Friday, April 30, 2010

Crushes that inspire me right now...

Every now and then I post these...things that inspire me right now...for one reason or another...let me share some?
Like Mathew Gray Gubler...aka Dr Reid on CRIMINAL MINDS..but..apart from being easy on the eye...and damn good at playing the Doc, he is a most talented artist..his sketch work is to die for...see here
images like these this one one of my favourite sites here (Meet Me at Mikes)
Music from this album.....I LOVE this album...Im contantly having to fight to put it on in the car..pre teen daughters and their lady Blah Blah..sheesh!!
Mr De Meng. His work is like food for the soul...I want to win lotto so I can go to his class in Mexico during the Day of the Dead festival...*sigh* day, dammit...
...Its so nice to see these guys back and with a new album.."Hey Soul Sister" is another song im loving to death right now(once again, much to the disgust of miss M)....I love this band.

This beautiful Lady Maria can see some of her gorgeous work here ..she is having a Solo exhibition in August...check out her blog for details...
Pan Pastels...Im in love with these....I managed to talk the lovely Kylie at Woopi Doo in Tamworth to get some in for me..they are to die for!! Use them on your layouts instead of ink for a dreamy look, lots of colour too..or use them in your art journals, or even some pastel works with them!!I LOVE them!!! picci...but Good new Week is still a beautiful way to start the week..nothing like a good belly laugh or seven...Did you know I once wanted to be a stand up??..but now I know I would never have cut it like these guys do..LOL
...I love this paper company...its nice to be in love with paper again..but these guys make it soooo easy to be that way. Seems the scrapper in me has come home to roost!! Woohooo!!!
...and this colour....Im in love with this colour right now..I want to do my art room this colour.....
well..whats inspiring you right to have brekky now..have a great day..Love Deb xxoo

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stinky shopkeep... would seem my poor Etsy shop has been a little neglected. I havent added anything new for a looong time.
I am thinking it might be time to simplify...
Sometimes, you know , there are just not enough hours in the day...
and someone very wise once told me that "The minute you start to try and make money out of something you stops becoming something you love and starts becoming more like a chore"..
..and I honestly dont think I ever thought I was going to be rich..LOL...just a nice way of giving homes to things that i make..
So, at least for a little while..I think i shall close the shop..
at least for a while...
maybe next week Ill change my mind..LOL.....
Thank you to everyone who has browsed or purchased or commented. I love you to bits. You are the butter to my bread, the cream to my coffee.
and.. "in case i dont see you- , good morning, good afternoon and good night..."
More soon xxoo

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I think Im going to faint!!

Why?? LOL..well, it seems that it has been a LOOOOONNGG time since i scrapbooked ..just because I wanted to. ..and yesterday i did..I used the Sassafrass Lass Cherry Surprise range for this one..
..a little close up...
.and this Cosmo papers..
*sigh* so very nice to play with.
More soon xxoo Debxxoo

Saturday, April 24, 2010

When the War is Over

In honour of our Anzacs.."Lest We Forget",
and to those who are at war right now,
in the name of their Countrys' calling..HOPE that it will be over soon..
and, to those who have lost because of war..
I send my HEART out to you.
And to those powers that be - wherever you are...its time for you to LEARN from our past.
If every single person on this planet could learn to ACCEPT that we are all different, that we will not all believe in the same God...but that we are all flesh and blood and that we all have a right to breathe, to freedom, to love, and to feel safe ..
then the War will truly be over.
I think its time, dont you??

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Goddess or two???

What've you all been up to?? Busy makin' stuff??? Well I have...and...
I have been fortunate enough to have had two projects published this month. One in Scrapbook memories, the other in Scrapbook Creations...and funnily enough, they both had Goddess I love that word!!!
I havent submitted in a its really nice when the magazines accept your you that warm fuzzy feeling all over..LOL
I thought I would show you a(inferior quality photograph) but a closer look at what i did this month??
Scrapbook Memories:
This month is Mothers' Day month, so I made a Mothers' Day project for the arty farty Mum...full instructions are in this months' Scrapbook Memories....
This is the cover..its a soft journal/pencil/paintbrush wallet...
..and this is the teeny little moleskine art journal to play in.....
and then there was the Scrapbook Creations Top Ten Journals:

..this is the outside of my journal...I used a 7 Gypsies blank journal as a base...(and, incidentally..My name isnt next to this one in the Mag..slight technical hitch meant that someone elses' photo was put next to my Materials list and blurby thingy....)
..and this is the inside..all ready to alter....and journal and wotnot in....
the truth is i havent really been doing too much scrapbooking of it was nice to play with some papers again..(So much so that Im really looking forward to having a play with some Sassafrass papers i bought at AngelsRScrappin yesterday)....
So thats it...two publications this month...good for a sit with a coffee I guess...
and then?........
Ive been busy making a series of 4x6 ATCs' for my favourite Mixed media site..Lovin' Mixed Media...
were doing a swap!!! YAY!!! 10 went off to England today..and I have kept these two...cant help it..Im a hoarder!! LOL...
but this is what they look like...(there are red ones too...)

Well thats it for me..the hideousness that is the housework awaits..Blech!
Love to you all..more soon!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Bird and The Worm

...The song by the Used has been in my head for months..and I knew there was a painting in there somewhere...Hes a big boy..100x75..acrylic on canvas..and..
hes going in the Currabubula Art Show, along with 2 friends.
Ive never exhibited its a nail biter for me.....but, it will be a fabulous learning curve for me.
Off now to wrap him in bubble wrap and cardboard.....wish him luck!!!
Mores soon..Debxxoo

Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Beautiful girl.....

Doesnt seem that long ago she was just a swaddled infant. Love you babyxxooMamaxxoo

Sunday, April 4, 2010

She Swims With The Fishes....

..Scanner Art... in which one sticks ones head or other body parts in a scanner and presses the little button wot says ... SCAN.
Fun to be had everywhere i tell you!!!
Hope your Easter is going swimmingly.
More soon, Debxxoo