Thursday, October 22, 2009

Farewell, good night and thank you...

....and so it needs to be said that, after 2 years, and 3 months.....I have resigned my position on the Shop and Crop Design Team.
I will NEVER be able to express how much it has meant to me to be a part of this have made beautiful friendships along the way with fellow DT'ers and Forum members alike....
to be able to share my love of papercrafting with "like minded friends" has been the most marvellous thing, and something i will cherish always.
I have learned so much from everyone there,..but after much soul searching, I have decided its time to move on to the next chapter in my creative life, wherever that may lead....
So I extend a heartfelt warm, squishy hug to everyone there.....

and so, in the words of Truman himself.....
"Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night! "
Love, debxxoo

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pretties, and Goddesses....

I have been a busy little beaver with School Holidays here...and now they are over and my house is almost back to where Im not frightened to walk anywhere without fear of standing on a toy, or pencil or worse....LOL...
I thought Id share some of the stuff Ive been making while the kids have been at home with me!!
So, as you may know, Tamworth was lucky enough to have a Scrapbook Shop open up here after a dry spell....
Its called Angels R Scrappin, and its at Southgate.Its a huge store, and its owner Vicki Whitson *is friendly..and lovely..and fun, and most importantly..she loves scrapbooking!!!
Anyhoo...while we were in there recently she asked me if i wouldnt mind decorating an awesome new aluminium 12x12 paper storer for her to display in the shop....
and this is what i did with it:

ok, theyre not the best photos...I took them in a hurry on the way out the door to get it to Vickis' shop...but Im pretty happy with how it came out..and when it comes home, it will be where i stash my favourite paper scraps and art journally bits...
This month, too, I was lucky enough to be published in the Scrapbook creations Top Ten article "All About Me"...
This is my layout...

...doncha just LEEEERV Scenic Route and 7 gypsies??? They go so niceley together!!!
...and then??? Ive been doing the Suzi Blu* Goddess and the Poet online course..and IM LOVING IT!!!!..I love how suzi teaches..shes so fun and a wonderful teacher..*sigh*..Love love love Suzi....
anyhoo..these are a couple of the things Ive been doing...

this is an art journal page.....I just bought a im a bit scared to play in that yet..because its so perfect and yummy ..and they cost a fortune!!! So Ill play a bit longer in my big cheap one...LOL..
This is a close using up all those rub on stashes I have accumulated over the years.....
This is a beginnings girl..meaning Ive begun..but thats as far as Ive got!!! LOL...I actually quite like her just as she is..but she isnt anywhere near finished..LOL..
and then there is this lovely...over at gary reef *we were challenged to do a piece inspired by Edgar allan Poe....and this one is inspired by his "The Oval Portrait"....
she has gold leafing in her hair...I thought i was going to have to paint over her..but this morning...she came to life just nicely....
Ive also been looking at this for weeks....
..well, she looks a little different to that now...must get in and finish her..shes going to be my "Snake Lady"......and last but not least..
The kids and i went to see bin at Port Macquarie..over the long Weekend...
and the plan is to sit up and scrapbook after the kids go to sleep....
yeah, right..LOL...after a couple of wines Im pretty much good for nothing...and yet?? I did a couple of layouts..
..and surprising to me is that they are even straight!!!!(ish)..LOL..seriously Im a Cadburys' and a half and I am done and toasted!! LOL...
...PHEW!!! so thats what ive been up to..what have you been up to???
Christmas countdown has started in our house.. are you organised????
Well..the mop is calling me...Id best do some housework..
Love to all!!xxDebXX
* this means see the link list at the side...cause I really should be doing the housework!! LOL....

Monday, October 19, 2009

Up - Official Trailer [HD]

ok..officially the best movie Ive seen this year..this is beautiful.sad....funny...gorgeous...refreshing and sweet.....
and I cant wait to see it again!!!
if you HAVENT seen it?? get your butt there....its soooo worth it!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Scrapbook Memories Masters Shortlist

Here is the shortlist for this years' Scrapbook Memories Masters :

Agnus Kasprzak
Alicia Barry
Angella Peardon
Angie Naumowicz
Belinda Spencer
Bernie Dodd
Beth Jarrett
Candice Myers
Cass Glass
Catherine Pineda
Cheree Wheare
Christine Rumley
Cindy Bishop
Cindy Roberts
Deb Godley*
Debbie Johnston
Ebony Van Der Starre
Emma Allen
Emma Viney
Fran Tynan
Georgia Keays
Geraldine Pasinati
Hetty Hall

Jane Tregenza
Jenni Parsons
Jodi Dolbel
Julie Hill
Karen Watson
Kathleen Glossop
Kellie Lusted
Kerryn Lawson
Kerryn Leworthy
Kim Arnold
Krissy Christie
Kylie Fraser
Kylie Shotton
Lauren Boase
Leanne Stamatellos
Leeann Pearce
Louise Nelson
Manon Kier
Marianne Berry
Mel Connell
Melanie Forbes
Michelle Winston
Monica Brady

Nerrida Mitchell
Nicole Aspinal
Pip Prosser
Rochelle La’Brooy-McIver
Rhonda Harvey
Robyn Bell
Sarah Gladman
Sharon Thomson
Shelley George
Skye Johnson
Sonia Barnett
Sonia Thomason
Sue Campbell
Susan Longman
Tammy Milborn
Tania Ballestrin
Tanya Tahir
Tatum Woodroffe
Tiff Sawyer
Wendy Bennett
Wendy Smith

* yup..thats me!! (nervous giggle). Ive been bad..people asked me if I was entering this year..and I the last minute I decided to..and thought well, Im still not admitting to it if anyone know, Im a superstitious, i am REALLY sorry, if you asked me and I said sorry i fibbed.
Honestly?? Im purely and simply honoured as hell to be on this list with so many talented people....Theres 67 on the list..and there are about well, 40 who I have admired for a LOOOONG time!!!
A Big thank you to Jodi Dolbell for letting me know the list was "out". (congratulations to you too Jodi!!)In your words.."Go the northwest!!!" LOL...
So a big squishy hug to everyone that entered....because good on you for having a go...and a big "smooshy kiss" to everyone in the of luck to everyone..and I cant WAIT to see the Masters' edition.!!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Edgar Allan Poe's Alone meets Tim Burton's Vincent

Edgar Allan Poe was honoured on October 11, the 200th anniversary of his birth..and 160th anniversary of his death, with a funeral and procession through Baltimore streets...over 700 people attended....693 more (at least) than his actual funeral...the grandaddy of spook was finally given the honour he deserved...despite his sad and tormented life...he was the founder of the mystery, in so many ways...and an inspiration to so included..and when i looked for something to mark the occasion on my blog..I found this...a re-interpretation of TIM BURTONs "Vincent" with the Edgar Allan Poe poem "Alone" voiced over..beautiful. Enjoy.

Etsy Update:

..Yes..I have done my first Etsy Update!! ..and Miss Antoinette is in it!! I love her so I have some to realise...I cannot keep everything I make..(or I will have to move out!!!) she is available for sale in my Etsy shop!!!
More coming too......
Taking the kids to see UP!!! soon..(YAY!!!).have a great day!!! Love, Debxxoo

Thursday, October 8, 2009

DEADLY WARNING!!!Please take the time to read!!

Yup, its school holidays here in NSW and as promised, (to my kids who never let me forget anything no matter how hard I try) its pyjama day.
*sigh* yup..not ALLOWED to get dressed..but, I did sneak off and have a shower and put clean jammies im kinda happy.
So, they are busy crafting and whatnot..Im doing all the houseywork stuff.
But I need to share this with you......not pretty stuff, but important!!!
We started off our holidays with a BIG fright.
My almost lost our beautiful nephew and cousin Dom to a brown snake bite. He is 4 years old..and contrary to my thoughts...he didnt cry at the bite...apparently they dont hurt if they bite you.
While playing in his Aunties' (not mine...his other Aunty) backyard, he was apparently bitten there.
He went to his Mummy and said "yook Mummy".. and my sister rubbed it thinking it was an ant bite..yup..that tiny.And not 2 fang went off playing and they thought no more of it!!
25 minutes later my sister heard him starting to cough a hacking, wheezing cough, and when she went to check on him, he was lying on the floor in the hallway in a foetal position."Sick Mummy" is all he said.
By the time they rang the ambulance, he had gone cold, completely white, and slipped into a semi uncoscious state, then thrashing about on the floor in convulsions, and vomiting through teeth so clenched they bled, his body let go of all its bodily functions, and his breathing was laboured and he was unconscious.
He was rushed to hospital in an ambulance....
It took 2 hours and 10 minutes fro him to be diagnosed with a snake bite....because he didnt present like a normal snake bite victim.They had no idea what was wrong with him!!!!!
Brown snake venom is an anti-coagulant (stops your blood clotting!!) and a it shuts the brain and all theorgans down.
However, thanks to 4 vials of anti venom and some pretty full on medical care by Tamworth base hospital, and Gods help ,..he survived.They called him the "Miracle boy"..because he shouldnt have survived. wasnt until the next day that the other fang mark came up....and it looked more like a scratch.....and about an inch apart from the other not a tiny snake..surely.
I know my Sister and her husband have been to hell and could you even imagine what they went through???
So, all Im saying is..PLEASE!!!! even though the weather is hot....DONT let your kids outside in sandals if you live in a rural area. Make them wear boots, long pants....DONT think that making a big noise will scare them off..Make them aware of snakes....tell them to keep their ears and eyes open!!! LISTEN for dogs barking excessively....they are wonderful at warning us....
Brown snakes at this time of year are hungry, and ready to mate..and are extremely aggressive.
They are fast, and optical illusionists...youll think youre looking at their tails, and suddenly it will be their head..they launch themselves at you..they strike from the tail..DONT try and kill them!! YOU will end up hurt..(and, I believe..its a HUGE fine if you do!!)
They are sneaky....and deadly silent. You could be bitten and not even know wear protective clothing.A little bit of insurance, no matter how much they whinge that its better than going through what my poor Sister just went through.
..and dont think that if you live in town youre immune either, Brown snakes are well adapted to living in Urban areas...a melbourne man was bitten just the other day the city!!!!
Please be aware!!!!
Ok...enough scary stories now......
Time for a coffee and a clean up in the kitchen....
Love, stay safe...and enjoy the hols if youre in NSW!!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ive been busy......

Happily busy, actually. I signed up for the Suzi blu "Goddess and the Poet" course.Im loving just having a pencil in hand and creating something from absolutely nothing..
and trust me...I plan to do more courses...I want to do some of Jared Knights Classes before the year is out!!!
Its so much like therapy for me!!
Anyway, back to Suzi!!
Im only up to lesson 1....sometimes life gets in the way.....but here are a couple of practice homework sketches.....
Going back to learning grayscale sketches, and appreciating light and creating roundness from a flat surface is so challenging!!!
I so love Suzi...her classes are wonderful and I find her videos entertaining to yawning in a Suzi class!!!! to sleepy byes.....spending time with my BFF Bin tomorrow!!! Crazy woman alert!!!!!*yay*!!!!!Much creating, giggling, raucous laughter and quite possibly some inappropriate behaviour and language to be had..will need sleep to keep up with her!!
Love to all...Happy NSW School holidays!!!MMWWAA!!!xxoo