Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not long to go now!!!!

Yummy....doesnt this look fun???November 1st, one of my favourite artists Viv Bonder is doing anArt Journal SERIES!!!..I know Ive said it before..but just look at her sample..
You can pop on over and have a look at the courses she has on offer here.
There is also a Polished Pigments class on offer too, and she has kits for sale through her blog to use for the class!!!
The other fab thing is that she has developed her very own forum ...a place for chatting about stuff, a place to upload your Arty work...and chat with like minded friends..
So..If youve always wanted to relax your style a bit..or try something different..or just want something just for you..come on over and say Hi!! better yet..come do the class with me!!!
That would be soooo fun!!!
More soon....Mwwaa!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just quickly now..

I want to show off.LOL...Truly..look what i have on my wall.!!!!!!!!!
My 2 all time favourite Black Apple prints!!!!!!!!.Right where i can look at them everyday.Of course,in honour of the new arrivals, My art room now looks totally different...will have to post some pics.
I have been reading the Organised and inspired Scrapbooker. Hmmm...well..I lie, really... I didnt actually read it.. just looked at the pictures..LOL...well, and it got me thinking...get organised girl!!!So, its taken me over a week......but im getting there...so ill take some pics of it tomorrow.. tomorrow....aaah Sunday. Gorgeous.
Have a beautiful weekend....wishing you glorious sunshine, birds singing and a big fat slice O happy.xxoo

Friday, September 26, 2008

Art Journal Playshops With Suzi Blu: Layers

Suzi is so cool. She seems to get me off my big lazy uninspired butt.....just when i need it the most.
Why dont you play too???

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A little Art for my heart...

Well..I guess you guys already know how inspired by Viv Bonder I am..

I just wanted to say that I am stoked to be doing her new online art journal class....


Go here if you want to know more.....

I would love to do both ...but the old budget said one or the other...so Of course Ill do the Art Journal!!! LOL....

This week we had to do heritage pages for our DT theme at ShopandCrop

It used to be my favourite thing to do...but now?????not so much.LOL.
this one:.and this one.....

and these 2...well i might have already shared them with you...but if i havent.....great!!!! I did these two for the Shopand Crop newsletter using the new Fancy Pants all fall.

So..until later....TTFN!!!xxdEB

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fun, fun, fun...

Well hello!!! I have been sooooo meaning to get over and say gday..but sometimes stuff hapens and you just dont get there...

Ive been busy making working, spring cleaning....and best of all..making stuff....

I promise to show you everything....

but...for now..... i will show you this...

...and this:

....these sneaky little peaks are from the online class Im teaching here on October 31st using perhaps...dare I say it..... yes I will... the BEST Basic Grey range ever!!!! Ambrosia.

Hate the salad...love the paper!!!! I would love to "see" you there..........

but for now??? Australian Idol is on... must go.......just in case Gods Gift to AUI Mr Wes Carr sings again.....LOL...XXDEBXXX

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

U2 - Angel Of Harlem: Video

Me and this song..we go way back.It always makes me feel so happy and alive..it puts a spring in my soul...so Im sending out to some people I love who need it right now... Renee.,Lisa, Sasha and Kylie...all with kids who arent well for one reason or another....Im thinking of you all..and sendning you love.XXDebxx

Friday, September 12, 2008

Creative Therapy catch up

Well... life has been a bit hectic..so i havent added any photos from my Creative Therapy Art journal.

So...Time to play catch up....in no particular order....
Catalyst 24.."Something that Inspires you"

... I actually did this one for the BB Mixed media challenge..this month is texture paste....but I used the Creative therapy Catalyst for this.. I am inspired by the sea...I am frightened, calmed and excited by the sea...the colour...the sound..the hugeness of it ( and my comparitive tinyness)..always puts things in perspective. I am also inspired by music... (hence the whitewashed vintage sheet music). Ive lacquered it over with wax finish medium..(NOICE!!!)

This is page 1 of Catalyst 23.. "Something you fear".. Ive used a transparency of the Pans Labyrinth Poster...and used it to try a new method of image transfer using Helmar Acid free glue as the transfer medium...(learned from VIV...thanks Viv!!!)

..But I got a bit heavy handed with the glue..and so, the transfer did the whole smudgearooonee

thing....and ended up nothing like the original pic...but..it turned out like this:


..and after I added a hair net, a chipboard branch painted with Luminarte H20s and a sprinkling of the most beautiful, sparkly glitter ever from one of my Q-Tea kits... it was done.

What is something I fear???... Many, many things....but I am learning that the world can be a dark, dark place....but only if you let it. Pans labyrinth was a movie that scared the heck out of me...too....because it was about the evil in mens hearts.....and how the love of a child who believes in magic can change it.:)

..Catalyst 22.. Something you collect or hoard"...for me.. Its old stuff. i have a thing for Box brownies and old cameras...I love Blue Cornishware and Blue Willow crockery. I love old barber shop straps and cut throats.. old typewriters...old tins...old books,old scales....*sigh*...old enamelware.Cant help it. My house is made from a whole lot of old stuff. In fact my bathroom walls are made from the dancefloor of an old pub they tore down in Uralla..(so is the mirror in there)...and i have 2 old claw foot bathtubs Ive restored by hand..I love old stuff.!!!!

.. Cataylst 21 is "Your Greatest accomplishment?".. Well I thought a lot about this one.....I instantly thought My children...my family...my husband.. but those are not really accomplishments. They are gifts. there is my job ..but I think its something that I worked at...but to accomplish something seems of a much larger scale.. so...for me.. it is that "I rediscovered the Artist in me"...as a child and a teen...art was what i lived and breathed.Then..i grew up...and forgot about that part of me. Thanks to scrapbooking...and many wonderful people like Viv, Ngaire, loretta , Elsie and Emily..(the rescuers of my artistic soul ).. I remebered how alive I felt when I was creating something....and if it didnt turn out so great..so what??? It was the processthat mattered..that matters.

The other thing is that Im ok. I have wobbly legs.. a bottom what is a bit large for the rest of me.. crows feet, scars, blechy skin, feathers for hair,I cant play sport (UNCO), am a bit loud and boisterous..often suffering from insensitive acts of loudness andfoot in mouth disease and Im surprisingly shy at times....but thats ok. Because that is me.

..and this weeks catalyst is "What is one talent you wish you had"... I wish i could sing..well...thats not quite right. I can sing... but not well..just like everyone can sing... what Id love to be able to do is you know, Australian Idol sing.. belt out a tune that gets everyone going...that makes people hearts soar... why?? Because I think that the ability to move someone with just your voice is amazing. I gain so much inspiration and joy from music..and its a gift Id love to give back.. LOL..in my house ..I sing and its ""SHUTUP WOMAN!! YOURE RUINING THE SONG!!!"....or ""MUUUUUUUM!!!".. but that doesnt stop me, no siree....When there is a song in your heart....LOL..and all that!!

So.. i think I have missed a couple of catalysts... but not going back... only going forward..looking forward to Sundays next catalyst.Have a great weekend...Love ya!!xx

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Are You A Hippy?

Are you a hippy? Really? In highschool..that was my nickname. I was a little...alternate. Not your average 16-18 yo.

But..it seems Im not really LOL.... Today I did this....

hmmm..seems Im only "Halfway to San Francisco"..see how you do!!! Its a hoot!!LOL.

I guess that maybe Im not a real Hippy cuz I really dont know who Scott Stevens???(I think?)is..LOL..and there are a couple of other questions on there that i have no idea about..

and the fact that I turned goth at 18..LOL...(some would say im still there...)LOL..not so!! Not so!!!

Anyhoo... life has been a big ol busy pile of stuff...but I can show you some of the stuff I did at the Retreat...now that i have 5 secs to myself....(while a dear little puppy sleeps by my feet)

..New Basic Grey Ambrosia and the Sexy new Baboushka Chip dolls from Lusi Austin for Buzz and bloom....Noice....(I have a THING for baboushka dolls.....)yummy.

Bits and pieces i threw together to take to Camp.... This is mygal!!!

The sexiest man alive...... in alayout that i did for the Sketch challenge.... (LOL) It really came up not much like the sketch at all..heheheh

This layout is what i did with the challenge pack that we got for camp..(MMM>>MAKING MEMORIES!!!!!!)LOL.Prettiest girl in the world this one.

This is actually a canvas..... so the pic is a bit crooked..LOL... but i made it to commemorate our beautiful Jesse..RIP.It hangs at the back door where she used to sleep.This way she is still at home where she belongs.

While I was at Camp..I also did a little bit of stuff for Shopand Crop..this was for the newsletter....using the new Cosmo Cricket "Jacks World"...yummy for little boy projects.(great for my cheeky monkey)

..and this for this weeks DT Theme..Masculine layouts... Like this one of my Nephew chucking a doozy tantrum because he had to go home...and wasnt allowed to roll down Auntie Debs hill of dirt anymore..LOL...little boys hey?

hmmm...and on the Saturday Night...this is what we looked like..(strike..cant believe im showing you this..LOL)....we had a "Rainbows and Butterflies" theme..and my dearest friend Bin and i decided..what better than to smoosh both things into one outfit?? LOL..OMG....
and of course...this is Me, My Mum, (now you know where I get it from..LOL), My little Sis(dont ya love her Jammies??)hehe and Bin.
and these were our neighbours...Jacqui (the Scrapbook camp Virgin..(LOLit was her first time)), Vicki Whitson (she had her shop Angels R Scrappin) there.(and I WANT those glases!!!!.. Lisa...(my other beautiful friend who also looks loverly as a very pregnant butterfly...) and was also the camp organiser..., My oother Mum..Scrappamumma Bev (love ya Bev!!),Princess Scrapaplot herself, Kristy Meaker, and Vanessa!!!(the reluctant shopkeep)heheh...we had a blast...

..and these last two layouts..well, one layout and one sneaky peaky are from this months cropaholics Kit....which include full instructions from yours truly for 3 layouts!!! With..the sexiest papers...from Pink Paislee...."Vintage Moon"...and although i didnt do those at the retreat....they went online while i was at the retreat...

It was my most productive weekend yet!!!!(except that i forgot the CAMERA!!!) der.... but it seems..maybe thats a GOOD plan!!!

Have a great day..off to mop the floor..Blech!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Well..back from the retreat....

...and i thought I would share the class i taught there to 10 luvverly ladies.. (i only took 10 because we had 2 hours and it was full on.....LOL)..and this is what we made using some of my favourite stuff in the whole world...MAYA ROAD.

We made this Mini album from the Maya Road Sheer crown.....and then ...used it on a layout!!!

The papers are My Minds' Eye. and theres some crate paper in their too... and lots of lovely bits...like my classes always have....

Thanks so much ladies for coming to my class!! You are all amazing!!!(and...I dont believe we finished in 2 hours!!!!(well, almost...ahem!!)

..... more soon.....Love, Debxx

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wes Carr - Australian Idol Top 50 Performance

ok..so, already texting to vote for this uy...Man...he is talented!!!! hoping hes in the top12!!!

Long time....

aaaah...where does the time go????

I have been thinking....you need to blog, you need to blog..but seriously...not enough hours in the day!!!

I have just returned from the Tamworth Stamp and Scrap camp.....aaaah. A loverly time was had...much giggling, scrapping, snacking sipping and very little sleeping.I would love to show you photos of the general goings on..but....(dare i say it..) I FORGOT THE CAMERA!!!! AAAAAGGGHHH!!!. So...I have to wait til one of my buds coughs up with a disc for me.*sigh*.

I have some things to show you that I have made...but not just now.(i have to take pics first!!!)

Instead,....I have puppy pics.

Yes, they are 8 weeks old on Monday..and will be packing their furry little bags over the weekend to move on to their new lives. ....somewhere else.

We will be so sad to see them go..but they need to have their lives, Yes????

This is Bubbles. First born. Cheeky troublemaker energiser bunny.My Mums puppy.

This is Jack and bubbles. Jack is precious precious precious...my DD will cry for a month when he has to go...she loves him so.....

This..... is Maggie. I love Maggie. She is the sweetest puppy of all of them.I was going to keep her...but I have given her to my very best friend in the whole world(apart from Shane).. Bin.....so her two children Jedd and grace (my God-daughter) can have a fluffy friend too.I will cry when she leaves.This little sweetheart is Jazz. She was born with one eye blind, lacking nerves to make it work.When she is old enough, the eye will be removed....and she will just look like she is winking all the time. She is a sweet, special little lady...who is going to live with my Sisiter-in-law. She will look after her special needs, beautifully.

So..this is why my life is so much busier than normal.

Returning to regular programming next week LOL.

Oh, and for the last month.. Ive looked like this:

hmmm.... so, Im not really dark haired. Im lighter...sure, not this light..but definatey lighter. I have been having major skin issues...dermatitis, eczema, bizarre rashes from nowhere......and so i decided I would go natural. No more hair colour. No morenuffin.

But..i felt....


So, Im back to my old dark self again.Not black though, you understand.....I am tired of the label of Tamworths Oldest gothic.(ROFL)...

so dark-er....and much happier.

and so...back to tidying my scrap room...there are boxes and bags everywhere.

Until next time....

Happy Creating!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008