Thursday, April 30, 2009

30 day art challenge

Just a quickie today..I HAVE to reorganize my art room and i only have 6 hours....LOL..seriously..its a shamozzle.
But!! Today is day 1 of the 30 day art challenge on gary reef.
This is Caspian..he is an ice prince...hes is (ever so vagueley) modelled on Rob daughter has a huge poster of him on her wall, and i decided he had an other worldly became Caspian..Prince of Ice..Ill probably end up doing a painting of this, develop it a bit more..Im pretty happy with this drawing.Ive been inspired by Bonnie rose who heads up the faery and Mystic art group over at Gary reef.(she is amazing!!!)

But..the plan with the 30 day art challenge is to produce one work a matter how big or small...and Im going to do it...(well, I keep telling myself I am).
The only problem is, Im also doing the BB art journal challenge, the 52 Q mini art challenge with Em Falconbridge,(which I am behind in ..soooo much)and now Viv is doing an art challenge..which, of course I want to do...cause its Viv!!..and y'all know how much i love Viv. know..a challenge might just do me some good..pressure can be a wonderful without further to clean, purge, shift furniture and generally tear my hair out for the day!!! Hope your day is a productive one!!XXdebXX

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tim Burtons "9" Trailer

I want to see know how I love Mr Burton.Oh, so much....enjoyxxoo

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Aww...just some stuff...

Firstly..I would like to send a humble thank you and a lovely big hug to Kathie...
she sent me this:
..that is too lovely..thank you...and so, I must pass it a few lovelies...
like:Jilly I know I always tag but..her blog is so full of beautiful work, and the wickedest, yeah..her blog does make me smile...
and Ngaire ..same deal...beautiful and funny always...
Evana ..because she is totally cool..totally fun, totally amazingly talented..and just her!
..and Viv... because of all the reasons there is. Viv is an inspiration, a motivator, and she makes me feel brave. ..and that always makes me smile.
Thanks again Kathie. have joined the faeries and mystic art group at Gary reefs' Mixed Media Arts site, headed up by the amazing Bonnie Rose.
The challenge here was to draw a biomorphic faery....(created from botanical elements) this little short legged thingemyjig is Frangipella...done with watercolour pencils.
Lots of fun..maybe not the most beautiful drawing ever but still..LOL
This painting was done for the Georgia O'Keefe challenge.It is an abstraction of a shell.
..and this here painting is part of my header. you wont see the details here..its a really better IRL piece...and its my first real go at Encaustic painting with the Encaustic Group, heade up by Mo Godbeer. I call it "Cosmos" . My husband calls it Vomit. I think someone added "Too many Mand Ms"..LOL..but I love it!!!
Encaustic painting is oil painting for the Impatient..(hands up me!!!)..and you heat it with a heatgun to create this moving piece of art..I am so in love with this technique.......Thanks MO!!!!
so..thats it for now..chicken dinner burning..must soon?? Love mexx

Friday, April 24, 2009

Anzac Day,2009

With the humblest of hearts, I dedicate todays post to The Anzacs....who fought for freedom for their country...who paid the ultimate that we can be free to be who we are today.
Lest we Forget.

These two layouts are done with the April Crop Kit from ShopandCrop
and this little cutie down here is made from the new Crate Little Sprout page kit from Shop and Crop...(the most beautiful linen textured paper...and so glittery!!! Yummy!!!)
..and this scary little fellow is actually a canvas........I think Im going to do a series of these......

..and this is what happens when you sign up for a layering and texturing course, and dont get time to try the techniques, I put a lot of them together..and came up with this!!!
I call it the Wintergarden.......its actually a llittle darker in real life..but i photographed it at night....
Well....I hope your day is wonderful....Im off to do some housework. yay me!!!
Then...perhaps a little painting if Im very, very good.MMWWA!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Regina Spektor - Fidelity

Oh my I love this song...enjoyxx

Sunday, April 12, 2009

And so she makes some stuff...

Oh...before I lob into the look what I made bit..... I MUST show you this.....
At the start of the year I was commissioned to do a painting. Nervous I was, yes..and I spent many many hours on it...adding layers, and layers, and praying and hoping that the new owner would like it...
and she did..
This was the painting...
"The Nightgarden"...for Kiara.
..and apparently she does like it. So Phew!
But, you see what touched me the most about the whole thing was that Kiaras' very talented Mum, Julie made me this as a thank you:(as if being honoured with my first ever commissioned painting wasnt enough!!!!)

It is the most beautiful, thoughtful gift ever. It is a beautiful hand made Art journal and pencils holder....just made for me especially.Thank you Julie!!!!!! MMWWAAA!
Man!~! How I wish I could sew...
I am so touched..and It now goes everywhere with me.
LOve it love it love it!!!!From the bottom of my heart Jules, thank you.
..and so ..from me who can NOT sew!!!!
I did these layouts at the ShopandCrop retreat:
This was the ONLY class I got done..LOL.....(actually its only 1/2) The uber-talented Kathie Link taught this layout in her class.... I got to help her out during the class....and sat down and did this one later that night. It is a complete copy of her layout. I had a ball sitting so near her..watching her clever fingers at work.watching her think out a layout...its a bit like sitting in the get that warm glow of inspiration radiating towards you....and it was a healing warmth for me...the girl who thought she had lost her passion for scrapping....fabulous....Thanks Kathie!!!
..and this was the other one I did on the Friday night..I think Ill add a journalling spot.....the flower is one of those really humungous Prima flowers...Ive had them about 4 years????..Well.. I cut it up ..very happy with that!!!..But dont ask me where the title came from..???? (hehehehe)
..and then...I got to play with the Brand New Fancy Pants "On a Whimsy" saturday night I made this...
These papers are amazing!!!!..and of course..a bit of bling was added....(Cant be without it!!!)
...But yes...this is all I did..
Oh!! and started a 7 Gypsies Mini album..but Ill save that for when Its finished and I figure out what Im going to do with it!!!!! LOL.....lots of chatting, nibbling and wandering was done though!!!
Before Retreat though, I came across a Design Team call for Kaisercraft.....and was inspired to at least do the requirements list..even if i didnt actually apply.
Kaisercraft has been a company whose products were among the first ones I ever used.....and theyve grown as a company in leaps and bounds..and almost no layout or project of mine goes without something of theirs so I had to !!!!
So..this is what i made:
.....My beautiful Scrappamuma Bev gave me this album last year.... and then when the fairy papers came out.... I thought they were a perfect way to show off the photos of our Picnic by the Bendemeer River. There is a spot there where the kids truly believe fairies live..and when I took some shots into the tops of the trees..the camera flare came up blue and purple..and now the kids believe they are photos of real sprites!!!!

...and a double layout..not something i do a lot of...But Ive always loved these photos..and that quote "Definition of a boy: Noise with Dirt On it"...and these Robot papers are too cute!!!
..and then...there was the layout about you... I love these bright, funky colours..and I love a bit o bling..but the journalling explains my title:
"Shes come full Circle"... For so long i searched for "that thing"- I made art then I studied hairdressing- then I came back to crafts-until i discovered scrapbooking. Although I am now back to making art- one thing endures - I love scrapbooking and I never want to not want to.
..This is true for me...because really, from November to about March...I barely scrapped. I worried I was losing interest. I didnt buy any new papers. I did my Shop and Crop things..and that was it!
But it seems...I must have just needed a little break..because now? Its all I want to do again. LOL..Come full circle.
Sometimes life is so funny.
Well, heres hoping you had a fabby Easter Sunday. I did..made some stuff..but thats another post!!!
Happy Easter to you!!! MMWWAA!

Edie Brickell - A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

I love this song. I love this version sooo much. So, at the risk of sounding totally OTT...
I send this out to all those soldiers who are away from their loved ones fighting wars for men in suits....
and for the soldiers who are fighting for the freedom of families who are without peace....
and for the Mothers at home praying their children make it home safe.
...and to those who pray every day for peace and equality for every man, woman and child....
Love and peace to you all at Easter.mmwwa.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Slack blogger returns!!!

Well...i know Ive been a slack tart.
Blogging just doesnt seem to get fit in lately...but I guess you get that sometimes...
But!!! I have an excuse!! really I do!!!
I have been busy preparing for and going to the Shop and Crop Creative Escape weekend.
I have so many photos to share with you....
I met so many beautiful so many. I got to spend quality time with the Design Team girls and Sasha Suz and Bec from the shop.....and with my old, old friend Maree.(We worked out weve been friends for 28 years...holy heck!!!)
I got to meet the online gals in real life...they all amaze me..and( Im hoping this doesnt sound crass)
wondering how the HELL i ever made it onto the Design team????
Zoe,Bec, Julie,Sharon, Ali,Kylie ,Amie, and Leanne.....MY GOD!! You are one talented bunch of ladies...and Id follow you all anywhere. I (Heart) you all.

Zoe and Bec.... You guys are beautiful, beautiful and totally cool...(not to mention AWESOME artists!! *sigh*) Im not worthy!!!

Dont let the finger in the mouth fool you...these gals Know their stuff...Love ya Julie and Ali!!!
Sweet, sweet Amie.... just too clever...and sooooo beautiful... MMWWAA!
This woman??? Amazing. ...and its like Ive known her forever.......Sharon..Omigod..sooo talented.Some of the online our spunky spunky hats....and no, Im not constipated.LOL....
And then I got to meet and spend time with :

Kathie Link.. perhaps the sweetest, most gentle, and elegant person I have ever met. So amazingly talented..........and perfectly huggable.
Jen Hall the Diva herself!!!! (and also a bit of a punch-o-holic it seems) Scrapbooking punches that is!!!

Alison Shearer
oh, i so love Alison. So inspirational..a fellow tool-a-holic and blippin good fun!!! Very adoptable.

Evana Willis .....

another one I could adopt. Oh, this woman is honestly the best fun....makes you laugh so hard you snort....and like a big sister..(cause shes just about on her knees in this photo)...

Suz and Bec much cheeky!!!! seriously good people.
and the beautiful Queen Bee herself..Sasha Fenton.The best "boss" ever.MMWWA!
I was amazed by the standard and effort all the retreaters put into their "2009 Mini album challenge"....they were handed a Kaisercraft album and asked to alter it in their own was sooo hard to pick just one winner...and , would you believe, thanks to Alisons' inspiration..i got up early and went FOR A WALK!!!!!
..and i took heaps of photos...heres an unedited one I prepared earlier. So beautiful.
I had the most amazing time.....and I loved every single person I met...and many a tear was choked back when it was time to say goodbye.
I managed to do a bit of scrapping in between chatting and laughing and eating!!! LOL....will post soon.
More soon Lovexx

I am so proud to be a part of Shopand Crop...they are like family now.