Saturday, August 15, 2009

charlie bit my finger

ok..sorry, but OMG how CUTE is this little boy?? Even though his little brother bit him!!
OMG..and his accent is totally sweet!!!! cute!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sometimes...just when you need it most:

So, its 7 days to the Retreat Ive been organising..and I spent a lot of today at the computer.....a little bit of stressing...or a lot...and just when you think youre head is going to explode from all the thinking....I got this in an email:Needless to say...
Ot was just what I needed!!
Love you E!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Art journal around the world.....

Well now,Ive started my Art Journal challenge back up over at ShopandCrop.
So, the deal is that you have a month to create a journal page, or a layout using this months theme and technique.
This is purely for these are the only rules..and well, its more like guidelines anyway...(LOL Pirates Quotes hehehehe)...and when youre done, simply upload it to the Art journal Challenge Gallery!!
This "theme" or "prompt" if you will, is
"To use a Quote that means something to you."
..and the technique is tracing!!..Trace a pic, trace around something..whatever you like!!!
So: heres my effort for this month.
So, if you just want to do something for the fun of it..come join in!!!
While we are on the subject of Art journals...
I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of a special Art Journal that has been winging its way around the world.....It is part of the fun that is Gary Reefs' Art From The Heart...
the deal is we are sent the journal, have it for no more than a week, do a page in the Moleskin journal.....(theyre only small)..and then send it on!!!
..this was my page.....I sooo love it...and now its on its way to Canada!!!.I had a ball doing it..but sadly, until the art journal finishes its journey around the world, I wont get to see my page again..Until its published!!! This is Garys' plan..all we have to do is hope it makes its way all the way back home safe to him in Norway.
However, ..I plan to do another hot air balloon page like it for me, for me........
So, thats it for now...Im off to paint tonight..Im in the middle of painting a scary girl......
OH!!! and speaking of "scary girls??" You shall meet Piper next post...PROMISE!!! Youll hardly recognize her!!!!
Bye fer now...Love, Debxxoo

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

True Blood Season 2 Trailer (HBO) Im on holidays...and you think Id be painting and scrapping my heart out..but no...I have been watching True Blood ..because we dont have Pay tv...and now?? Im busting to get this series next!!!
*sigh* What is it about a man with fangs????

Monday, August 10, 2009

Carry on my wayward son supernatural

Best season ever!!!! OMG I hope they do series 5.........I LOVE this song too..enjoyxxoo

Saturday, August 8, 2009

All new,visually enhanced....

So, I have just returned home from holidays at the Gold Coast with my lovely family..and we had a ball!!
Shane and I decided to get some new ink done while we were on holidays..(as you do)...and I got me a pretty girl, Elsie Flannigan style, with a little Tim Burton/Emily Martin inspired scarf, a Mark Ryden/Gary reef inspired bird..and notes...because i LOVE music and the odd reel of cotton..I have always loved to sew..and of course, a reads...Paint , Paper, Scissors............
She is only about an hour old here...bandage just removed, arm just a little swollen...(me looking an absolute wreck..but happy..hehehe).but still, shes so pretty. Im stoked with her.
She is all about being a testament to what Im passionate know, wear your heart on your sleeve...well, I wear a pretty girl....
And she was done by Wayne at Skin FX, Surfers' Paradise. He was a LOVELY guy..and super professional and passionate about what he does.....(they all are there)...but I was so stoked with my tattoo (and chatting with Wayne)that i forgot to get a photo with him.....

Shane has this gorgeous little gothic angel dude put on his lower arm....and of course he will HATE that I put his picture up....but hey, ya get that, right??? Im off to bed....lots of washing to catch up with tomorrow.....
Love, Debxx