Thursday, December 31, 2009

needle felting tutorial

Woohooo!!! kids and i are gonna try this..wish us luck!!!

As the sun sets....

we wave goodbye to 2009...
and although I am usually one for the making of resolutions..I find i cant do it to myself this year.
I only ever say that I want to lose fitter...
but truth is...I stink at the whole making it happen thing.
So..instead..Id love to share with you...what my current hopes and dreams and affirmations are for 2010 ..and beyond.
Before I can do that..I must tell you what Ive learned this year..:
I am happy.
I am healthy.
I love my life
I do not have a Uni degree..and although for a long time that bothered me...(I was soo that person growing up that had to prove herself academically)....
I do not need one to make my mark on the world...or to love, cherish and raise my children to be beautiful people.n The world so needs beautiful people.
I still love and desire my husband with all my heart and soul and I consider myself the luckiest woman on the planet.
so...for this coming year.....
1st. I promise myself that I will be thankful for each minute of each day....for we dont know how long we have here with the people we love.....(sounds,..its not..its something we need to remember..)
2nd... I promise to show the people I love that I do more......
3rd..I promise to not do anything because I think it is expected of me..or because it will validate me or my work.....
and I am looking forward to:

..working on my stroke...I am perhaps the most UNsporty Aussie on the face of the planet..I am seriously unco..cant catch, cant run, cant hit..and I more than likely swim like Im having a fit..LOL..but I have discovered that I dont give a toss what I look like doing it..I love it...its the best brain downtime for me...all i think about is my breathing and counting laps...and I love it...Want to do more of this....

..teaching myself to needle felt sculpture...these images are from Etsy....the top one has been recreated from a Mark Ryden
..organising my life some...My head is always so full of ideas of things I want to do, make, paint, write about.....sometimes the important stuff like appointments, bills,groceries..etc gets lost in there somewhere never to be seen again...
I am hoping an iphone will help me with this....LOL..(and I do sooo love a good gadget)
..and *sigh* this......I can begin counting down the sleeps until this is out..(starting tomorrow).I am sooo looking forward to this......(Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton)*clapping*

..and reading and seeing more True blood stories...and seeing more Eric Northman..(I know Ive posted this photo before..but hey!!!Ive had chocolate before too but it doesnt stop me going back for more..LOL...ummah).I mean *sigh* addicted it hurts...seriously..LOL....
..and I want to develop my artistic skills..widen the horizon...I need to learn to see in the abstract....starting here This painting "Mountain of Mine" was done by Jared Knight.....go here to see, learn, sign up for classes....he is an inspiring man.....
..I hope to have new adventures.....I cant wait to see where 2010 takes me and those who I love...
I wish everyone the very very best for the New Year..thank you all for coming along with me this year..I love you all so much!!
I seriously hope all your dreams come true this next year..whatever they may be..
may your path always be clear;
may your smile be always real,
may your heart be ever aglow,
and may your dreams be always within reach....
may all your troubles be small..
and your tears only ever happy ones.....
Sending each of you big sloppy kisses and a really badly sung version of "auld ange syne"..( I think thats how you spell it....)..seriously...Robert Burns (who is supposed to be, according to our family legend - my great great great great great Grandfather ....Pshaw...LOL)would turn over in his grave if he knew how bad I sing that song..LOL...
Love to you all...Happy New Year!!! See you bright and early in 2010!!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Moonlight - Alex O'Loughlin I have to share this...

In which she smiles to herself for being so sneaky...

ahaha..I do so love Christmas...the whole thing..the food, the preparations, the excited children, secret squirrels, the shopping, the wrapping, the whole creating a miracle bit...
I love the fact that we make such an effort to get together with our friends..those people we love..
*note* I have not edited any of these photos..they are all directly out of the camera...please- no complaints to management)
Like our pre Chrissy afternoon tea at Le Pruneau with my scrappy friends..and family..

..and an evening of bowling followed by some serious steak at The Safari Club with Brett, Marissa and Rod...
..and then the day itself...with sooo many smiles all round..
But particularly the Divine Miss M..who got herself a Blythe all her very own from the Fat Man in a Red suit.....

..and the young man who got a Wii from us all...and more lego than one could poke a stick at...(hmm..and much fodder for the small black pug to chew on and the mother to suffer absolute pain when stepping on in the dark from)).(and if you look in the background you can see the man of the houses' foot..wearing his Eddie Van Halen signature sneakers that did make it on time.....and who is sooooo happy with them....but did not agree to be photgraphed..LOL)

oh..and the happy happy tears when one is particularly sneaky and manages to give ones' little sister just the right gift....

...and a very unbecoming photo of myself with my gift..(note to self..dont let hubby take your photo from that angle ever again!!! looks like my arm is bigger than my head!!!and thats to say nothing of the double beast that I am....)).a peppermint haired Blythe......and Miss M with her babys' Emily outfit on....LOL..she has decided to call her Emily....
..and the gift from my Sister and her family...that I had been hoping for...I am up to book 2 already....sooooo goood!!!
...*sigh*...The perfect one fought...everyone was happy...the gifts were all a hit....everyone went home happy and FULL!!!(some more ways than one)
and I have had a lovely, lovely time...
..and so ..on to the end of 2009....cant wait to see what 2010 brings.......

can you??
More soon..Love, Debxxoo

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kelly Clarkson - My Grown Up Christmas List w/lyrics

Merry Christmas to you all....many thoughts of love, peace and hope are flying through the air from me to you..
that anyone even reads my blog is amazing to me..but to have so many beautiful visitors each week is a great gift to from the bottom of my heart..Thank you.
and so..I wish you all the happiest of Days tomorrow.....
may the happiness stay with you every single day ..forever more...
Love,love, and happiness always... Debxxoo

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Evanescence My Immortal, its not a christmas song..but i love much.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Whats this? - Fall out boy

I LOVE this movie..I love Tim burton..(LOL in case you forgot)..but heres the thing..the song has been covered by Fall Out Boy..and as I Love them too... get the picture..hehehehe
Enjoy!!! 7 sleeps to go!!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

......But wait!!!! Theres more!!!!

The extra special, super dooper , but-wait-theres-more bonus Tarisota gallery is up!!!..Go here to see all the beautiful works by the Tarisota Team..and all the delicious details that seriously have to be seen to be believed!!!
Also, while youre there, dont forget to visit the Blog to download your daily recipe goodness..we're up to day 13 already!!!!....some seriously yummy stuff there..
More soon...big weekend has passed..must sleep....Love Debxxoo

Friday, December 11, 2009

A pre-Christmas Christmas post...

Not many sleeps to go..and I have been busy busy making theres not one thing I can show would give it all away! LOL....
so...I thought perhaps I would share a few pics of stuff that has been a big influence on my life this year...
Cause i guess "you dont know where youre going if you dont know where youve been and all that right??"
Heres my top list, picture style:
..The art of Mark Ryden.....*sigh*
..and Emily Martin..*sigh*
..amazing art classes online with Suzi Blu...
..Mr Gary Reef....
Jared Knight...and I cant wait to do more with this one..hes a pretty cool character..and Im hoping he can teach me to see in the abstract....
..Shop and Crop Retreat this year was amazing...even more so, because I made some beautiful new friends there...particularly Miss E, and Miss Kathie...I love you both MMWWAA!

..and speaking of retreats..I ran one this year..and i learned a lot doing it..but i also learned that it is not possible to laugh too much, smile too much..and that we soooo have to Get Bin back for her scare tactics....I.e old lady masks jumping out at you from..anywhere..
My friend Ree, (the spunky redhead on the left)..has been my partner in crime for both retreats..she is perhaps my oldest friend...Love ya Reexxoo..and the blonde with the big chops??? That would be Bin..the craziest woman I know..and I love her to bits...
..and these two?? I love them like family. I am lucky enought o be on the Tarisota team (which I am STOKED about!!)with them at the they are work buddies too....Dont have enough words....really..I dont..Love you both sooo much xxoo

..and then there is the tattoo thing..I love Hollys' Elsie inspired tattoo so much I got one too..
and this man..Wayne..did it for me..

...such a talented tattooist at Skin Fx on the Gold Coast.(Surfers' paradise)
..and then there are the vampire obsessions...
..of course the books are better but..I love The whole thing..marketting is my friend!!!
..and this I love even more..True Blood...Twilight for adults..
..and my newest fad/vampire crush...Mick St John form Moonlight..
..erm did I say Eric from True Blood yet *ahem*
..and other eye candy..Mr Nikki Sixx...
..Mr Depp as Sweeney Todd..and of course the most talented director in the business..Mr Tim Burton....*sigh* clever...
..and then there was this movie..directed by an old friend..which is brutal..and brilliant...and images from which pop into my head every day....
..This band..OMG..I am addicted and listen to them all the time..particularly when Im creating..they are so inspirational.... is the voice of Miles Kennedy..Alter bridge....OMG..unbelievable!!!!
..and last but not least..these little girls....Blythe is ridiculously delicious...I havent a clue why....but I love her.. there would be a miliion more I could add..but...these are the ones that come to mind first!!
so...for now..thats all...
what has inspired you this year???
Post a link to your blog if you do this too..I would love to see..
Off to work for me now..Blech!!
Love Love debxxoo

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

hehehehe its not a christmas does the heart good!!!Enjoyxxoo

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Darkness - Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End) i shared this last year..but i still love it so..the Darkness are insane, mental..funny, and so damn good....Enjoy it loud!!!!
Merry Christmas!!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Alter Bridge - Broken Wings

*sigh* I LOVE this song. i sing this song at the top of my lungs in tha car....Listen to the words..every person feels this way at some point in their included. Lovexxoo

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A case of the wot do i do nows??

Ha ha...
well, the end of the year approacheth.
I have not made 1 card. I have not wrapped one present.I have decorated the tree...I have not soaked my Christmas pudding fruit.
I have not finished my hand made gifts. The house is a mess..and i sit here on the pooter.
But hey, ...thats good too, yes??
But, as I have not shared any lovelies lately..i thought i would ...So,
my friend Denyce celebrated 50 years hairdressing last week...and I made her a framed layout instead of a card from the Belmore Girls...and I have decided making stuff for people means you are never satisfied with it....I always want it to say more, look better, be better..but she liked it..(sorry about the dark photo..I took it in a hurry before racing out the door to work)

..and the details....yes, slightly fuzzy too..LOL..

..yes, i am still addicted to butterflies..and in particular the butterfly stamp from this months Tarisota Kit...*sigh*
...and these are some ideas I have been playing with for my Etsy shop...tiny hand painted of these is on watercolour paper, the yummy, Fabriano type... and the other is on canvas..the fabriano paper makes her look glowy..and the canvas looks more rustic..I think.. I like both....I I do like the rusticness of canvas..there is nothing more appealing to me than a blank white canvas.
Is it a good idea or what??tell me..
I have since given these to 2 very special ladies in my life right if y'all think theyre a good idea...I cant sell you these ones...these ones are special special and hanging around someone elses' neck!!

..and then, last but not even the slightest bit least...theres this:
The Tarisota Christmas classes are UP!!!! This is a sneaky from my class..Its a Christmas know, a place to put all the lovely cards, tags, photos, and pretty ribbons from parcels..all the photos, and lists and artworks from the kids...
a place to put all your Tarisota Recipes....
It honestly starts out pretty plain, the time you add all your own Christmas will be HUGE!!!I have started adding to mine already and the kids lOVE it!!I think I shall make one every year.
I think its only $10 dollars for my get full instructions with photos!!..and if you missed out on the Christmas Kit from tari..its all can easily adapt it to other papers and goodies you have at home in your stash, no doubt!!
..And the classes from the other Tarisota girls??? MIND BLOWING!!!!! i shall be signing up for all of them me thinks...I cant believe how clever these girls are....
so honoured to be working with them..*sigh*..
so lucky....
anyhoo..the mop and dishes are calling..
I shall love you, and leave you...just for a while....

*22 sleeps til Santa comes!!!** *SQUEAL!!*

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A smackerel or two....

With the approach of Christmas..comes the approach of that thing we love or hate..
i LOVE to cook..but i like it when I have time to immerse myself in it....and when I know its a fail safe recipe...
so, might I announce to you that Tarisota are doing recipes again this year!!!!
So, go here to begin downloading all the scrummy yummies to put on your Chrissy table this year!!!Theres a new one each day!!!
So, we put the tree up today...and the kids are so excited!!!...I love how they smile and jingle about the house all aglitter at this time of the year, excited chatter about the big day, making new ornaments for the tree.....
cooking, wrapping gifts, making gifts....its the most beautiful time of the year.
Such a beautiful time....*sigh*
Its times like these that make me go all gooshy, and thoughtful...and philosophical....and wishing we had thanksgiving here too..just so i can say thanks....
Thanks for my soul mate, my best friend, my other half...thanks for my children, the very air i breathe, I want to give thanks for Christmas in my home...all the family together..happy.even if just for one day....I give thanks for the gifts God bestows on me each and every day.
I give thanks that i dont always get what i want....even if i dont always think its fair.I give thanks for friendships, for the sisterhood of women,for support from far and wide, for squishy faced pugs, and friends with babies in their bellies, for butternut biscuits and little boys who like to dunk their bikkies in your tea too, and for beautiful young women who used to be small enough to fit inside your tummy.I give thanks for my crappy kitchen that is the heart of my home, and thanks for the fact that my hubby does not mind if there is a cobweb or two...
I give thanks for giggles, and naughtiness from beautiful friends, for sharing and for love and for hope.
So my Christmas wish for you is thanks. That each day before Christmas you can think of something beautiful you have been, support, hope, or woolly socks..and that you can carry that with you to the end of the year...and on into the next one.
Perhaps i shall make a journal??
so...there is a smackerel , a morsel just for you...
Happy day to you..MMWWAA!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


(click the link!!!!)..This is my work buddy..Denyce!!
Ok...bye for now!!!XXDebxx

Monday, November 23, 2009

Seriously Warm fuzzies...

Sometimes..the nicest things can happen out of the blue.
Someone can think of you..just because something reminds them of you.
This beautiful, generous and talented lady went off to the local Lions club book sale..and found this book.
...and bought it..because she thought it would make my day.
And it did. in fact it made my week..and not just because Im in love with these beautiful little faces...and besotted by the gorgeousness of this book..
but because she was kind and generous and warm enough to think of me.
Thanks Marnie, love love..Im so touched..really.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One of the days in which you wish you had won lotto.... I love Tim Burtons' work yes?? Strangely obsessed with his work...You all know that right?
Well one of my deepest desirings, if you will..has been the release of this book.
They are taking pre-orders now.This edition is $69.99 US. The Deluxe Edition is $299.00 US. Standard edition...I say..I can do that....just buy less groceries this week.
Until the postage was added to the cart...$145.00 US postage.
"Holy crackerbag!!"
I could cry.
Well, as I say to the cant have everything....
more soon lovelies!!!
Love Debxxoo

Monday, November 16, 2009

Santa Claus is coming to town....

"Squeal"..are you ready yet??? Shopping done???..Cause you know...if you get everything done have more time to do all your Tarisota Christmas classes!!!..hehehehehe *secret squirrel*
Not to mention all that lovely "eating, drinking and being merry!!"
So..whats Santa bringing you? Huh??XXdebxx

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Bit more.... here are the two layouts I did with the Tarisota Collection from November.... Im in love with this one because its got Sookie and Eric on it....(.after series 2 Im a little bored with Bill..and liking the flawed Nordic supervillain just a little more..)..just sayin'..LOL..

..and "My Love" about todays birthday boy!!!My very own Hunkaspunk....Shane..xxoo

Hope youre having a great day already!!!More soon, Love, Debxxoo