Tuesday, November 24, 2009


(click the link!!!!)..This is my work buddy..Denyce!!
Ok...bye for now!!!XXDebxx

Monday, November 23, 2009

Seriously Warm fuzzies...

Sometimes..the nicest things can happen out of the blue.
Someone can think of you..just because something reminds them of you.
This beautiful, generous and talented lady went off to the local Lions club book sale..and found this book.
...and bought it..because she thought it would make my day.
And it did. in fact it made my week..and not just because Im in love with these beautiful little faces...and besotted by the gorgeousness of this book..
but because she was kind and generous and warm enough to think of me.
Thanks Marnie, love love..Im so touched..really.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One of the days in which you wish you had won lotto....

Ok..so I love Tim Burtons' work yes?? Strangely obsessed with his work...You all know that right?
Well one of my deepest desirings, if you will..has been the release of this book.
They are taking pre-orders now.This edition is $69.99 US. The Deluxe Edition is $299.00 US.
Ok..so Standard edition...I say..I can do that....just buy less groceries this week.
Until the postage was added to the cart...$145.00 US postage.
"Holy crackerbag!!"
I could cry.
Well, as I say to the kids..you cant have everything....
more soon lovelies!!!
Love Debxxoo

Monday, November 16, 2009

Santa Claus is coming to town....

"Squeal"..are you ready yet??? Shopping done???..Cause you know...if you get everything done early..you have more time to do all your Tarisota Christmas classes!!!..hehehehehe *secret squirrel*
Not to mention all that lovely "eating, drinking and being merry!!"
So..whats Santa bringing you? Huh??XXdebxx

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Bit more....

..so here are the two layouts I did with the Tarisota Collection from November.... Im in love with this one because its got Sookie and Eric on it....(.after series 2 Im a little bored with Bill..and liking the flawed Nordic supervillain just a little more..)..just sayin'..LOL..

..and "My Love"...is about todays birthday boy!!!My very own Hunkaspunk....Shane..xxoo

Hope youre having a great day already!!!More soon, Love, Debxxoo

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

She.... a Journal


...This is the Journal I made for the November Tarisota gallery..set to the song that inspired it...
She..sung by Elvis Costello....How I love his music....How I love this song....

Monday, November 9, 2009

A Fairy- Dinkum Give-away!!

..If you have been over to the Tarisota Gallery you will have seen this amazing Fairy house made by the amazingly talented Rachel Tucker using a pattern created by her friend Robyn Grant.
I mean..are you for real?? this fairy house is the stuff every little (and big) girl s' dreams are made of!!!
Even Better!!!
If you drop over to the gallery..and leave a comment about what your Festive Creative plans are for the next month..you will go in the draw to Win the Pattern, with kind regards from Rachel and her friend Robyn!!!
A random winner will be drawn after Midnight on the 11th !!!!
But!! if you cant wait...you can email Robyn to purchase a copy of the pattern for $17NZ. robyngrant@clear.net.nz
.....Please go on over.You have to be in it to win it!!

Alter Bridge - Watch Over You

This song plays in our house every night lately..it is so beautiful..so haunting..breaks my heart every time i hear it....This man, Miles Kennedy has one of those beautiful voices that seeps right into your soul....makes you want to cry...but in a good way.
Hope you love it as much as I do.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tarisota Gallery is up! Up!UP!!!

..Grab a coffee...sit down and browse through all the work from the Tarisota Design Team (and me!!)in the gallery here.
Soooooo pretty..*sigh*.
Love you all...have a beautiful day..Debxxoo

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My little budding film maker...

So..when My little girl, 11 has nothing to do..she makes claymation movies...and has her little brother help make the models....this is her second one..there is a series of these..and each one is getting better...
Im sooo proud....
..maybe Im growing a small Tim Burton???
we shall see.......

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Moon Official Trailer #3 (HD)

hehehehehehe..cant wait!!!

Beside myself with glee!!!!

. ..Yup!! That's how i felt when the amazing Tamar asked me to be the inaugural Tarisota "Guest Designer In residence"..
Yes..you could say Im as happy as a pig in mud....but i think im happier than that!!!
The collections are so beautiful..perfect for people who, like me...just love to ... MAKE STUFF!!!...
Tamar is superbly gifted at putting these kits togetherand so....
heres a peak at something Ive been working on..but i promise Ill show you more when the gallery is up up up!!!Teeehheee....thats all for now..my lovelies!!!!
...In other news??
Christmas is coming!!!!!!!!!!
Are you ready?????
All i can say is..if youre stuck for a gift..go here. SOOOOO many of my gifts this year are coming from there......
happy happy happy......
More soon...Love Love love Debxxoo

Monday, November 2, 2009

Jim Carey-Workout

..This guy cracks me up...every, freakin, time!!!!LOL....enjoyxxoo

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Hillbilly style...

Well, what can be said to 2 kids who are so excited about Halloween and simply do not understand that when one lives in the sticks..there arent many people to trick or treat with.....
we had our own little party...
I had to work yesterday morning..so I left the kids with all the preparations...organise a party table...an outfit, and yes, you can decorate the house of you wish...
..but i got to pick the movie.....LOL
So, when i got home..I was greeted with these beautiful images...
..cobwebs on everything..(LOL...although they really neednt have added any more..LOL)
Millions of these tiny spiders made from scoobis and punched black cardstock...

..Wormy cupcakes..made by Montana herself..(and the nutty looking bowl of goodies to the side was one of her original creations..chocolate, nuts and honey..with a chocolate and cream dipping sauce....(DEVILLISH!!)..and a healthy(er) dip and crackers to the other side for Mummy!!!
My daughter, the Vampiress..and party hostess with the mostess!!!
My son, the Mad scientist...(see the glasses??? Montana made them herself from black cardstock!!!Halen hasnt taken the things off!!!)
...and i got 5 minutes to whip up an outfit..so i went for a "Day of the Dead"/witchdoctor/zombie Mumma motif"LOL..
..and i got to wear my dread hair piece..so i guess it was a win- win situation...LOL..
and we watched Tim Burtons" Sleepy Hollow....
...much much fun was had by all of us....but it was a good idea to start the party at 4:30..this way we had time to watch a nice movie after so Halen didnt go to bed with nightmares..(he still slept with his sister though>>) LOL
AAAh...they loved it so much..we might make a bigger effort of it next year!!!
Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween, whether you celebrate it or not!!!!
I have some news to share soon..LOL..so exciting!! SSSHH!! Secret Squirrel!!!!
More soon!! Love, Debxxoo