Sunday, April 27, 2008

An Intense weekend....

to say the least.

I found a copy of this book at our local bookshop... I have been reading it.....and it is is gut wrenching...and it is shocking....and I am amzed this man is alive to tell the tale...and yet I admire his strength....his resolve..addiction is something i know only a little about....but from the outside looking in.... it is a different picture to this book....Not a light read.
And.......I have the most amazing welt on my chin that is massively throbbing..and i look like i went ten rounds with a ninja...really? just a gorgeous hormone pimple turned nasty..but it makes me feel awful...and tired.Not good.LOL..I bet youre wishing you didnt know pics.LOL
I am currently wishing i had not attacked it...hmmm.scar-age.
...Most of all.... I came very close to losing my soul mate, my partner, my love, my best friend, husband and the Father of my children this a very close call with a gun that went off by accident....while he was on a shooting trip.
Scared the hell out of him....and me...
So i beg you. If your sons or husbands or fathers or yourselves use guns cautious...and more cautious...check...and check and check it again. Never trust anyone else when they are holding a gun.....even if they say it isnt loaded.
Make sure every single rule is adhered to. My husband is a stickler ...fastidious to the nth degree...make sure EVERYONE is...or dont take them on that trip with you.
That is enough about that.
Im hoping this week is a happy one. My guess is...for all of us in this house.....tomorrow will be the most beautiful day of our lives...knowing how close we came to it being the worst one.
So...go kiss your husband...hug him...tell him you love him...and tonight??Ditch the ironing and sit with him instead.You never know .... tomorrow might not come.
Love, Debxx

Friday, April 25, 2008

Big Brother Australia 2008 promo 2

well...its coming. Every year i say...Im not going to watch it...and i do.(except for last year)...I really hold out in hope they might have interesting "REAL"people..not just blondes with plastic bits and muscleheaded yobbos..maybe this will be the year it gets good???or have they answered my question already???? Killer promo track though....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Anzac Landing at Gallipoli - Mini Series

And so...tomorrow is ANZAC day...and we commemorate those young men who died for their country, for pride, for the greater good....and died..many many young lives cut short by war. I will not argue that it had to be done...i will not argue that there could have been another way....I just respectfully celebrate their sacrifice..and honour the pain that their loss bought to those who loved them. They did more than was asked....and gave more than could ever be expected.Tomorrow..lets drink to Peace.XXOO Deb

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sufferin' Sukatash its Sassafrass Lass!


I always wanted to say that....

But..really how GOOD is Sassafrass Lass stuff at the moment. I must admit...Im addicted. I love "Pocketful of Rosies" the most...and the "Robotics" is unreal too..and the "Sunshine lollipop" is too fun.Gush, Gush...

So..I did these this week...

...This is The "Pocketful of Rosies" Collection here. How cute is that lil Owl???

...and this is the Robotics....they are sooo bright and yummy...i could EAT them!!!

...and this one Is using the Best Basic grey range ever released...BOXER.... and a HUGE "Thanks Ma" to Bev for my beautiful chip stickers in the Boxer used here( a Birthday pressie from the BEST Scrappin Mumma in the world!!!)

...and this one is Scenic Route, Hambly and Cosmo cricket...and the sexy beasts are my brother in law and my little sister...this is one of their engagement photos....theyve been married 8 years now.....Gawd time flies......

...and last but not least this is some American crafts and Bam Pop! papers, the kids are wearing almost a whole box of fruit loops around their necks..LOL..thus the title....hehehehe...

It was so nice to just sit down and create. I ignored the housework.....I ignored the desire to sand the ceiling....I ignored the NEED to clean out the pantry and do the ironing..but...I had a ball!!!.

LOL...Sadly though..I now still have ALL of those jobs to do!!!hehehehe.

Im sooo excited to tell you that the Lake keepit stamp and Scrap camp is back this year...on the 29th, 30th, and 31st of August at a cost of $150.00, meals included....

For more details....please visit my Pal Lisa Johnston to get all the info!! We always have a great time.....much giggling, chatting, pink wigged Uralla Women,eating..and the odd spot of scrappin...

oh...and on that note..I will be teaching there again this year....but i am sad to say Im only offering a small class. If youve ever done a class with me... you know i tend to get fairly involved....and love to use LOTS of bits and, I figure that if i shrink the class i can give you more personal attention. ...(and maybe not run so over time)LOL...

The class this year will be a Mini album and a bonus layout ..and were going to attempt to do it all in 2 hours...AAAARGH!!!!It will be "Friends" themed album and a bit girly ..but definately not little girly.

If you are attending the camp and would like to join my class...I am taking 10 places...the cost will be $40 including your kit...and its first in, Best dressed.....(actually 2 places are gone already)and I PROMISE!!! ill get some sneak peaks up soon....

If you are interested, send me an email....and well go from there!!

Well, hope you have had a lovely weekend. I Im off to iron!!!(BLECH!!!)

Love, Debxx

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Art journal class...

Some of you may know I have been running an art Journal class over at Shop and Crop every month. Each month i focus on a medium and a theme. This month its Crackle Medium, Stazon and the them is Windows!!

I have always had a fascination for stained glass this was my inspiration. Here are a couple of pics of my Art Journal.

If you want to have a bash too...pop on over to the Challenges and competions thread on the message board. It all just a bit of fun!!!

Just a bit of fun....(didnt i say that already??)..So something bright to add to your journal or....

.... a few nice little techniques fo creating you own overlays when there are no overlays in the colour you want available for purchase!!!LOL

have a great day!!! i will!!Love, Debxx

It will be a quick one...but!!!!!

Underbelly tonight!!!...soooo. I shant be chatting for long.. Seriously though...How good is this show?????Im addicted. Best aussie drama ever!!!!

oh...except A Country Practice...Nobody will ever beat that!!LOL.....

I just thought i would share this with you..

On Friday May 2nd Im teaching an online workshop using the All- Time Best Basic Grey range...BOXER!!its a Mothers' day class..and we'll be doing a Layout and a Card for all our fave Mums.Heres a sneaky look...Go over to Shop and Crop for details!!!!

and..while we are on the whole Mothers day topic.....What mother couldnt resist these sweet little people????Couldnt you just EAT them??? ....Truth could....They are made of Marzipan!!! No Joke!!... Id love to know who the clever artist is who made if you know please let me know... I was sent them in an email from our friends Steven and Meagan!!! Thanks guys!!!..And from those sweet little bubbas, to my well, interesting little bubbas. HeHeHe..arent they funny???? They have been having a lovely holiday with their Grandma and Grandpa since Sunday.....and they come home tomorrow...and Its too long to wait. I miss cuddling them, kissing them, reading to them, cooking for them, making stuff with them, talking to them, and just being with them. Two funny wonderful little people......they make our house a real home.*sigh*

So, I will bid thee a fond farewell until next time....happy creating...Happy school holidays...and Sweet dreams!!!MMMWWWAAA!

Friday, April 11, 2008

New Dolly

Just a quick little Hi!..Its friday night and i am soooooo in the mood to scrap I just wanted to point out my new dolly>>>> I am now the proud owner of a RED pair of frames...and soon i will be able to retire the aqua ones(blech..over them)...well, at least i will be when I get them back see the lunatic has to have...MULTIFOCALS!!! *sigh*...oh well..and Im having trouble getting the mix just right....
and..the hair is no longer fire red...too much up now dark again.
Just thought i should tell you.
Have a great weekend!!!

SIXX:AM Accidents Can Happen

This song is a part of the work that is "The Heroin Diaries"...(there is also a book..which I desire..very much)it is raw, in your face and purely a work of Art. I grew up listening to Motley Crue..and Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue fame is one of the driving forces behind is like pennance for years of the wild life...and it is darkly beautiful. This Album is played LOTS in our house at the moment. Enjoy.Love, Debxx

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Time...where did it go??

.......These two gorgeous people , Brett and Marissa just celebrated their first wedding anniversary.....
..This beautiful young lady just celebrated her 10th birthday....and in so doing, gave me a 10 year anniversary as a Mother.....
...One of these gorgeous creatures has been in kitty heaven for almost 3 months now...and its been 3 months since i spent quality time with their owner, Bin.......( i did this layout for this weeks Shop and crop Design Team Upload....."Arty Backgrounds"...arent the Boxer papers by Basic Grey just the best??????)
...I dont know if its a sign of getting older..but...the time sure is flying....flying by so fast.
..But one comfort is at hand..Autumn is here..which means that the weather cools down, and time seems to slow just that little bit...flanny jammies and hot chocolate by the fire, damper in a fire down the back (with plenty of Golden Syrup)..the air is fresh, and crisp, and kisses your cheeks, leaving them rosy and glowing...the leaves on the tree go, or transform into an artists palette....and the world is just that bit prettier.
So, with that thoughtI will leave you with this Paper piecing layout for the Shop and Crop Design team Gallery...inspired by a woman whom I admire soooo much, Loretta Grayson...(which also brings me to ..its almost 12 months since I met, and how i wish i was returning to Expo in Brizzy again this year..but sadly, no...)..and partly by a beautiful colouring book of Montanas, and tweaked to look like Home... I am so fortunate to say we do live on a hill, with land, and many trees around us, our home in the clouds, with the Bush as our background..right in the mountains. good.

Hope you are well, and Happy in your life....and that time slows for you soon too...just so you get to enjoy it that bit more.Love, Debxx