Thursday, June 18, 2009

Follicular update...

LOL..which means I have new hair...just a quick pic...My hubby picked these colours....
Terrible photo but the colour is plum with purple bits!!! Matches my Edward Scissorhands shirt just fabby thanks!!LOL..
Hes so proud......

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Makin some stuff!!!

I just thought id show you a couple of the things Ive been making of late..
on the long weekend, we had a scrappy day here at my house..and i got to make some stuff, eat some stuff and chat a lot with some of my lovely pals...
I did this layout of me and a very very cool, and super sweet lady....:
and Finished making my new art journal:
eeeerrrm...Im not the best sewer so the pages arent exactly in there perfectly..but..i LOVE making my own art journals..watercolour or cartridge paper, a couple of canvas boards and some fabric and some linen thread and dress it up with some pretties from Vivs Etsy shop..and Bobs yer uncle...hehehe
I also made this recently when i had thought I might have had another crack at Masters'....

...for the shaped layout challenge....
..and then, I received a lovely parcel in the mail.....a prize from Gary Reef!!! A mixed media piece by Guru Gaz.... Thanks Gary!!!
..and check the work on the envelope...I LOVE it!!
*sigh* such a lovely week......
I think Im over blonde/ranger hair I might be off to the salon this arvie...Hubby has a idea that dark with a purple streak would be a good look..hmmm..havent decided yet..LOL..gawd knows!!!
Nothing is more certain than change..yes??? and it is like they say as good as a why the heck not???
Hope you have an inclination to change something matter how really does the heart good!!!
Oh..speaking of hearts..mine is all good.
I have been having some medical issues with some nasty palpatations, dizzy spells and nothing serious..LOL... but it seems I have an aversion to artificial sweeteners. Yup...trying to do the right thing by cutting back the sugars for the sake of my backside size..(LOL) meant i was trying to give myself a heart attack.
I mean really..they are more artificially sweetened anything..and only ONE caffeinated drink for me on any day..and Im a new woman!!No more racing heart..blackouts or dizzy spells...
One medical issue averted..and only one to go!! Yay!!!
Stay well..stay natural and look after you and yours!!! LOVE, Debxx

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I just wanted to share this pretty little girl with you...I bought her today.....I LOVE her!! and plan on redecorating my Art room around her.......(as you do!!)LOL...

Because goodness knows it needs help!!!
It has been used this week....a lot!!sewing, painting, art journalling,scrapping,heheheheyou name it baby..Im doing it!! YAY!!!!
Thankfully with the return of my mojo..comes the return of a messy art room..LOL...I think Id like to repaint the room with red walls....or at least some red somewhere???Whaddya think???
Hope your weekend has been a fun and creative one??? Big hugsxxoo

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Muse - Hysteria

I LOVE this song!!!!! I want it now!!!!!!Give me your heart and soul!!!Please play it loud!!!!(you know you want to!!!)LOL..Enjoyxx

Just a bit o supm ..

So, I havent posted for a does get in the way a bit..yes???
But I wanted to share this:
..hes a painting I did using palette brushes at all!!..I was listening to Muse really, really loud when I painted this...and Im happy with how it came out..hmm..maybe a frame job...
and this:
Is the layout I did for Shop and Crop this week.....using one of the new My Minds Eye kits.....this gorgeous little princess is my niece , Paige..who is 6..and just so like her Mama when she was a little girl....
and this:is one of the layouts you get instructions for in the new June Crop kit..which I was lucky enough to design this month..its the New Scenic Route Garden line......
and the middle is naked!!! Look..see??????>>>> fun is that????
and then there is this:
..this is a layout of mine you will find in this months' Scrapbook Creations . in the Top Ten "Typography" article... ......*sigh*..I do so love that magazine....and Doncha just love American Crafts???
and then theres this:*sniff sniff*
..Last night was the final Upload for Kathie Link as a Design Team Member with ShopandCrop.
Its a sad sad thing for us...Kathie is the most inspiring person to be around. Kathie is so quiet and elegant...(I honestly do fell like a major yobbo in her presence LOL) but, just to sit and watch her push papers around a layout is the most exciting thing...its like watching magic happen.Ive come to call Kathie friend....and I will miss working with her so much...Love ya Kathiexxooo
So, that sadly is where I take my frozen butt to bed..its supposed to be -5 tonight...I reckon itll snow this weekend up in them thar hills at Nundle if this keeps up!!!! BRRRR!!!
So, big hugs, a hot chocolate and a bit of Lindt chocolate to you all!!! MMWWAA!