Thursday, December 30, 2010

Le final post for 2010...

Well, its here.. The last day of 2010.
So much to look back on and smile about.
Birthdays for happy boys...

anniversaries to celebrate another year together...

adventures with people i love so much.....

and beautiful girls blossoming ..and some serious moving on from one phase of her life to the next...
Renovations starting to look done...

I am so grateful for the blessing of my family....and my true friends..and an extended family that is so close.
For the friendship of those both near and far..
and yes..I have to say it..for facebook...twitter...and the internet in general.Without them I wouldnt have "met" so many wonderful people.Thank you for the honour of allowing me into your home and circle of friends....(be it ever so distant)
For the opportunities I have been offered to encourage the artist in me....and for the honour of being asked to create for so many wonderful people and places this year...
and above all....
I thank God most of us made it out alive...and well.
2010 was a good year.
But it was a hard year...
the loss of friends,
mental illness,
career difficulties,
crossroads issues...
difficult decisions...
hard lessons learnt on so many fronts....
but i am thankful for them..because i know they have made me stronger as a person..and like they say..what doesnt kill us..right???
For all the bad in 2010...
theres a song for that..
and to those people who have "taught me a lesson" the hard way....
theres a song for that too...
"With all the pain in my chest.. I still wish you the best"..and i say..

Farewell 2010!!
May 2011 be full of joy for all of you...
See you next year!!!
Love, Debxxoo

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Done and dusted...

Heres to hoping you had a fabulous Christmas Day..
we here at the Godley house had the best and busiest day.
As always too much food, and this time I made Margarita slushies to sip while we opened gifts=hot and a headache!!! but oh, so yummy....

our dear little man woke at 2 am excited..and i think we hunted him back to bed every 15 minutes after that until we decided to get up at 5 am....(he just couldnt wait anymore, Mummy!!)
so by 5pm we were all well and truly knackered!!!

Our beautiful girl got her wish..a guitar of her own

and a real amp..(Peavey Viper)..

and our boy got his drum kit...

a very musical Christmas..and we now officially have the noisiest house in the street.

My darling sister got a new baby too..his name is Harry.

He was a gift from her hubby..and Im proud to say i helped find him...(Damo and i make quite the pair of secret squirrels) Harry is the Sweetest little puppy.He is so perfect for her....(and her kids think hes pretty great too)

It was a great many wishes fulfilled...mine was for a happy day with my family where no one was stressed out ,and lots of laughter and smiles and it was really, just a beautiful day. I am blessed that I can spend Christmas with my family..and my heart goes out to those who cannot. Although Im sad its over for another was a lovely happy one..and I sincerely hope yours was too....
For us, 2010 has been one of those bittersweet years...lots of lovely memories..but mixed in with some incredibly difficult times for us personally, and also for those we are closest to.
So, it was a sweet way to finish out the year.
A dear friend of mine (who is a numerologist) told me 2010 was the year for challenge and struggle...and man, was she right.
She said 2011 will be a year of completion. so...lets see what that brings, huh??
Merry Christmas to you.
All my love and kisses to you

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Inkurable Stampers Gothic Arch Challenge....24 finished!!!

So...just a little video I made of my arches for the Inkurable Stampers Gothic Arch challenge 2010.
I admit...I started these in November...late bloomer!! But all 24 are done and dusted..and i so enjoyed the playing....the best fun can be had when you just create because you want to!!!
great challenge!!
more soon, debxxoo

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A bit of a Masters Entry share...

Well, now that the Scrapbook Memories Masters edition is out..I can share my projects!!!
I was fortunate to receive two honourable mentions this year...and I humbly thank those who picked my work for the very special edition, and am humbled to be in a book with so many talented people!!
My favourite layout was this one..(not in the mag)..It had to be a layout that included something not bought at a scrapbook i used these delicious old glasses i found at a garage sale..
...the photos i used were taken with my iphone, Hipstamatic applications..i love these photos from our trip to brissy in June.
A bit of detailly thingy:

Then there was the double featured in the mag..(sorry didnt take it off the wall for the pic..soooo unprofessional i know..but ya get that..and i forgot to take a photo before i sent this is it)LOL.. favourite part of this was the the little vintage girl i cut from an old kids book in the bottom left corner..Teehee...
and then my favourite always was the off the page one..and the challenge was to create something that was useful around the house....
so, i decided to take something already useful..a vintage aluminium teapot..and turn it into something altogether unrelated but useful just the same...A sewing station...with my favourite theme of all time...Alice In Wonderland....hehehe
Its a bot hard to show you, but its a
red Queen castle inside, made from collections houses....with needles, thread, scissors, bobbins etc inside...sitting on a green felt garden/pin cushion complete with mote and red and white rose garden (pins)....the lid has a light you can push in so you can see what youre grabbing...the spout holds a tape measure, the handle the cottons...(and the little resin hat???I love my hat!!)
and the whole teapot was covered with vintage Alice in Wonderland book paper....
see inside???..I also used the playing cards from graphic 45s' Halloween in wonderland.
..super fun to make.Im stoked it made it into the magazine.
So thar ya go.
Off to bed for me now....hope your week before the week of Christmas is going swimmingly!!!
More soon...
Love and squishies....Debxxoo

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

So sweet...

Christmas is soooo on its way..and one of the nicest things about Christmas is the Tarisota free printable Recipes each year. this is my recipe...well, actually its my addition..but i didnt come up with the recipe.
Strawberry loaves for Christmas brekky....YUM!!!!
So make sure you pop on over and take a look...
and..can i say a BIG thank you to all those lovely people who wished me well for the Masters this year.
I do love the challenge and frankly, would have a major cow if i ever was named one..(seriously..I chew my nails at the "but what if i got in" prospect every time i enter.My hubby says" what the bloody hell do you enter for if you dont want to win??"....but its really about the challenge for me.
Perhaps once upon a time it was all i ever wanted..but the last 3 years...definately not.
Without sounding like a bad sport..(because i really dont mean it that way)..
I enter with the hope of NOT making it in. I just hope for an honourable mention..seriously..Im perfectly chuffed with that, and i have been fortunate for the past 3 years to have one..lets see if i can make it to 4???(is the mag out yet?? does anyone know???)
A special thank you to Bev, Kylie and Julie..i love you guys!! You know how to make a gal feel special.thank you for your input..i seriously did try and comment back..but for some reason..bloglines wouldnt let me comment back!!! AAARGH!!!
I do agree though...scrapbooking is taking a bit of a dive here in Australia..shops closing left and would be nice to see a wider view of the industry being included in the magazines.One cant help but wonder if it would inject some new interest in our beloved craft. Diversify and conquer I say!!!People whose work is a little left of centre like Louise Nelson and Linda Baldock are the future of Scrapbooking in this country..i really believe that.
thats quite enough prattling for me i should think....
So, again, thank you!!! all those Masters out there this year..congrats again!!!
Love to you all...Debxxoo

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SM Masters..2011..

So, as has been the case for the last 5 years..I entered Scrapbook Memories Masters. the list came out yesterday, with the Masters being allowed to "out" themselves.
No, Im not on it!!
LOL..Heres the list:
1. Bridgette Hatton
2. Emma Allen
3. Fran Tynan
4. Kathleen Glossop
5. Kerryn Leworthy
6. Lauren Bell
7. Michelle Winston
8. Tara Scobie
9. Tatum Woodroffe
10. Tiff Sawyer

I am in awe of the talent here, on this list..and I want to wish all of you the heartiest, heartfelt congratulations for your next 12 months.
I am also saddened that there can only be 10 named...because there are so many girls whose work I admire (who are brilliant people too) that didnt make the list....and are to their core, so disappointed.
To those wonderful (and many)..please. don't let this be the stick by which you measure yourself. You are wonderful..and no magazine, no person..can tell you whether you qualify or DO NOT need that validation. Even though it would be nice.
It is what it is....a competition. The work you have poured into your creations is of no less worth than that of those on the Masters' List.
Be proud. You deserve to be totally proud of yourself.
More soon Debxxoo

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sneaky bizziness....

been busy making stuff!!!!
and yup!! thats all i can tell you for now..(sssshh secret squirrell!!)
more soonXXOOdebxxoo

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Watch this: a man who inspires me so much...

A big part of the reason I finally got back into art is this man...
always an inspiration to watch, to talk to..and hes funny as hell.
Love ya Gazxxoo

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Into the Wild.....

Sometimes something will come along that rocks you to your core, that affects the way you look at your life..the "how did i get here"..and the "where am i going"....
this is one of those things...a movie based on a true story.
At face value, this is an adventure exploration of one mans' fuelled desire to do that which was in his heart.
But on looking further , it is a revelation...a portrait of the importance of honest parenting, and unencumbered love..the kind that loves for no reason but love itself..the pure joy of giving that love..with no expectation of something in return.
That violence and lies carries a legacy through the ages...that will eventually surface and destroy..and that these times of plenty are really only an illusion..a facade that when touched , fragments away before our eyes, making us realise our cup is not full..but completely empty.
This movie made me want to pack up my family and live life as my ancestors did..roaming the land free...but above makes me want to hold each one closer that I might let them go into the world with the knowledge that i will love them no matter where life takes them, whoever they become, whoever they love, whatever they do.
"Happiness only becomes real when it is shared"
A wasted life? Or a life with a message for the ages?
you decide.
But I urge you..if you havent watched this it.
I cannot help but think it is a lesson we were all meant to hear..
More soon, Debxxoo

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

my favourite creepy rocker..and my favourite film maker!!!
more soon Debxxoo

Monday, October 25, 2010

So, I quit my job last week..... the first thing I did with my new found freedom??

I went to the Angels R Scrappin' scrapbook Retreat at Lake Keepit!!
Was JUST what the Doctor ordered....
I even made stuff...wanna see?
First...there was the Canvas "Glitz and Glamour" challenge..made this!!!

Then..there was a name tag challenge.. made this!!!

Then there was the Sketch challenge..Did this!!:
Taught this class:

..and finally got around to doing something with my 7 Gypsies art tray......
...very happy with that!!! Did the heart good to just sit and create...and giggle quietly ...(the laryngitis decided to act up last weekend!!)
So now all thats left to do?
Clean up the unpacked brothel that is my art room!!
Heres hoping you are well!!!
More soon,

Friday, October 22, 2010

..a Creepy Christmas???

So..its only 67 or something sleeps til the fat man comes!!,,and Ive been contemplating new decorations...pressies and wotnot..
sometimes..ya gotta get sick of the whole tinsel and frosted window thing...
I love this "Creepy Christmas"idea by Jam Fancy..
sooo want to make some of these kinds of decorations myself!!! *squeal*
... do ya think hubby will mind if I spray the Christmas tree black????
more soon!!!
Love, Debxxoo

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

...and a Cherry On top!!

*Sigh* gets in the way of what we love to do sometimes...I personally have been working through some personal issues in regards to my career...and so, the mojo went on holidays. But!!
How sweet it is when, you face the demons and choose your new path..make your destiny happen....
..and then, like magic..the mojo returns. This is my latest painting....I call it "Blue Willow"..for the moment anyway..LOL... she stands quite tall..almost as tall as me..( really its quite short!!))
She shall hang in my new kitchen...
As for my career?
Do you see the cherry on top???
Ive decided to take that cherry..and make a meal of it..dammit!!
....Hope your life is a big bowl of cherries!!!
More soon,
Love love Deb xxoo

Thursday, September 30, 2010

New shop and Retreat Sneaks!!

..Well..just a quick shout out to all those lovely ladies in "the neighbourhood". We Tamworthians have a newer even biggerer and betterer Scrapbook/papercraft shop..
Angels R Scrappin has moved to bigger and better
Unit 2/236 Marius Street, Tamworth..
phone 02 67664788

with a COFFEE SHOP ONSITE!! OMG..cant wait to test that out!!!
Also, Vicki is running a Scrapbook Camp at Lake Keepit Sport and Recreation Camp October 22-23rd. Cost is $165..and even better!! theres' some spots left!!(but you must contact Vicki immediately and be ready to pay immediately if you wish to go!!!)
I will be heading on out too..although children/hubby depending...I might only get to go play for a day visit.....
but while Im there..Ill be teaching this off the pagey /multi dimensional type class...
$40 a spot..all inclusive kit!! The class will go for 2 hours(ish)..and suits beginners to advanced.
Heres some sneakies:

....and another sneaky.... Contact Vicki if youre interested in playing in my class at her Retreat!!! We shall have all kinds of fun!! promise!!
In the meantime..Happy long Weekend!!! Hope yours is a super creative one!!
Love, Debxxoo

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to make a kitchen steps one through AAAARGH!!!!

Well, because you've been asking, (and I do love to share..LOL)Here is a very brief before and after kitchen post....
So..the kitchen renovation goes like this:
From this:
A makeshift kitchen on a scrapping table..
To this:
Granite benchtops..white 2 -pac doors and yummy red kitchenny bits.
So pretty...everything new.
Lovely Lovely...

and then...
to this:
In the middle of baking a roast,we heard an almighty smashing noise..and the oven glass on my brand new oven blew up all over the kitchen.The pile on the floor is some of the glass we swept up from all over the kitchen...The oven was a Daniela.
So its not nearly as pretty as it was.But it will be better..I have a new oven on the way...
So now? Its time to move on to the bathroom. ..
Maybe I'll have a little rest first though....
More soon Debxxoo

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Knock Knock!!!

Yes, Its me!!
No, I haven't disappeared..Promise!!
Since the Country Paperarts Retreat finished, I have been madly renovating my kitchen..and let me say..its almost done..I will share pics soon....just waiting on one small addition first...
What have you been up to??? Share!!!
Me??I had a notion I needed a cupcake bearing girl on my wall in the I have a large painting on the go....will share some soon..
but I have also been doing a couple of challenges for the upcoming Camp Mojo..
this is they:
..a teensy little ATC.... using the sketch offered...
..and the red white and blue challenge led to this little postcard sized number...
..this is one of the projects I taught on last months' Tarisota Style School... its an altered jewellery box using my favourite papers in the whole world...Graphic 45...*sigh*
..and some of you may remember the tiny little hand painted portrait pendants i made last year...well..Im over that for now..LOL..but Ive been making some collage beautiful friend Lisa and I are going to have a stall at the Tamworth Town markets before Christmas .....*squeal* so therell be some of my pretties (inspired so much by the two loveliest gypsies I know)there for sale....

and then..theres something I want to show you that Ive been meaning to...
a lovely lady from school, Tanya...asked me if I would be able to help her find some owls for a tattoo she wanted to have...I couldnt find any that i thought fitted what she was, I drew some...and she had them tattooed on her back exactly as I drew them!!!
She will have colour added as time goes on, and shes promised to share pics when she does..but this is it!!
...How cool is that!!!!! They look awesome in skin!!.she wanted them to signify herself and her beautiful 2 babies...cant wait to see them coloured!!!
Thanks for letting me share Tanya!! to do something creative...because I can!!
More soon, Love love

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Video Tutorials and everything!!

This is one of the many projects you can watch (yes, thats right i said watch..we are very flash over at Tarisota LOL) the tutorial for if you join up for Style School!!
Soo much fun.
More soon
Deb xxoo

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tarisota is giving away.......

This book.....
This Tarisota Collection
and entry to this Months' Style Studio!!!

So..fancy a little giveaway ?? Huh?

Do ya wanna??
Well, all you have to do is go here read the instructions..(sooo not hard at all, really) and leave a comment...and you could win!!!
OMG..sooo worth having a bash at!!
Go on, ya know you want to!!
More soon Debxxoo

I am in love with Max...

After years of searching for "the one"...
the one who fulfills my every need,
who stores well my passions...
who follows me everywhere i want to, and need to go..
after trying out so many others..
after giving money away to those who promised me the world..
but always left me wanting more...
I want you to meet Max.
This is Max. Isn't he handsome?
Gone are the pretty, rippable, not enough room anywhere totes and scrapbooking trolleys for me.
I have met the storage love of my life.Wanna see inside?

...*oh,* dear, I think Im getting all hot and bothered...papers, cardstock, cutters, massive amounts of letters, canvasses, art journals, stamps and whatever-the-hell-else fit in the bottom.
My Distress inks and ink pads, my embossing powders, my paints. my sewing stuff, all go in the super deep sections in the middle, and my pencils, and crayons, and brad boxes and buttons and whatnot go in the top.
And it folds out so i can use it like a proper workstation..and it has to big fat super sexy wheels and is easy to wheel!!
If I added up what I have spent on all my other portable storage attempts over the years..I could have had about...4..nay, 5 of these!!
And all I needed was this one beautiful hunk of tool box.
I have also traded in my girly tool tote..again..
For a big, fat craftright tool tote..
Yes, she says..
we have a winner.
As you were.
More soon.XXOODebXXOO

Friday, August 13, 2010


I have to share this with you.
My whole life. It was about survival.
It has been about survival.
Then, I found art. Again.
..and it began in me the opening of doors, of letting in the sunshine and allowing myself to sit quietly and drink it in, and to smile..from the inside out.
Of allowing myself to enjoy all that has been given to me.
A beautiful man, and 2 gorgeous children, and amazing friends.
Sure, I almost slipped into that.."how do I make money out of it" phase.
But someone very wise once said to me
"the minute you start trying to make money out of something that you love..
pretty soon, you wont love it any more..because you HAVE to do it."
So right.
For me..its about the meditative process..the freedom that comes with creating. The joy that comes with sharing what you know. The elation at learning something new.The tingle that happens when someone gets it.
Sure, I know I am not the best artist in the world..sheesh, probably not even in my house!!
But I am the best artist I can be for me. For fun.For freedom.For life.
And you can too.
So..quit telling yourself you cant..and do it.
Watch Suzis' videos.
They speak volumes.
Sermon over.
Now go make something already!!
I know it will be great!Why? because you made it.
Love to you on a sunny Saturday.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sneaky peaky Number2!!!

Just thought I'd share a little sneak peak with you of the Mixed Media canvas I'm teaching on Style Studio this month here.
I have been a bit quiet, yes I know..Ive been busily preparing for my Paperarts Retreat next week!!!
*sigh* where has the time gone???
more soon, Love, Debxxoo

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sneaky Studio peaky....

...just a quick sneaky peaky and one of my project tutorials for Style Studio..which starts tomorrow?? Want to come play??? Go here
We'd love to see you!!!
love, Debxxoo

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Style Studio coming up!!!!

Its that time again!!! Style Studio is focusing on projects for the home this time around..and its going to be F_U_N!!!!....
...go here to find out more and to register!!!
More soon, Love, Debxxoo

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welcome to the world, little one!!!

This gorgeous little bundle of joy is my 2nd God-daughter, Lucy Jayne.
She was born this morning at 11:30 weighing in at 6 pounds 13 ounces,and 52 cm long.
She has a big sister Grace, and an even bigger brother Jedd.
Congratulations Bin and Col!!! You're so clever!! Cant wait to give her big cuddles.
More soonxxoo