Saturday, March 28, 2009

Muse - Exo-Politics

Oh my godfather..I LOOOOVE this song..its my current played LOUD!!!!!..sorry no vid.... just a listen!!!! Enjoy!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A little bit o stuff...

So...Ive been doing the "Lossen me Up course" on gary reef...
....and these two ar some of the excercises...they came out alright..its amazing what you can do when you just dont think about stuff and do it.
..and Ive signed up to the layering and texturing course..and this is my first attempt at the Foil technique. Soooooo fun.Quite possibly not the best pic....but you get the idea.
Then..the Artist for the month is Gustav Klimt....his paintings were amazingly ,painstakingly detailed...and our challenge was to create a painting inspired by Klimt using mosaic and paint...(and lots of gold paint because his works were luxuriously embellished with gold.)
He was also prone to have 3 or 4 female nude models (usually prostitutes) hanging around his studio at any one time....his works reflect a lot of nudity.
So, this was my effort...I call it "The Voyeur"..because essentially that was what Klimt was.
Its a mixed media piece...paper, crayon and acrylic on canvas.

Of course, the family call it "The Boobies". LOL.
Our other challenge was a nude self portrait Klimt style..but Im not blogging that one!!! hehehehehe(blush)..
Ive been so busy painting I havent had a chance to scrapbook of late..and Im missing it. Good thing Im off to a scrapbooking retreat next weekend...!!!!!WOOOHOOO!!!
The ShopandCrop Creative escape weekend is on next weekend and My friend Maree and i are taking a road trip...and Margie and Joyce are coming too!!!!
Im toooo excited, I get to meet Kathie Link and Evana Willis and Alison Shearer in real life for the first time!!! I have met Jen Hall....but i was too star struck to actually talk to *grinning* it should be great!!!
Im teaching too...wanna see a sneaky peaky????
going to be fun!!!!!!

and.....havent packed yet..hmm..perhaps I should get started.......LOL... to update our Paperarts Retreat Blog too a piccie of our t-shirt to share!!!!
Until next, kisses and a bag of chips.MMWWAA!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

So..its been a big week...

I had a birthday this week.37... But Ive decided from now on Im adding the numbers 3+7 = 10!!
So..I turned 10 this week. I figure this means I can still play without being told Im too old!!!
I had a lovely birthday...this lovely birthday cake from my friends Ash and Denyce at work(and a lovely clock for my Pandora bracelet that reads 10:05.(the time I was born!!)
Lots of giggles and visits from family and friends.
..and because it was my birthday i got to throw cake at whoever I wanted!!!! Doesnt Em look pretty??
Then I was taken on a very long round trip to dinner here:- at the Safari Club in Tamworth....(it was a surprise where we were going) was a surprise..Shane drove us around the block about 5 times, stopped at Hungry Jacks...the whole bit..the kids thought it was the best fun ever!!!!...and holy heck..the meals were huge!! (and amazing!!!)There was this sauce called "Monkey Gland sauce" monkeys, promise.....unbelievable!!! Go there..really!! Sooooo good.
And the guy that owns it??and is the Chef there? His name is Elliott..and he has the COOLEST dreads!!...LOL
and to top it all off..I was treated to a movie Id wanted on DVD when I got home....aaah..lovely birthday!!
...and Guess who else had a birthday on THE SAME DAY???? yep..Gypsy, my snuffly farting little black pug and adopted child turned 4!!!...she had her own little birthday party on the floor with Sasha, our Maltesex and some Good-os....she was is her whole life..and barking.
And..I have been making stuff!!!
I made these for ShopandCrop this week:
(well this month?).. This is one of the layouts (complete with instructions) for the ShopandCrop Crop kit for March.Its a really fun pack this what better than to do my looney BGF Bin??

5 Products 5 ways:..I even cracked out the Sizzix machine..Woohoo!!
..and then I did an article on "Creating an Aged Journal" for this weeks newsletter using 7 Gypsies gear...some coffee, tea and lots of glue!!!This is what it looked like!!
..and this is the My Minds Eye Sweet Girl Page kit....(Yummy kit!!)..and then....I was commissioned to do a painting by a lady of her daughter for her Bedroom:
I finished it this week, and I am happy to say its new owner is happy with the result!!!
I call this one "The Nightgarden".
Possibly not the best photo Ive ever taken..but you get the idea??
Im stoked with her face..shes so pretty!!!(just like the little girl she is based on)

...I have also been making myself scrapbook with my OLD stuff.... how do we collect so much scrapbooking stuff?
So..I used some sketches from here...but..
I think Im really not a sketch kinda gal. Does not compute....but this is what i did....(some of these papers are OOOOLD!!!)

..and Im trying to get my Gustav Klimt inspired painting done for Gary Reef

.....but not getting too far..LOL.
And this little boy had an exciting win this week...on Cartoon Dave He drew a picture of himself as a superhero "Superhero man" and wona prize!!! All these colouring and drawing goodies!!! Hes so proud...heres his drawing:

....oooo soo cute!!!! Such a clever boy at 6...
Now..if you havent heard of Cartoon Dave you simply must!!! Dave Hackett is his name...hes been on Saturday Disney and Toasted TV..but he goes around to do Schools, and the odd visit to Libraries in holidays and such.
He is wonderful teaching kids (and their Mums and Dads) that its ok to draw stuff how you draw it..that its all just shapes put together.....the best thing for my kids ever..
he has books too...they are wonderful!! we have all of them because they are amazing.
I really think that fostering that creative spirit in whatever form is the most positive gift we can give out kids.......and Dave has been a real gift in our house....and a wonderful boost to 2 childrens' confidence in their abilities.
Well..thats it for me..I have a numb bum from sitting here so until next time..TTFN!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Country Paperarts retreat

I have started a new blog for the Country Paperarts retreat Im running at Lake Keepit recreation centre in August, on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd.
You can find it here:
Come say hello!!!!
Woohoo!! so exciting..and scary all the same!!!EEEK!

100 things.

So..... Top 100 things..... I cant possibly put them in order but here they go my Top 100 things.
1. My Family
2.My home
3. My friends.
4.Salvador Dali paintings like this one:

5. Cool art teachers like Gary Reef.

6. Amazing self portraits by even more amazing Aussie artists like Brett Whiteley.
7. Babies.Of all kinds..Owls, puppies, ducks, kitties, but mostly...people babies named Sam.
8. Pears soap. The oval, amber coloured one. It remonds me of my Nan.
9. Satay beef and Fried Rice.
10.Oporto Bondi Burgers.yummmmm!!
11.Apples, crunchy and crisp and sweet.I grew up on an Orchard..makes me think of my Pop.
12. Music. Loud, headbanging music.
13.Chickens. Yep..I like chickens.
14.Wrist tattoos.
15. Old bathtubs.

16. Wood. Wood furniture, pieces of wood. Just really have a thing for wood
17. Enamel kitchenware.
18.Blue and white crockery.
19. Crayons that become paint.Sooo pretty.
20 Musicals.
21.Dancing, singing frogs and this Rock opera.
22. Cameras. Photos. Most particularly this camera. I love my pretty, pretty toy.
23. Dreadlocks. I am FASCINATED by them. Would love them..but I have feathers instead of actual no dreads for me.
24. Frangipani. The most beautiful smell..the most beautiful flower..and I cannot grow them here. GRRR.
25.Nice smells.
26.Soft things.
27.Things you can cuddle.
28.Cuddles with the old boy.
29.Gothic, dramatic clothes..sooo romantic!!!
30.Black, red and white as a colour combination.
31. Black and white photography.
32.Peoples faces.
33.Eyes. I am fascinated by eyes.
34.Films..particularly dark, macabre ones...or, transversely, kids animated films.
35.Tim Burton films.
36.Johnny Depp films.
37. Any film in which Tim Burton and johnny depp work together.
38. Having my hair brushed.
39.Watching my kids doing their thing at school. But i cry usually. Dont like that much really..people look at you strange.
40. Amazing talented Kat Von D.I wish I could tattoo.
43.Looking at other peoples' art journals.
44.Scrapbooking..(well, duh, i guess) LOL.
46.the wind in my hair.
47. Stillness.
48. Anything India. I am fascinated and want to see the Taj Mahal before I die.
49. Cooking.I love to cook.
50. Nigella Lawson. I love HOW she cooks. And she has a real womans' body.
51. Reading. Books of all kinds but preferably fantasy.
52. The Twilight series.I am besotted!!!..
53. Finding strength when you think you have none left.
54.Compassionate people.
56.People who learn from their mistakes and can grow....
57.Nikki Sixx.
58.The ocean.

59.Sand between my toes.
60.Absent friends who come to visit....or who let you visit their house.
61. New friends.
62. Old books.
63. happy Endings.
64. Cute hairstyles.
65.Loud haircolours.
66.Vintage anything.
67. Paramore . At the moment they are all I listen too. hayley Williams has the voice of an angel.
70.Fluffy animals.
71.Pugs. The only breed of dog for me. ever.
72. Red anything..(oh, excempt from this is skin or rashes)LOL.
73. Jewellery. Beads.
74.My Pandora Bracelet.
75. Good television.Like Supernatural..scary and funny.
76.The Goodies. Full stop.
77.Shopping for art supplies.
78. Coke Zero.
79. Jack Daniels and coke.
80.Eating out.
81. my new easel.
82. Old stuff like typewriters and box brownies.
83. Making lists.
86.The smell of oil paint.
87.Clothes that dont touch you anywhere.
88.Going to buy a size 14 and its too big.
89. Tie-dyed clothes.
90.Tap dancing.
91.Monarch Butterflies. So pretty.
92. Oak iced coffee milk and a curry pie on shopping day.
93.a double shot skim latte..mmmm...but i like it best in a take away cup with the sipper lid. I know bad.
94. Black and white striped anything..clothes and stockings, most favourite of all.
95.Things that make you think.
96. The internet..forums and blogs......and friendships formed through same.
97.Hide and Seek by Pavel Tchelitchew. My all time favourite painting.

98. My childrens' artworks.
99.My husbands music.
100. Sharing.

PHEW!!! Are you tired??? I should have been doing probably 100 things..but instead..I sat down and thought about 100 things that I love right at this moment.
Thanks Ngaire for the inspiration!!! I had a all i have to do is wait for the class??? Yes???
Hope you are all doing well...i have many new layouts to share soon...and some exciting news re a Camp in the Tamworth /Gunnedah area..featuring some amazing classes wwith 2 of my favourite amazing ladies.........soon..i promise!! i really must go to sleep ya!!!!Debxx