Sunday, November 23, 2008


I just have to say it..Go Wes!!! Cant wait for Dec 3..when "YOU" comes out on the shelves...Thats all...xxoo

Scrapbook pages....

...LOL..yes, I do do seems I was a little preoccupied this last couple of weeks, what with Australian Idol having the best contestant EVER and my two art is some of my latest work...
yep..its getting close to Christmas!!!! This is a Christmas Carol Inspired layout......
.......aint she pretty????
this is lil ol me, and my crazy pal Jen..and some stuff Ive had in my stash for ages.....and have been busting to play with...thanks for the photo Jen!!!
Over at Shop and Crop we are having a "Homemade Christmas Challenge"..this month were making Christmas decorations!!! I made this hangy one from a cardboard tube and some pretty papers!!!
...and this is a raw Clock I bought at the Reject Shop for $8 and altered!!! and it actually goes!!! Gawd i love the Reject shop.....all an altering type of gal could ever want.....:)
..and this layout is based on another Christmas Carol.....hehehe can you guess which one????

..and this last one was for a Dry Embossing article I did for the ShopandCrop newsletter.... I love the Butterflies.... thats all for now...I guess Its time to go and make some dinner for the tribe....have a great day!!!xxoo

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Aus Idol 2008 - Wes Carr - Winner's Single

Oh, my...Ill be lining up to buy this single..and although Im so sad its not Mark and Wes in the top 2 spots..Im glad Wes is still there...WES ROCKS!!! GO WES!!!!YOU DA MAN!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

SCKC UPDATE and Thank you...

Recently I went to the AngelsR Scrappin breast Cancer awareness fundraiser all day scrap....and I just let those there know about the Southern Cross Kids Camp... and I would just like to acknowledge a few donations...
To Belinda Gonsalves who donated a bucket load of die cuts for creating pages with,
Therese O'Shea who donated 250 sheets of patterned paper and cardstock,(thats 1000 pages!!!)
and Kelley Chambers who donated a box full of kits and stickers and papers to make pages for the kids with...
thanks ladies..youre amazing....
looks like Im going to have to organise a scrapping drive......send me an email if youre interested!!!!..or, you can just make 6x6 pages for a boy or a girl, make the design simple so that the carers can add the kids' own photos and some room for journalling...and send them off to Julie..maybe you can organise your own drive....there are many camps, and many, many books needed ..the more the merrier....
What better way to kick off the Christmas Spirit than to do something for a child youll never meet.....go on, give it a go....
If you want more info, just click the SCKC link on the right here>>>
bye fer now...but not ferever!!!MMWWAA!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sweet Dreams

..Just thought id pop in to show you my newest painting.. I call it "Sweet Dreams" because its for my beautiful daughters' bedroom....and she lost her pussycat Gabby its nice I guess, for her to have Gabby (or Scabby as we called her..) in her painting flying off to dream land with her....I was so stoked with how she turned out..shes my new header for my blog...LOL..and the quote on there.. Comes from a Beautiful book I was given by Viv....thanks so much Viv!!!
Off to do some housey chores now...Lovexx

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ace Ventura, I know..forgive me..but I always near crack a side seam every time I watch either Ace Ventura.....specially this it!!!! Have a Crazy day!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Southern Cross Kids Camp:Can you help???

Hi everyone:

Children...we all have them..or know some...we love to scrap their smiley, happy, sometimes pouty faces with decorative embellishments and pretty papers to savour our memories for generations to come....

What if, say you could scrapbook someone youve never met some happiness????

Children that have been victims of abuse...of sad unhappy homelives attend the Southern Cross Kids Camp in Australia and New Zealand every year...and just by doing what you all love to do...scrapbook..using your scraps and leftovers..(or a wonderful cause your next stash purge)you can help put smiles on these childrens have copied and pasted this from Julie Stones Blog.....there is heaps of info on this worthy cause on her blog if you have more questions...but..bottom line is....they need your help......

she writes.......

Unbelievable how time flies!!

Last week I attended the Annual SCKC Directors summit and presented samples of the SEI albums complete with the pages you contributed late last year, they ALL loved the concept and placed immediate orders for the camps that will be held in 2009. How amazing is that!!! We cant do it without you though!

I know Nic and Trina are keen to get behind this wonderful cause again and Now all we need is your incredible support to ensure that these poor little, at risk, yet ever so deserving children once again are gifted with a gorgeous memory book of their week at camp. Many of you who helped SCKC to achieve this during 2009, are aware of the amazing impact that these crafted albums have on the children's self worth, helping to sustain the feeling of hope and unconditional love they felt at camp each year.

Our aim for 2009 is to produce 6300 base scrap pages, that will cover the needs of all 9 camps held in Australia & NZ, great news already is that the New Zealand camp has had it's quota filled and the pages are being sent down in preparation right now!

We do however need to appeal to you urgently as the first three in Australiaare being held in early January! I know that sounds daunting but I was amazed daily at the incredible numbers of LO's that poured in ever so quickly last year. They don't need to be detailed, simple basic designs work best.

If you are willing to help again, please email me or leave a post, I can send you out a page needs email and if you can please let your Local Scrap Shop or On line community know as we need everyones support to keep making a real difference in these children's lives.

We are also happily accepting your old scrap stash so that we can send product out to each camp to help them create beautiful covers on the albums too......old left over alphas, ribbons, flowers, epoxy embellishments, buttons, stickers,etc, anything you can spare will help!

Once again, Thanks so very much and be assured that the scrapbooking assistance you offer is invaluable and makes a huge difference, be it a little or a lot, it will all go toward putting huge smiles on the faces of some very sad little kids.

We couldn't do it without you!

Jules x

...........So..can you help???????

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A little holiday fun..

So.. Im on 2 weeks annual leave from work..YIPEE!!! and I have hardly left my house...spent a lot of time at the computer and at my desk, just playing...Ive done some Art Journal pages, and my first painting in about 20 years...(YIKES!!)
Here is some of what Ive been doing....:
I call this little painting: "Gypsy and Me"..because well, she is based loosely on me....(only taller, thinner and younger...)LOL....and she will be my new dolly..instead of my Elouie (SP?) I can look at her all the time.....
Im off to clean out the pantry.....hehehe..wooohoo!! Fun!! (not!!)Love, Debxx

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

well hello...

so...I hope everyones day is lovely!! I just wanted to say ...I have had..yet another computer I got a big dose of the you-know whats...and i have gone out..and bought a new one... vowing the whole time never to buy a computer from Big W..or a Laptop...(particularly a Lenovo) again. This time..the keyboard crashed...(only got this thing in May) ..and I cannot log in and anyone has ever emailed me...could you please email me again???... Then I can forward useless (but often very funny) emails on to you at random!! LOL...or not..whatever you like!!
..and I must justsay...(oh, happy day!!!)...Change is good.Peacexx

Monday, November 3, 2008

Yes We Can - Barack Obama Music Video

I am not politically minded. I do not even begin to understand the American Government system..hell.. I dont even understand ours. but I know in my heart that this is a good man...and that we need a good man at the healm of the strongest nation in the world...and to whom we look daily for guidance and support.
A man who stands for people. All people. Peace. Change.
This is the man we need.
God will be the dawn of hope...for everyone.Not just Americans.

A lil supm-supm....

This is the new Maya Road Chiplet coaster album.....done with Luminarte Twinkling H20s, Stampin up stamps,and lots of leftover scraps...I did this for the ShopandCrop newsletter...
This is a LO I did for the newsletter too, using new SEI Black Orchid..hmmm..yummy...
..and these two layouts are from my the Online Class I taught on Friday night......Halloween!!!

........and this little girl??? I love her so much. She is my "homework" for my class with Suzi Blu..the only person to ever call me a Goddess.....hehehehe....Im doing her "Les Petite Doll" class..and I love it so.......I am obsessed I tell you!!
...and Vivs Art Journal class has started too!!! Its a veritable smorgasboard of creativity at my house at the moment...and i could not be any happier....(the fact that Im on holidays????No snippy, snippy???...just a bonus.
I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow.....and tomorrow..and tomorrow.
Big hugs for everyone!!!MMWWAA!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Come and play!!

Hello everyone!! Im a slack tart..I know it..its been so long since I blogged...but theres a break here in normal bring you this announcement:



9am till 9pm

Saturday 15th November 2008

Salvanation Army Hall on Goonoo Goonoo Road Tamworth

Cost $25 per person all day

Please Book In For Catering Numbers Thank You

There will be shops in attendance for you to make purchases if you wish, as there is always something you forget to bring.

Angels R Scrappin: Vicki Whitson

Stamp in Up: Lisa Johnson

Creative Memories: Belinda Gonsalves

We will also be having a trading table, so clean out your scrapping stuff & sell off all the things you do not or have not used in a while, please mark your goods clearly with your name & price.

Gold coin donation for selling your goods.

Come for a few hours, or come for the long haul, all paper crafters welcome & beginners should not be nervous as there is always some one on hand to offer advice.

There will be Raffles, Auctions & lucky Door Prizes, etc as all proceeds raised from the day will be donated to Breast Cancer.

Morning Tea / Afternoon Tea will be provided

Lunch will be provided also

I will not be supplying Dinner This time

For more information

Phone Vicki on 67625849 or 0439479489

Please Book in for numbers for catering thank you.



Might see you there??