heartfelt congratulations for your next 12 months.
I am also saddened that there can only be 10 named...because there are so many girls whose work I admire (who are brilliant people too) that didnt make the list....and are to their core, so disappointed.
To those wonderful (and many)..please. don't let this be the stick by which you measure yourself. You are wonderful..and no magazine, no person..can tell you whether you qualify or not..you DO NOT need that validation. Even though it would be nice.
It is what it is....a competition. The work you have poured into your creations is of no less worth than that of those on the Masters' List.
Be calm..be proud. You deserve to be totally proud of yourself.
More soon Debxxoo

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sneaky bizziness....

been busy making stuff!!!!
and yup!! thats all i can tell you for now..(sssshh secret squirrell!!)
more soonXXOOdebxxoo

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Watch this: a man who inspires me so much...

A big part of the reason I finally got back into art is this man...
always an inspiration to watch, to talk to..and hes funny as hell.
Love ya Gazxxoo

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Into the Wild.....

Sometimes something will come along that rocks you to your core, that affects the way you look at your life..the "how did i get here"..and the "where am i going"....
this is one of those things...a movie based on a true story.
At face value, this is an adventure movie..an exploration of one mans' fuelled desire to do that which was in his heart.
But on looking further , it is a revelation...a portrait of the importance of honest parenting, and unencumbered love..the kind that loves for no reason but love itself..the pure joy of giving that love..with no expectation of something in return.
That violence and lies carries a legacy through the ages...that will eventually surface and destroy..and that these times of plenty are really only an illusion..a facade that when touched , fragments away before our eyes, making us realise our cup is not full..but completely empty.
This movie made me want to pack up my family and live life as my ancestors did..roaming the land free...but above all..it makes me want to hold each one closer that I might let them go into the world with the knowledge that i will love them no matter where life takes them, whoever they become, whoever they love, whatever they do.
"Happiness only becomes real when it is shared"
A wasted life? Or a life with a message for the ages?
you decide.
But I urge you..if you havent watched this already..do it.
I cannot help but think it is a lesson we were all meant to hear..
More soon, Debxxoo