Saturday, January 31, 2009

Garys weekend challenge

So..I have completed my first challenge over at GaryReef.This weekend we were challenged to do a self portrait, Van Gogh style, using only Green, yellow,white and blue paint.
Holy Cow!!! I had to do some studyin' up on what Van Goghs style was....and Honestly..I dont think I have even a remote grasp...but Im loving trying new things!!!
This was the photo I based my sketch on:
this was my rough sketch....

..and this is how the painting turned out...(I used acrylics on canvas)...
.oooo so much fun!!~!! Cant wait for the workshops!!!!!*clapping hands**
more soon...Love and big sloppy, paint covered kisses!!!!Debxx

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Time for something new...

Well...I have had an.... epiphany if you will. I need new.
I am discovering that I am a fickle beast. I love scrapbooking..noooo doubt about that..
I love my art journals..noooo doubt about that.
I love Suzi Blu....Nooooo doubt about that..I will be eternally grateful to her for "waking me up"..and to Viv Bonder for loosening me up and making me brave.....LOL...
I want to learn more about paint, techniques...mixed media, stencilling, portraiture..
but its a hard thing when one has to work for money..LOL..
so then.. I found Gary. my next plan of attack is to do some of his workshops. He has videos on Youtube...I have been looking..learning.
I want to paint.More. And not just pretty girls or art journal pages..I want to paint BIG things.LOL...Right in your face look at me now paintings. I want to do exhibitions....and so...I take the next step on my journey as an steps may be small..but in my heart they are MIGHTY!!!
So please forgive me if I post less and less papercraft...although..I will still do that!!I still love being on the Design Team at ShopandCrop... and I will always scrapbook...I love it too much.
but its time for something new.....
the only thing sure in life is change....
more soonxxoo

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

red,blue and a bit of ouchy.

So...I have been to Port Macquarie with the kids for a bit of sun, surf and best girlfriend catch upness....

We were planning to scrap a little together..but it seems, I am losing my stamina for late nights.....I could get up at 4.30 and scrap happily..but after 9:30?? Me..pumpkin. Have to go to bed. one lame layout was done by me....needs some serious loving whilst awake....will share that one MUCH later....LOL.
So...I went to visit with Bin..and to see her of them is Grace, affectionately known as "Gacy"(cause thats what she calls herself..LOL)..

and to deliver a painting I did for her(she is my God-daughter)...I call this one "Princess of Grace"...

and to spend fun time with the kids on the beach...(Shelley Beach was glorious yesterday...a little too glorious...ahem)
..and to read a book I have been busting to get my greasy little mits on......
So...after spending a little too long reading this book on the beach..(and swimming and sandcastle building)....
I have a backside that matches the apple on the cover of my book...AND!!! my glasses!!!! Two for one cant be too colour co-ordinated....
and...for the rest of the summer I will have a "Twilight" sized book in white on my lap.Yes...I am red all around the botty, and lap....except for where the book sat. Hmmm..note to self: put sunscreen on under the boardies in case you decide to "be a devil" and go with swimmers only...I hurt a lot.
Very ouchy.
But.. I still had a lovely did the kidlets. Nice to be home looking forward to my bed.
Missin Bin though. Its so easy to be around her. No trying involved.
aaaah. So...whatre you up to???Hope its fun....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You know theres a problem when...

You sneeze and put your back out.....(insert laughter here).
Yup.Did that this morning.Made me a little grumpy I must say...but..Ill get over it.
On a happier note....I have been scrapping again..using the new January Crop Kit from Shop and Crop.
The Design Team is having a little break from the usual weekly themed uploads..and instead..were playing with the great kits they have on offer...(and therell be more offered all the time!!!)
So..this months' crop kit is packed with SEI Black Orchid yummness.
This is what Ive made with my kits(and plenty more left over)

Lots of fun......
The kids are coming to the end of their holidays..and I have to say...Im so sad...they have gone so quick. We have been at appointments for one thing or another every we STILL havent had our Jammie day..(whereby we dont get dressed at all..just lounge in our jammies)...hopefully that isnt a sign of the state of the year.
OO!!! Can I say a quick shout out to those who are Stamp freaks.....Stampin Up have their usual "Saleabration" on ..wherby you get to have a whole stamp set for FREE!!!!!! for every $100 you visit my friend Lisa if you want to know more........and if your not in our area...she may be able to point you in the right direction.
Me though??? Im in the midst of a dramatic purge in my life...(wow..the stuff I keep!!) so...Ebay..look out!!!!
Hope your day is great.......more soon.....(actually hope to have some exciting news very soon)....
Love and big sloppy kisses, Debxx

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Im back, BABY!!!

Well..I had a break from scrapping...seems the Mojo went on holiday with all the Christmassy happenings..but now???NOOOOOOOO!!!
Ive been sitting at my desk playing.
I have a new painting almost done!!!(will share soon)
..and I have started two..count em>>TWO!!!! Art journal challengy things.
So this is what Ive been up to..So..this is my "the year that was" kinda layout. Just makes me feel good to wrap it up like that.Gotta love those papers yes???Rose Moka they are, they are.(and a Hambly Screen Print transparency)
This is my little ???? girl who will be turning 11 in April.....and i used the Scrummy new Amy Butler Lotus tea box papers. is my first Art Journal page for the BB art Journal challenge. "hand drawn focal image, abstract background. " is the theme for January.
..and then...I have decided to play along with Em's 52Q mini art journal challenge thingy.
Im going to make use of a tag book I made a long time ago......and the question is..."What do you want from 2009"(or something to that effect).
....and this is the little book where the little tags will go. to do some housework and stuff......
oh..and I have some camera stuff on Ebay if youre after a bargain...(oh, and my hubby has some stuff on too).....dreadful, noisy things....LOL
Have a great night!!!
Love and big sloppy kisses..Debxxoo

Saturday, January 10, 2009

an award from Kylie...

This is called The Proximity Award."These blogs invest and believe in PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers, who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."
Thanks Kylie!!!
So ..I shall have to give these awards to some people....
after brekky!!LOL..Ill be back!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So, the end of the year comes..and the new one begins...always prompts a bit of thought about plans for the year....well..for me..I have a few wishes for the year...goals if you will..
I want to grow my hair like this:hmmmm...may need the help of some extensions cause Nikki... has way more hair than I do...but hey...If I can do it by myself that would be better.
I want to learn to make handbags..cuz I can never seem to find one I like.....except for my Amy Butler creativity bag (that is looking the worse for wear since number one son vomited red jelly into it at hospital after tonsil removal)...I washed it. You just cant do that.
I found this lesson....
looks like something i could start on.....
I have bought this book:

from my new super talented friend and fellow Suzi Bluer Nancey.They are available from her blog..go here. She is amazing...the little people she creates are breathtaking...and shes a lovely, lovely person.So... Im wanting to make a couple of little of fairies of my own..
I want to do some more painting.....I am ready to move on from just dollies now I think.....
I love this guys inspiring....
so...time to do a bit of evolving I think.
I got a new Camera for christmas, and so Im thinking it might be time to do a bit more of that too...(Incidentally I have a beautiful, preloved Konica Minolta SLR Dynax 5D with a 18-70mm lens for sale if anyone is interested. Its only 6 megapixel, but wouldnt think so..takes beautiful pics....Im sad to be putting her if someone would like to give her a home...make me an offer???(She takes compact flash).
Ive signed up for the Art Journal challenge here...and of course I will still be makin stuff for the beautiful Sasha at ShopandCrop, my other home.We will be mixing it up a bit over there this year, so stay tuned!!!!
Im also off to the Shopand crop Creative Escape in April....and I might even be teaching too!!!!
Also, the beautiful Ngaire has asked me to contribute from time to time to her "Top Ten' articles for Scrapbook Creations Im pretty stoked about that.....(Wooohoooo!!Thanks Ngaire)...
And I have promised myself to just do stuff that I love, without thinking about what is expected....someone once said "Art is not a competitive sport"...I reallly need to remember this.
Its looking like I might be organizing a camp at Lake keepit this year, late August, (im still waiting for confirmation of the venue) stay tuned...and I may just have 2 pretty darn amazing tutors coming...(*clapping hands*) if youre interested, stay tuned!!!!
So, on the Arty front....Im ready to rumble.I spent a day doing this to my Art room to make way for a new year.... exploded. It started off at 6 am as a tidy up.By lunch it looked like this.
But the next looked like this.....

awww..pretty. Cept now???Its too bloody clean and i cant get motivated. LOL......
For me personally??
I want to do more with the kids.More time with Hubby.
Be healthier.
Lose some kilos.I am getting seriously soggy around the midsection.Looking more and more like a hobbit every day....ahem.
I want to be less vague..GOD knows HOW??? ..but Im going to try.
I want to drink at LEAST 1 litre of water a day.....and Im giving up yeast.
I want to NOT do things I dont want to do but do because I think i should.
I want a new Tattoo.
I want to waste less time.
..and if nothing else..I just want to have a happy year.Like last year.
What about you???
Talk soon...peacexxlovexx and a bag o chips....(oh, hang on...a bag of 97% fat free rice crackers......)LOL

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wall Of Voodoo - Far Side Of Crazy

hahahaha...this is an old favourite...still sing this one in the shower....*sigh* aaaah the 80s.....