Friday, August 15, 2008

Closer to Free

I have loved the Bodeans since i was 15 years old. Every song was gold..and still is. This is perhaps their most famous song....enjoyxx

Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On

Im in love with this girls sleepy, sweet...and makes me smile...enjoy!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Finally!! The Mojo returns

Needless to say.. my mojo went on holidays. What with sick kids, busy work life, sick hubby, messy house,...PUPPIES!!! extreme lack of sleep...a decision to give up Coffee (aargh)and a devastating computer left cause it couldnt handle the strain..LOL

But it came back..yes it did!!!

Mostly because of this beautiful woman....
..She is Teina Cumming...The Zany Female....who..out of the kindness of her heart and "just because"...sent me this:

........this is one of her beautiful kits......I havent made it yet...I have been looking at it...just wondering what the best way to show it off would be.....but needless to say made my heart feel like this: Mr Mojo came home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!MMMWWAA!

So...with all this mojo running amuck in my house..I got to makin' stuff.

Do you like the new banner???? I made that for the DT challenge over at ShopandCrop..its the challenge for August where the forum memebers get to pick a challenge theme and we have to do it..then they get to make stuff too...and there is a prize at the end of the month!!

This months challenge is "Create a 6x12 inch layout incorporating another did painting and drawing!!! Do you like the photo?? My hubby took it.

..Love that quote.. "Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul and you answer it"

..and this ridiculously huge photo of my mug is for our DT theme this week...where we had to take inspiration from Alison Shearers' style...I love how she uses huge photos on her layouts....

and these papers??? Brand new Heather Bailey from Autumn Leaves.They are embossed and yummy!!!!..and the chipboard swirls are adhesive too...but i had to add a little Helmar 450 to get em to stay.......but..still good!!!

This is another one.....but in 81/2 x 11 inch. Alison switches sizes sometimes....and i love that!!!!so..I did too.

..and then this one.... Alison often adds scalloped or shaped papers inside a i took the opportunity to scarp these piccies of my very special pink hat..made for me by the Online Shop and crop Girls....because this year I had to miss the Creative Escape..... but not this year BABY!!!! Im going..bells and all!!!LOL..

Incidentally...head on over to ShopandCropfor all the info about Creative Escape..which will be held in April 2009 , April 3,4,and 5...if you want to come too.register now..because places are selling fast!!!

..and this is a layout i did using glimmer is a bit dark..but you get the idea I guess???

..and this is also made with glimmer mist..and its one of the tags Ive been making for the Tamworth Stamp and Scrap camp on in only 14 sleeps!!!! Woohoo!!! Its my only holiday this year and I am hangin out for it big time!!!!

So..time to do housework..and i have a strange hankering to cook curried Ill be back soon..promise..with Puppy they have grown!!!!

Have a Happy Day!!!xxDebxx

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Absence makes the heart ....

grow stronger???hmmm..
I have been missing in action....Im sorry.
About a week ago....the very beautiful company that brings us Windows did an update on my computer..and locked it down completely.
After 3 hours on the phone with a Microsoft technician....there was nothing that could be done but a full rescue and recovery of my little friend the lenovo laptop.
so... I lost everything.
All my favourite links lists....
all my emails, crude and lovely,....
all my photos...(no, i did not back up my scrapbooking files..ahem...)...
and more address book. GRRRR.
So if you have ever emailed me..please do it again so i can put you back in???? Please???? I like to know i can send you all a little hello if I need to.
I swear, its like having my arm cut off!!!!
IM SO ALONE!!!!! LOL.....
Funny really, that the world has gone this way..thatwe can make friends across the world via the internet....and you know??? I think its a wonderful, wonderful thing.
and i miss you all!!!hehehe.
So..I have done not much else but fix the window to the soon..Ill be back on deck with some new stuff......and tonight??
I have the urge to soon..
love, Debxx

Saturday, August 2, 2008

......and something else!!!

So..this week I won a RAK from Creative Therapy...

and the beautiful Shoshanna from Hannah Grey... sponsored the i get to spend a little moneys at her beautiful, delicious shop!!!!(OMG if you likee the mixed media you sooo need to visit there!!!)

....and all because i engaged in a little Creative Therapy last week.

this week I did this:

..for this weeks Creative therapy catalyst.

"how do you feel about your name?"...well, in Hebrew my name means again this week I got the urge to draw. The bees bottom (the stripey bit) is done with the dooddlebug flocking!!! How fun is that to play with...and you cant really tell in the pic but its all shimmery cause i used my Luminarte paints.....(LOVE THOSE!!!!).

..and..well owing to a Computer meltdown this which i lost all my email adresses and all my photos...(thankfully all backed up except for the ones with all my work in ....oh .my . gawd!!!)

that is all I have done.


Maybe this next week i will get to play... feeling a little caged at the need of some more therapy......hmmm...hopefully???

So..until then...I shall bid you a good night....and i hope all your weekends are perfect!!!

...and its only 28 more sleeps to Keepit scrap Camp!!!!!! Can. not. Wait!!!!Love mexx