Thursday, February 19, 2009

An award?? For Moi???

Oh, my...I received this from the lovely, and super dooper talented Julie.
Thanks Julie!!!!!Im stoked.
So now I have to hand it on to 7 more people..Yeesh!!! Forgive me if you have it already!!!
Nancye, Scrapwitch, Lisa Jen(the new baby blogger) Suzi, Teina and Jillybean.

I just want to show you something if you promise not to laugh...
Im doing the "Loosen up" course at gary reef.. and I drew this for an exercise....I hope I did him justice....
Its really big....the drawing i mean..LOL...hehehehehe..
anyhoo..thats just a bit of fun....
Hope youre all happy healthy and wise..and if not wise...(you know runnin around bumpin into things like I am)...have fun doin it!!!Lovexx more soonxx

Victorian Bushfire appeal..the crafty way.

Hi Guys:
I just wanted to share with you this email I received...thanking everyone who sent off pages to the SCKC..and everyone who dontaed goodies towards the making of those...if you still have pages please send them on to Julie....but as I have lots of leftovers from all the donations..Im sending them to Karen Rogers for the children from the Victorian on...
As copied:

I drafted a happy letter below to send out to you to say Thanks for your wonderful contribution to SCKC, we have reached our target for 2009 through your incredible support, I still want you to receive that (see below) but with the awful disaster that has hit our fellow Aussies in Victoria i have an URGENT appeal for the Children that are suffering so very much, I read an email from a yahoo site, Karen Rogers is urgently asking for craft items for the children to make kits, they are severely traumatized and professionals involved in their care are of the belief that they need to channel their distress via drawing and craft creation.........Please read below and see if their is any goodies in your stash you may be willing to donate, I am happy to receive stuff and send it off or you can email Karen direct......PLEASE HELP, these children are every bit as deserving as the kids of SCKC....... An excerpt from Karens email......
Hi Ladies

.....I have been keeping in very close touch with my best friend who is a Manager for a Community Support and Counseling centre in NE Victoria, and she has been, for their organization, in charge of co-coordinating support and counselling for many of the children who have been horrendously affected by this disaster. She is a specialist Child support worker and child psychologist, and I talked with her late tonight about the children and how they are doing, and the various thoughts that have been suggested here on Stamphappy. I in no way want to detract from the wonderful sentiments and suggestions by any of you girls, because I truly believe that at the right time, gifts of stamping/scrapbooki ng supplies will be incredibly treasured and gratefully received by all or some of the victims.
Tonight however, Kath talked to me about the need to meet some needs of the children, and how children have a need to be busy in the face of trauma and disaster - or at least have the wherewithal to do so when they feel a need to. This might mean several hours a day for them, or could even just be 15 mins. at a time. Particularly for girls, but also for boys, they have a need to create as this is a very integral way of expressing their emotions and feelings, and very much is a coping mechanism for them. She explained
to me that while at this time, crafting is not going to be any kind of a priority for the parents, for all the very valid and critical reasons Kath H. shared with us, on the other hand, it could and would be a huge help for the children right now.
We talked at length, and with her input and thought and professional understanding firsthand of what they are dealing with in terms of helping the children to work through their own trauma, and have the needs to do so, I promised her that I would do what I could to focus some giving particularly on the children in this respect, and she will ensure that it gets to the children individually.

So.I am humbly seeking your help in any way, big or small to enable us to touch the lives of these dear young children (and others maybe not so young, as there are young teenagers in there as well) Any donations you might be able to round up would be gratefully accepted and appreciated. Anything will go to creating fun and interesting kits for these children. Stamp Pads - dye ink only at this time as they won't need adult supervision to utilise them, cardstock, papers, glue, double sided tape, pens, pencils, markers, stickers, rub-on's, scissors, cutting mats, cutters, stamps, embellishments, brown paper bags with handles for kits( I have some already and will buy some more, ribbons, cords, punches..anything at all would be ever so much appreciated. I have begun to put some bags together with my stuff, and hope that you might be able to help me put together a substantial number of kits so that we can hopefully make enough to cover all the children (approx 300). At this point, I am not real sure how many children are
affected..but Kath tells me it is lots and they have been run off their feet this week counselling and supporting the kids.

I will be going to Melbourne to see her in 3 weeks, and would love to fill suitcases with kits to give her, and she will ensure they get distributed to the kids. I will happily pay excess baggage if I need to , to get them all to her - now I am thinking positive J!!!!

If you can donate anything at all, it will all go to help these beautiful children who have so many needs, both physical and material, but also
emotional at this time.

My address is for donations is: PO Box 75, Campbell Town. Tasmania 7210

kdrogers07@bigpond. com
I realise that 3 weeks doesn't leave a whole lot of time to pull this together, but please, at least think about whether you can help. If
donations come in after the 3 weeks, I will continue to put the kits together and undertake to send them on to Kath each time I have 10 ready to


Thankyou for reading this far, and thankyou for caring, as we all do, for all the victims of this tragic situation.

Optimistically preparing to help in the small way I can..please join me.

Smiles and hugs

Karen Rogers

Hi all,

Yes it has been awhile since i've posted any emails out.

I have just read an email from a lady (Sarah Gladman) who has set up a project to try and organise a scrapbooking album for the families that have so far lost there homes in the VIC fires. I would love to try and help her organise this mammoth task and am busily trying to organise a scrappin day in the next 2 weeks so as we can come together and build some albums for this project. I have been speaking to Sarah (the organiser) and she is in desperate need of completed albums with approx 10 inserts so as they can be given to the families.

This is where you all come in to it........

Would anyone like to help out and be part of a working bee to complete some albums with pages that can just have photo's stuck on? I will try and organise a date & time in the next day or so, it really needs to be in the next 2 weeks, so most likely will be Sunday 1 March. Pencil in your diaries now. Cost will be approx $20 per person which will include a BBQ lunch (all proceeds will go toward the albums).

And if anyone has any old products of papers, cardstock, embellishments, albums in their stash that they would be happy to donate to a wonderful cause start going thu' your cupboards now. If so get your old stashes together and drop me a line and I could collect so as we could have a working bee to complete the pages/albums.

I have approx 10 albums that I am happy to donate to get this project started, and am also happy to purchase more albums with the money charged for the day.

please read letter from Sarah and also visit her blog page for more info:

Letter from Sara

Dear Deb DownUnder Direct

I hope you don't mind me contacting you regarding a project I have created to provide some personal support for the Victims of the Victorian bushfires.

I have put together a program called "Memory Gifts" which I have advertised on my Blog:

I have asked all of my scrapping friends to put together pages for almost complete albums for those families that lost everything in the fires. Of course, we need albums to place the LO's in and that's why I am contacting you. I would be incredibly grateful to you if you could donate some scrapbooking albums and be a "Drop Off Point" for locals to deposit their layouts. At this stage I have Drop Off points in all major capital cities and most major regional areas. If you are willing to be a drop off point, could you please collect the Lo's given to you and collate them into an album (if they have been donated as well. If not just the layouts will be great) Can you arrange to have them finally dropped of at the major drop off points that I have included on my website in each capital city…please see deadline dates on my site.

I have 300 albums being donated at this stage but we desperately need more if we are to place a completed album in the hands of each family affected by fire in Victoria .At this stage we have LO’s and albums coming in from not only Australia but word has reached to North America, Canada, Hawaii, New Zealand, Malaysia, the Phillipines, Dubai, the Netherlands, the UK, Italy and Spain.

If you would like to talk to me about the project then I am more than happy to speak to you on (02) 4932 9108 or my mobile - 0412 070 555.

Kind regards,

Sarah Gladman

Look forwward to hearing from as many as possible, and as soon as I have dates I will keep all posted. Please pass onto your friends and collegues,
many hands make light work.......

Yours in scrappin'

Mrs Katie Frost
Simply kre8Tiv
80 Bridge Street
Uralla NSW 2358

If you havent cash to give, but, like me you have time..and excess craft stuff..maybe this is the way you can help???
Thanks for your time...Love, and big hugs to allxx

White house in a snowstorm

So...over at Gary Reef he ran a challenge for his "Ningers" to do a painting..using only the colour other colour but white. So..this is what I di..I cheated really..because I guess its more an assemblage than a painting..but you get that...
"The white painting" know..its the hardest thing to photograph a white painting and have the textures stand I had to do some gamma it doesnt look completely white in places..but i assure you it is....none whiter, really...LOL..
More soon!!! Lovexx

Friday, February 13, 2009

Paramore Decode (HQ)

I LOVE this song..and Hayleys' hair is ubercool!!! Makes me want red hair again....hmmm

Thursday, February 12, 2009

just a quickie... shes back..have you seen the new Autumn Leaves papers??? Urban Junque??Want to see??? Go here...
The first scrapbooking supplies Ive bought in months it seems. Gorgeous!!
So...I have to show you 2 more tags from my Emily Falconbridge 52Q mini art journal...
the questions were Do you believe in fairies?? and the other was Are you afraid of change?...
the answer is yes, of course to both..but here is my tags...

..and then here is my 5 products, 5 ways layout for ShopandCrop. The hand is mine..I took the photo with one hand holding the poor little fella in the other..I got up one morning to this'foonk, foonk" at the window...and when I went over..there was a little green froggy on the windowsill trying to get out...Hed crawled in through a hole in the flyscreen(was small made large by 6 year old boy that lives with us)..and he must have shimmied his way down the rug I had rolled up against the hes covered in fluff and pug fur...but hes so cute..and was very co-operative for his close-up..LOL

I love how the hambly overlays melt when you whack a heat gun on if you punch out a circle, and concentrate the heat in the middle, the ends curl up to make lily pads!!
The stamps are STAMPIN UP....they are called Baroque Motifs..and if you buy them here Stampin Up! is donting some of the money for them to The Bushfire Appeal. ..and Lisa is donating her commission back to the Appeal too.
I cant say enough about the Bushfires in Victoria..but I dont have the right words, either...all the "my heart goes out to them" just doesnt seem enough.So I want to say nothing..but that Im praying, and sending my love that way....I mean what could I say?? I havent a clue what hell they are going through.
If youre local, Vicki Whitson is organising a Scrapbook Fundraiser day on March 7...keep that in your diary...K??Ill post info here as soon as I know.
Anyhoo..its off to get kiddies ready for school..have a beautiful day.....Love, and safety to you all....

Elizabeth Gilbert: A new way to think about creativity

I was introduced to this talk on Gary Reef. It was like a smack on the back of the head to me..helps to take the pressure off...REALLY!!!...Its made me feel so ...relieved.So..if you create, anything..ever..and if you ever doubt yourself...or stress about what youre doing that its not good enough..WATCH THIS!!! Seriously.Lovexx

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Odie the Pug -

Happy 15th wedding anniversary dear.Hugsxx tha Missus.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

So..made some stuff...

I have been scrapbooking!! be still my heart!! It has been a while..must have needed a break...
so I made some ATCs using the new Basic Grey Bittersweet....
I loved doing them...
and then I did this layout for ShopandCrop..its using one of the new Page Kits we have out...Kaisercraft Lovestruck...and a pixie stix!!

...funny, I always do that...proclaim something like..Im never gonna...and then completely change my mind...LOL..Little Miss Fickle..thats me.....
..quite happy though...I dont know what the hell Id do with all my scrappin stuff if I stopped for too long...LOL..

..and then...over at GaryReef he is running a challenge to create "your interpretation of Van Goghs' "Sunflowers"."
This is the real one:

And this is my interpretation.
..Have to say it was hard..but good hard..because I have never been that fussed on that particular it made the ol' neck top computer go into overdrive.....
and thats what I want to do..learn..if nothing else...
Incidentally, they are running a challenge at Blue Bazaar that if you do the challenge and upload your pic you can win a workshop with Gary over on Ning!!I think it finishes today ..(or is it next Sunday?)....go on over and have a look.
They are also running an Art journal challenge for the year...and this weeks was using some printable collage material free from BB.....this was my page for the month:

...Im also about 2 weeks behind in my Emily Falconbridge 52Q art tags..and I havent posted the last 3 because I havent taken a pic yet...but Ill get there.....:)..
so..for now..I hope youre all coping with the heat......
and can I just throw someone a big wave...
Im so happy that Evana is back On ShopandCrop.......and a sad farewell to Janine Kaye.....seems Ive been there for 2 years in August..
We have the ShopandCrop Retreat coming up soon......(so excited!!!)....
and Im organising one too..for August 21, 22 and 23 this stay tuned!!!
More soon!!!MWA!