Thursday, July 30, 2009

Choosing Chook, Behind The Scenes of Last Ride pt 1


An Old friend..and a new one!!!

Last night I went to the Tamworth forum 6 premiere of LAST RIDE.
A feature length film starring Hugo Weaving and Tom Russell. Its the brutal, tragic, and stunningly beautiful tale of a Father and Son, Kev and Chook.
The imagery is stunning, and the performances are in your face the point that at times, I swear I was so in the movie that I could not only see and hear what was going on..but I could SMELL as well. Now thats a good movie.Not a lovey dovey happy one though..dont think youll go and leave all reminds me of the Pursuit of Happyness a little...just when you think things cant get worse..they do..but its so compelling and cant help but stay rivetted to your seat...
Even better than watching this though, was getting to see the man whose vision this film is..Glendyn Ivin. The Director of this film is,Im proud to say an old, and dear friend.

I belonged to a youth group that he also belonged to , and so I grew up, so to speak...looking up to this man...then, but a boy. He was like a big brother figure for me, at a time when all hell could really have broken loose for me. It was his influence originally, its fair to say, helped set me on the path Im on now..even if I did stop and start a bit.
It was wonderful to listen to him speak about the passion he has for his long as I can remember this man has been the most incredibly talented person I have ever met.It was an honour to meet his stunningly beautiful wife..and to reconnect with some old friends.Like Katrina, who is one of Tamworths Musical Societys' stars..she has a beautiful voice, and she too..was a big part of my life in those "Wonder Years"....the big sister I never had.There were four of us that used to spend a lot of time together..LOL..mostly at Katrinas house. or on random trips to Tall Pauls in Armidale..just for a meal...the only one missing from this photo is Neil. They were my "adopted family" for a long, long time.

**clapping* Applause for my friend.

And so..I grew up to be a mature, sensible and sophisticated adult...
Heres my new dolly!!
.LOL..just out of the box.....
but wait!! Watch this space...shes undergoing an
Youll see..and her name?? Its Piper.
More soon my lovelies!!!!Bye fer now!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Inspired inspired inspired...

Hullo!!! I just thought Id share with you some stuff wot is inspiring me at the head is full to brimming with it..but time to play just yet..(but!! Holidays are just around the corner!!)so here goes:..You that know me know how much I admire Elsie Flannigan. She never ceases to amaze me with her talent!!Love love love her stuff!
*Sigh* Mark Ryden..
I can only dream of painting as beautifully...
Tim Burton anything...
I am looking forward to tuning 38..not because I want to get older..but because Alice In Wonderland is released two days before my next birthday!!!
Emily Martin how I love her work..this Print has just come home to live with me....I LOVE her!! ..and I even quite like the idea of having this hair!!!So pretty!!
..and Suzi..
how I love her work....How I love her kooky way of looking at life..its kooky , yes..but in a sweet way. Shes not everyones cup of tea..but I will be eternally grateful to her..and Im thinking abut doing her next portrait class...I gads!! Look at this journal page!!*sigh*How could you not want to do this??
Im still visiting Gary Reef ..he is a funny funny, talented, supportive and sweet man..and his community of Ningers is so beautiful to be a part of..
and Im also looking forward to signing up for a class with Jared Knight... because his work is so beautiful and passionate..and I really cant get my head around abstract..I love it.but .dont know how to see this to translate it into a work..and i think hes just the man to teach me....
*sigh* so much to do... so little time.
Its only about 3 weeks until my Country Paperarts retreat!! Jill and Ngaire are coming to teach us some beautiful stuff....and for 3 days no cooking or cleaning!!!YAY!!!
(incidentally there are 2 spots left due to a cancellation..we were previously full) so if you want to join us, email me!!!
Ok..its almost time for kids to be getting up...time to make lunches etc....Have a happy day!!!
Love, Debxx

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mad about Blythe....

This is a layout Ive done this week using the new Sassafrass Lass "Me Likey"...Ive used the new Page kit available here ...theres heaps in it....HEAPS!!! ..
Over and out..for now......
Have a great day!!!!
Love, Debxx I know!! I know!!!

I am a 37 year old woman who is totally besotted with dollies.
My husband is so used to my random newest "latest obsessions"...but I think now..hes a little worried.
You see, I have always been fascinated with dollies...I even used to make em...porcelain, cloth, dehydrated granny smith apple name it...maybe its because I still have guilts about burying the only dolly I ever had (Suzi) head first in the sandpit and left her there for a few days until her lovely soft rubbery skin all blistered in the heat...ahem..(Mind you, she never left my side after that!!LOL)
or maybe its because I am overly maternal??LOL..Who knows..but I dont like Barbie..oh no..I love the kooky, the unusual...and I have always been in love with these particular dollies..but never thought Id ever actually own one..but it seems..theyre a lot more attainable than i first thought.
Do you want to meet her??
Her real name is Blythe......
..but when she comes to live with me..her name will be Piper.....because thats the name I wanted to call Montana..and Shane hated she turns up..and shes had a make-over Ill introduce you to her!!! OK??
*sigh* blissy bliss bliss bliss.....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cropaholics, anyone??

Hullo...Just thought Id show a couple of the layouts you get instructions for in this Months' Cropaholics' Kit available here.
Its the yummiest kit..and I had a ball doing it!!!
There are some yummy chippies,

..and some beautiful papers and lace..(This Sugar and Spice layout is my fave)
...and there are some gorgeous embellies..(Ive shown you a sneaky of this one...)
If youre like me, Cosmo Cricket is DA BOMB!!!! You Neeeeeeeeeeed this kit!!! LOL...
On another note, Ive been chatting with some of the gals on the Forum over at Shop and Crop, and were thinking we might have a re-hash of the art journal challenge.....of course its going to be a relaxed thing, you can do it if you want, Ill just throw out a challenge each month, maybe a technique or "thing" you have to use on your can scrapbook the themes if you want too...If youre interested, come join the forum over at Shop and you can come chat, and get all the theme updates....just because you want to!!!
Anyhoo..its now official..Im frozen sitting here at the computer in the art Ill pack it in for the night and go off and sit near the fire for a while...
Have a great night!!! Love, Debxx

'Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs' Trailer HD

Took the kids to see this..its a SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!! girlfriend Bin reckons I look like Sid.......and yet, I still like her!!! hehehe

Sunday, July 12, 2009

She Sees Rainbows......

This is my newest painting..shes quite big.(about 90 cm x 60 cm on canvas, acrylica and crayon),.....and is for me, for me.... its a bit of a selfy, and she will hang in my art room to remind me that even if it seems like everything is going wrong at any one moment in time..., theres always something nice on the horizon......
can you see the rainbows in her eyes??
..and the drops of rain????....
DH prefers my more mixed media girls on wood, but I love her....because shes just for me.....
Hope youre having a lovely Sunday..MMWWAA!Love to all...xxoo

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Regina Spektor- Laughing With (Official Music Video)

Oh, I love Regina...she is amazing!!!!Watch the video..its amazing!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Creating Hope.....

Hullo one and all!!! I simply must tell you about this....
I am honoured and humbled to have been invited to contribute to this wonderful wonderful project.....the "Creating Hope" project....
what is it???( as copied and pasted from the blog)

Imagine if we gathered together 100 mixed media artists from all over and asked them to create a small charm or tag in their very own favourite style

Imagine if their message was one of positive affirmation

Imagine if we then took those pieces and used them to create a fabulous one of a kind dress form

Imagine how beautiful and special that would be

Imagine the chance to own that piece?

Imagine no more

You simply must visit here to find out all about it.......and then..?? you simply have to go here do something about it.....
I know this is going to be great!!!!!
So..go on..go have a looky..add the blog to your favourites.....I for one cant wait to see it all unfold....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A quickie..

This week Ive done a fair bit of scrapbooking. Ive designed two layouts that are featured in the new Basic Grey mega Kit available HERE.

.....I also designed Julys' Cropaholics Kit keep your eyes peeled for the new kit!! (ITS YUMMY!!!)
Ive been painting, and getting things ready for camp in August...and madly being a Mum, wife and domestic goddess...(well, not so much the last one!!! LOL)
But!! I have been researching tattoos....designing my next one....cause I figure, AAAAwww hang it...I might as well put something I want on me, rather than some hairy moley bump thing I didnt ask for or a new stretch mark..LOL...doncha reckon??? These are some tattoos I am LOVING!!!!
I want something I can see myself this time.......perhaps a shoulder job???? ...and definately needing colour this time, me thinks...Hmmm..we shall see......