Friday, October 31, 2008

without you

This song was apparently number 1 the day i was born....LOL..fancy that!!(11/3/1972)...want to know your number 1 birthday song?? Go here:

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Welcome, little boy

I just want to say a HUGE official welcome to Samuel William..the 4th born son of my beautiful friend, Lisa and her Hubby Nigel. He weighed in at 7 pounds 5 ounces..and is every bit his Mummy. ...and calm, so contented..just like Mum...and a little playmate for Zach, Ben and Matty..
Its so amazing how little they are when they arrive....*sigh* time, she travels fast.
Doesnt Lisa look beautiful??? You would not think she had just had a baby 4 hours earlier would you...clever girl she clever.
Love you Lisa, MMWWAA!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This week has been...interesting.
A small boy that I love dearly handed over his tonsils and adenoids on Tuesday, to a nice man with a light over his face...and the nice man gave him some grommets to help him hear better.
..and after all of it..we are home....
...and he is amazingly better already.
His speech is so clear..(although he does sound a little like hes on Helium at the moment with the swelling in there..)...and he does not snore!!!..or thrash about at night!!! Phew.
..and hesaid everything sounds thats great.
Now..we just have to heal...whilst I get over being the awful mother who dragged him up to the hospital....LOL.
This week for Shop and Crop we got to do something sooooooo fun for our DT upload. Mixed media!!! Yay!!!
So..I made a point not to add a photo..because I didnt have to!.
I made these:The first one is my Suzi Blu inspired caricature of myself....(actually..I did this as practice for lesson one over at Suzi Blu. Les petite dolls )....and it was ok when i made its a bit blech..but you get that...LOL....nevertheless...The title" A Soul in tension thats learning to fly" is both lyrics from Pink Floyd "learning to fly"..(one of their greats IMO)..and also how Im feeling. I know Ive said it before...that I thought Art was something long gone for me once i grew up....but I have been finding it more and more every day..and the freedom that gives me is the most beautiful feeling.
No..Im no Brian Froud or Salvador Dali.. Im just Deb...Mummy, Wife, Hairdresser...person. Person who likes to play with stuff...and im happy with that. That someone else likes what i make??..Thats just a bonus.
So this piece is just an affirmation for me. Deep huh?? LOL.
The second one..hmm..might get this framed. Its a texture paste, Luminarte, Maya road and Basic Grey mixture. I took inspiration from Amy Brown for my hand drawn mermaid, sketched out with a pencil, then shaded with my new Caran D' Ache crayons...(thanks for the recommendation Viv!!!I am in love with these!!!)..and the quote that I love so much "Happiness is a butterfly which when pursued is always just beyond your grasp. But! If you will sit down quietly may alight upon you." Nathaniel Hawthorne.

...Just fun. Love it.Have thoroughly enjoyed this weeks upload.
So...not long til a visit from the fatman.... are you ready???
If youre not..over at Shop and Crop we are running a Homemade Christmas challenge...just to help you on your way. This month...were making Cards!!! These are the ones I made using the new SEI "Windsor" yum is that range..I ask you????Its so rich with all its velvety, foiled and embossed goodness.....perfect for all kinds of projects!!!...and I love that its not a "Christmas" paper...because..for some people..Christmas isnt about snow, and sparkle, and reindeer....
So, why dont you come on over and join us..make a few pretties to help you get ready for christmas...and share them in our gallery...and you never just might win yourself a little prize!!!!!
So..for now...this is me signing off!!!Have a fabulous day......
its bloody freezing im going to make a cuppa....and play alittle playstation with a beautiful, cuddly, and just for now...quiet boy.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just a quickie

This was the last challenge for the BBmixed media challenge: Fabric.

Ive used an old lace tablecloth, texture paste, bucketloads of acrylic paint,some of my "Moulin Rouge" QTea Kit, some felt, and a collage print and some of the millions of vintage buttons i bought in a tin from ebay last month....Im actually pretty happy with how it turned out!!!

Its so nice to complete a challenge.. I havent had much time to do my creative therapy journal of late...but I will do some more soon....fer sher!!!
For My Friend:
I nearly lost a friend this week. For her...Life has not been kind....Every day has been a painful battle for her...but..I am thankful that she is still here...and I hope she chooses to stay a lot longer...
So..if there is someone you know who is by themselves...or hasnt been as happy as they usually are...or if you just havent talked in a while...give them a call.Better still...go visit, take some coffee...a cake maybe. tell them you love them and that youre glad theyre in your life.
You just might save a life.
Hugs to all of youxx

Wes Carr - Fernando - (TOP9) Australian Idol 6 - 2008

Ive said it before...Ill say it again.. this man is the best damn thing to happen to Aussie music since....just since!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

been a bit busy... been a bit absent.
Work is nutty right hair and more hair to do....
Back to school.....
Knee deep in projects for Shopand Crop..(*clapping hands*...but you have to wait and see!!!!)
Cleaning the post school holiday bombshelter that I live in...
Washing, ironing, bill paying...blah blah.blah....
But!!! Im doing Suzi Blus'' Les Petite Dolls" Mixed Media course here.......YAY me!!!!
Im only up to lesson starting slowly....but its so much fun!!! ...Im not sure if im allowed to show my dolls when they are done....but ill find out...needless to will be a while!!! hahahaha!!!
Loving, loving it.....Suzi is so inspiring..and funny!!!Makes me laugh, laugh, laugh.....
I did make this little number for the Shop and crop Newsletter though.....its a new My Minds Eye get them here
But until next week(ish) Bye!!!! MMWWAA!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Me...the selfish beast that i am......

Ahhh....what is it with the human nature that we want so much??? Why is it that we think stuff will make us happy???

Coz it would thats why...

LOL..and all the while you thought i was gonna start preachin!!!LOL.

No, but seriously now....Im not really someone who wants a lot.... I have all that I could ever want. Married to my Best friend..I have two beautiful children,wonderful friends, food in my tummy, a warm pillow to lay my head on at night, and i get to express much more than soooo many other people...and for that..I thank God. With all my heart.

But!!I do have to say..there are a few material posessions that I would really like to have....

like this: I really am wanting this sooooo much..Love this woman....

.With all her perfect English and glorious hair...and curves like a woman who loves to cook for her family should...she is the ONLY person who cooks on TV whose books I lust after....I have "How to be a Domestic Goddess" and "Nigella Bites"...and i would also like "How to Eat"...she is amazing.Inspirational. ...and her books are filled with wonderful recipes that work, and are brilliant...but they are also an entertaining to read. LOve Nigella!!!

..and then.. Im really desiring the new Album by this AUSSIE!!!:

...I was shocked and amazed to find that she is an AUSSIE!!!! Lenka. Lenka is her name. I have checked out a few of her songs on Youtube. She is amazing. Pity the silly gal at Sanity had no idea who i was talking the by..did you know she is also an Art student....and she is an actress.. and played a part on "The Dish"??? What a talented lil beast she is!!!!

....and well, while Im wishing for things... Id also really like this:

...placed directly under my neck and above my place of he kneaded dough that I have there currently......BWAhahahah!!! i am unlikely to do anything real about it....(I cant excercise for medical makes me sick!!!!)...I guess Ill have to just live with my Bob Jane radial thats sitting here with me at the computer.LOL..

yes.... i have had a glass of wine.

Really though... I want to share this with you.....

..these are the layouts I did for this weeks Shop and Crop Design Team Theme...Travel/City layouts. Well, Im here to tell you that i go pretty much nowhere..most f the time....but!!!! I did go to Wauchope to visit my Bestest Girlfriend Bin at wauchope last year, and we took the kids to Timbertown...where the ride on the train was a highlight for the boys.....

and then in June last year we went to the Brisbane Papercraft Expo....and stayed 5 days!!!!(with the best girlfriends in the Universe!!..and my Mum!!!)...and then...

we went for a drive into town and went to the Big golden guitar......(have lived here for 29 years...and this is my first visit...LOL).....the kids were tickled pink..and halen thought it was gonna fall on that was a giggle..(he was really freakin' out!!!!)

So..I guess I did do a bit of travelling...but dont ya just love the New Sassafrass Lass???? *sigh*.This is "Happy Place"..and that Apple sheet....its the best yet!!

Anyhoo... I think i need to make something now.....feeling inspired.....

more soon......Hope your night is beautiful!!!!XXDebXX

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lenka - The Show (Official)

Im in love with this song.....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Looney lerves holidays!!!!

Its school holiday time here in i love it.The kids and I have a great time just hangi, and makin stuff.

Like this:Spinach leaves,Fetta, mozzarella, chilli, pizza sauce, olives...and a little bacon and pepperoni for the man of the house....

the kids helped make the dough..yum!!!!!!

and then, because they love the little red headed girl as much as i do...they begged me to make them a RubyGloom doll i sketched out a shape on some felt,cut them out, and the kids used Helmar 450 to stick some of the features on, then i sewed them on with the machine..then they stuffed her...and i finished stitching her up...all in all a fun day..and the kids had a ball.....and a new friend to cuddle at night. i want one!!!! LOL

And...while the kids are colouring in....I get to do some scrapbooking just for me!!!! Woohoo!!!

....Like this one.....Love those Buzz and Bloom wings!!!!!

...and no patterned paper for this one.....just the pizza box my papers come in...some paint, crayons, and another Buzz and Bloom chip shape!!!(I took this photo for a friend..and it is my first Photo shop effort!!!!)LOL.His name is Austin!! Aint he cute!!!..These Cosmo cricket papers are yummy!!!! ..and check out the partridge family!!! Some of the new lusi Austin stuff for Buzz and Bloom...and just to share, this is a layout that was reserved for publication in Scrapbook Creations..but...hasnt been called back in..using a "Just enough kit" by the beautiful Teina....

..and , since its october.. I can share these layouts with you...they were from the September Shopand Crop Cropaholics kit.....

....Pink Paislee Vintage moon papers yummy!!

Ok..well..time for arvo tea and a chat with the kidlets.....hope youre enjoying your school holidays as much as I am!!!!MMWWAA!xxDEBxx