Saturday, September 19, 2009

Masterchef Montana

It constantly amazes me that each day that passes, my little people are becoming big people..with their own passions, and ideas, and dreams....
and I cherish every second of it..for it wont be long before they are off in the real world themselves..
My beautiful 11 year old is not only as tall as me now, and wearing her Mums' clothes and shoes...but now..she is loving playing in Mums' kitchen.
This morning..I woke to this:
Its called "A country brekky"..and Miss M got the recipe from one of her girls' magazines...Its ham, laid in a muffin tin, an egg cracked on top and baked in the oven at 360 degrees for 20 minutes, topped with her own handmade salsa....
perhaps she will be a chef??...I love that she likes to cook. I love it too..I find it a really relaxing thing to do....and i LOVE that she already is a wizz in the kitchen...
Thank you Miss for lunch??XXMamaXX


Oh, man..just when i think "like can this band get any better??" they go ahead and do it...!!!!! I love love love Muse!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Is the fabric of space conscious?

Our Minds are bigger than the entire universe.....WOW!! Mind blowing stuff..Will we tap into it??? I guess thats our challenge for today boys and girls...
Mind blowing stuff...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Etsy OPEN!!! i did it. Ive opened my Etsy store..looneyrooney.
So I have a couple of things listed there, just to see how they go...but i have plans for lots more yet....*sigh* lets see how we go huh??
Youll find things that I make there, and sometimes some paintings..
like this one!! to actually do some housework now..LOL..
Love to allxxDebxx

Quick Post..New Crate kit at Shop and Crop!!!

I just finished this layout...using the new Crate Season Page Kit that will be available from
Shop and Crop. All the papers are to die for cute...and the chipboard accents are even cuter!!!
Its not the bestest photo, but I only just finished the layout and its night..i take much better pics of my work in the day..I have a very dark house..and Im truly not so great with the photoshop...LOL..
But I just need to show you..Its me and Bin....and the journalling reads "We promise never to forget how to play, laugh, muck up,carry on with rot,trick, tease,joke about or to have fun"
Aaaagh, I wish she didnt live so far away......sometimes you just need your besty gal pal about....pity the girl cant use a computer..(so we could email and facebook chat )LOL...
Just sayin....
Hope you are having a lovely night...its so hot here tonight!!! and theres a gazillion bugs flying in my face..
aaaah, Summer...
whens Winter coming back???
Love to you all...xxoo

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stuff I am loving right now....

Some beautiful people I know think I should get some gear in my, Im on a mission to put something in it..Watch this space.......(But omg how cute is that messenger bag and that little dolly?? I think her name is Ginny!!!)
I am planning to buy many Christmas presents from Etsy this year...soooo much more exciting than going to K mart!!!..and why not support an artist???Rather than a corporation?They have neough $$$ and theres no heart in it!!!
..This little number is going on my Christmas list. Boxed set of the Sookie Stackhouse novels from here
(can you see Bill on the side?? can ya ?? huh?? ann Ya??)
Matisse Flow arcylic paints.....this is for me, like chocolate for goes on beautifully..and its open time is just right for me..I love love love this paint.....and I neeed need nedd more more more...see just like chocolate!!!

..Right now..I can hear a million birdies singing..I love Spring in the bush...
Right now Im feeling Piper is a little lonely..perhaps Santa might bring me a new dolly??? I have a hankering for a blue haired girl....LOL
....Go the stars posing nude for animal rights...particluarly all know im a sucker for a man with tattoos....Its just that hes so talented is all..LOL..*wink wink*ok..eye candy Deb Style..LOL..

Keri Smith anything!!!! I have this "wreck this journal " arriving any day now...cant wait to get into it...and then?? I shall be wanting her new book///"This is not a book".. choc full of creativity starters...sometimes..we all need a little help, yes??
More to all of you...heres sending you all a big squishy cuddle, from me...sometimes a hug is all you need to make the day..just great..
Love love, Debxxoo

Dirty Dancing - Time of my Life (Final Dance) - High Quality

RIP Patrick.....*sigh* Hope hes dancing in heaven...just like he had us doing watching him in this movie...!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Tarisota goodness...

Oh!!! How I have always wanted to head a post with that!!! "Tarisota Goodness!!!" *sigh*

..Meet Antoinette...she is my little French inspired doll I created from some of the Luscious fabrics in this months Tarisota collection..."Paperie".
It was such an honour to have my work up there in the Tarisota gallery as the September Guest Artist with some of my personal art heroes....(and,I must add some beautiful friends..nudge nudge, wink wink you know who you are!!)
OMG..the gallery is full to brimming with simply must take the time to pour over every image. Ive been back too many times already. I honestly dont know how these women keep coming up with such amazing stuff!!!
Seriously........inspiring to the Max!!!
Time for me to hit the hay for the evening..but in the meantime...
Create, honey!!! Create!!!
Love, Debxxoo

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Busy busy gal!!

Well I have to show you some stuff wot i has bin makin'!!!
(other than serious grammatical errors!!)LOL..
Ive been madly making stuff for Shop and Crop this past few weeks. First theres this:

These are the two layouts I taught online at the end of August....using Basic Grey was a fun night!!This is the new My Minds' Eye Abbey Road Page Kit.......(very much influenced by My friend, Kathie Link)...LOL..No!! Whod -a -guessed?? hehehe
..Then there is this..its one of the new Maya Road Christmas Chip albums..NOICE!!! and the very lovely Websters pages Chrissy is going to be hung on the tree, with little tags inside for each family member to write their Christmas wish list...see how small they are?? LOL....
and these next two:
..are this months' crop kit layouts..full instructions and all the goodies with this months' crop kit!!Full of Cosmo cricket Earth Love yummies....
and then..these pretty faces......are DS and his "brother" Jedd....using the new Sassafrass Lass Monstrosity papers (available in a page kit).....OMG so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
and then...there is this:

using the new Basic Grey Indian Summer Range....and a fabbo distressing technique I learned from my pal Jilly at Country Paperarts Retreat!!!
So, yup..been a busy gal this month!!!!..
and..i am still yet to pop up this months Art journal challenge!!! but, you get that... LOL...
Hope you are all well..I am off to clean the house......

Friday, September 4, 2009

Been workin on a lil supm supm...

.....and thats all you can see now..Tehehehehe....
more soon!!! XXOO

Cassie Davis - Differently ft. Travis McCoy [Official Video]

..I LOVE this song..current fave..damn straight..but I dont reckon she looks like she sounds.....doncha reckon she should be a dark haired rocker minx ?? LOL..But I guess she does things differently???LMAO... Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Some good news and some bad news...and a late inroduction..., I can tell you now..
I am a lucky, lucky chicken.....smiling all over my face I am..because??
I have been asked to be this months' Guest Designer for Tarisota Collections!!!!
I was so excited when Tamar asked me..I took all of about 2.5 seconds to say yes!!!
This months collection is called "Paperie" very much inspired by old books...*sigh* ..sooo very up my Ive been breathing in all the yummy goodness of the pack..and I will share as soon as Im able..but if youre not on the Tarisota Newsletter list yet..dang it!! You so have to!!
Honestly, Tamar has a true talent for putting these collections together.. Im in LOVE with them!!
I am so honoured to have been very very honoured..I cant tell you how much.....Not in words..
Cause these kits are not just about the paper and no much much that screams play with me!!!..and fits my passion for Mixed media so well......
*sigh* so happy:)
Now for the bad news...(well, sort of):
I am supposed to be at work..snippy snippy today...but alas, no..
It would seem that when one is chasing after a hormonally on heat pug who thinks her name is Bikky..not Gypsy so therefore does not answer to her name when called..(ahem) through the fence into next doors' overgrown, unkempt bushland acreage, ..I have discovered these things...
1. Just call her Bikky, dammit.She might come then.
2. While severely reprimanding said Pug while hurriedly rushing to get back through the would be a good idea to pay a little more attention to where you put your feet.
3.I do not know how to fall gracefully...wearing thistles in my hair and dirt up my nostrils...not a good look.
4. Hearing a loud crack as one falls onto her face is not a good thing....
5. The *F* bomb..screamed quite loudly over and over does not stop pain..but it sure helps.
This morning my hubby had to rush me into the hospital in much pain...wearing a soccerball on the side of my ankle. Thought I had broken it for sure....
but thankfully, after a few x rays and some seriously lovely pain relievers, a visit from a very funny Doctor, and then a Physio ...I have been strapped, hobbling about on crutches and nursing a very bad sprain.
So I guess its sort of good news....No broken bones "that they could see" the radiologist person has yet to go over the Xrays..but theyre pretty happy its just sprained.(PHEW!! I SAY!!)
On the upside..Im going to play with My Tarisota kit some more now..because I do not cope well with "resting" aaaargh!!!..
Oh!!! I almost forgot!!!
Introducing PIPER!!!! I have a new fascination...Blythe...well, I guess its more of a rekindled old fascination....but I bought a Blythe doll about amonth and a half ago...she was wearing a purple catsuit,pigtails and olive green make-up...(eeew!!).
I have customed her a bit...and renamed her Piper.( A name I always loved!!!)
I have removed all her make-up, and reapplies dark eye make-up, chiselled out her mouth and repainted it, gave her a haircut..and a wardrobe make-over. She is my little goth Piper girl....and now?? Im saving for her sister...LOL..or should I of her sisters......LOL....
See? here she is with her good friends Elliot(the blonde babe with the cool Queenie beanie on) and Gigi..(the mischevious red head...)
Of course, My Hubby thinks I am going insane..but hey??? What the hell?? I never played with dollies when i was a little-un..and i am fascinated with these big eyed WTFN???
LOL....Have a great day....Im off to sleepy byes..drugs are making me sleeeeepy. Maybe Tarisota play after a nap.....yes...good idea....LOL....Debxxoo