Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Art of Mark Ryden

*sigh* soooo clever....

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Look what Ive just pre-ordered from here!!!! Fushigi Circus..the Art Of Mark Ryden!!! So so so so excited!!! It isnt published until about October...but, hey, Im a planning kind of girl!!!!
*clapping* *clapping*..
Yay me!! LOL.. back to our normal programming..:)

Friday, May 29, 2009

I have been MIA..I know..sorry..

But theres a good excuse Really!!!!LOL..
The looney has not been well...she had the flu...and then she has been having trips to Doctors and having tests done..a few health issues that are leaving me a little tired and mojo-less..but it will get better...because Im not lettin it worry me unless someone tells me to. But enough about that.
I am planning a new tattoo...Shhh..secret squirell!! (Dont tell my Dad!!!)LOL... He wanted to give me the strap when I got my first one at 31!!!LOL..
I have asked someone who I have loved and admired sooooo much to design it for me....when she has you shall have to wait and see where it will be..and who did it!! LOL....I love a good mystery!!!
Also..I have just announced the Saturday Night theme for The Country Paperarts Retreats' Saturday night festivities!!!drumroll please....
"Mad Hatters' Tea Party!!"
I havent painted, or drawn anything...but Im at home this Saturday morn just chillin with the who knows, after a little birthday party this afternoon..I could even feel like makin something!!!
Especially seeing as Ive been revisiting this mans' online gallery:

I love Mark Ryden. His work is AMAAAAAAAZING!!! I should very much like to hang one of his paintings in my house one day......*sigh*.
Well off to do some housework...Blech....stay well!!!
Love, Debxx

Sunday, May 17, 2009

What the heck happened to this week???

Hullo!!! Its been a busy week..not much to share..just wanted to say hi!!!
I have had a nasty bug this week...and have been feeling blech...but i did manage to do these:

a couple of really late art tags for 52Q...
and a couple of sketches for the Faeries and Mystic art challenge at Gary Reef..not entirely sure that Mystic art is my thing..but I love what Im learning...
and the sad little person at the top of this post is the unloved art journal cover I have started for the equally under attended to "Dig Deep" challengewith Viv Bonder.... I have started the page..but no more wants to come out for it goes "over there" until more comes up..
so now?? Im off to scrapbook...I have been hanging out to do dome all week..but there hasnt been the inspiration...but now?? feeling a flutter.....
heres hugs to you all and hoping youre all enjoying those lovely last moments of the weekend before the onslaught of normality returns......*sigh*
more soon!!!Love, Debxx

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Suzi Bluer no more..

Just a quick note to say i no longer have a page over at Suzi Blu. Still love her,still love what she has taught me, but she is changing the way her site works...and we have all been asked to delete our pages because there is a new one happening..and we have to pay to be a part of it.
This is her perogative and I have no judgement about that....but for the moment, I will not judge her decision...but i thought i had better just say...Im a Suzi Bluer no more...(in case youre looking).
There is nothing more certain than change. Of that Im sure.
On a happier note:
heres a painting i did for the Gary Reef 30 day art challenge.Seems Im slipping..hehe..Im about a day out of whack..but Im sure Ill catch up!!!
..the way Im going to use this not to sit up all night and paint a masterpiece..(LOL) far from it. Im giving myself a 1 hour time limit...less some nights, to just put pen or pencil or paint to paper..if I find an idea I want to expand on, I will later..or Im using it to try new techniques...
I want to learn..and that is what its all about.
....just sayin'....
Happy Mothers' Day eve!~!!!(is there such a thing???)
Love to you all!! MMWWA!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

so...things are looking up...

Ive been making stuff.....
I made this album with the new 7 Gypsies Gypsy Market papers...and the new Envelope album...its not finished yet..might never be..its my love book...Ill put stuff I love in it.....

..and these two are just some bits from the 30 day art challenge Im doing.Art work a day.

..and this was the bonus layout idea for leftovers fro my class kit at the ShopandCrop Retreat. now..Im off to clean the house, and then hopefully...a little Mumma time at the art table....
life is oooooo busy sometimes, yes??
Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just a little share:

“Like Starlight” A poem by Deb Godley

I took a walk beside you,

Holding your hand without touch

I decided to stay, every day

Dancing around your every move

Like starlight, like a symphony.

I embrace you gently as you suffer

Or stand over you in the sun.

I am dancing with you always

Like a song.

I work, play and cry with you

The ethereal glow of grey that follows,


Like starlight, like a sonnet.

You neglect me,

Ignore me,

Fear me..

And yet I stay,

Following, embracing, preceeding,

Your dark, unloved slippery doppelganger,

Who will follow you endlessly,

Like starlight, like eternity.

I wrote this for the Gary Reef May challenge..."Inspired by Shadows" .

Poetry is something I loved to write Im a bit rusty ...Hope you enjoyxxoo