Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wow.....I won something!!!

The very beautiful Julie awarded me this!!!

How freakin' cool is that?????? Love it!!!Thanks Jules!~!!!

So I copied the info from Jules blog.......

Who gets the “Brilliante Weblog Award“?Websites and blogs of your choice for their designs that are especially noteworthy.Here are the Award Rules:

1. The winner can take the logo

2. Place a link to the person that send you the award3. Give the Award to at least 7 other Scrapbooking-Blogs, which by its currency,the issues of choice and for their designs are especially noteworthy

4. Put a link to these sites on your Blog.

5. Write a comment on their Blogs that they’ve won an Award.So, without further ado, I present the award to............. this is where I do something...(LOL)

Peg Hewitt...the coolest country scrapper out!!!

Scrapwitch...cause shes dedicated, and an amazing artist...who inspires me everyday!!!

Teesha Moore..because she is living legend in my house...and her art journals are genius.

Jill Geraghty-Groves... because she is amazing. Full stop.

and i want to give one to

Viv Bonder... even though she already has one...I simply must give her one..because she is deserving of about 100 or so....that beautiful, talented lady with the cool hair .....who also inspires me every day.

Teina Cumming....because she is soooooo talented.....a truly lovely person....and she has nice stuff to buy too.....(we always love people with nice stuff to buy right???)

and last but by no means least....

Emily.....because I have been in love with her blog and her work for a long time...she is amazing.Talented.Smart. Beautiful.(and, Im going to have 2 of her prints on my wall very soon!!! WOOOHOOO ME!!!)....

so..that is that!!!

I dont know how everyone feels about these awards..but... I am proud to have one....and It means a great deal to me to thank people who have helped nurture my creative spirit...and all...Thank you....(In fact...I think I need to give out about 150....but...these are the top to me!!!)

Until next post....MMWWAA!and may all your skies be blue......

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Creative Therapy

This weeks Creative Therapy catalyst is to "Create some art around one of your idiosynchrasies"

LOL...straight off the bat..Ive spelt it wrong in my journal..and as being fanatical about spelling is one of mine...I will now go and fix it up in my journal....LOL...(funny though ...didnt notice it until Id taken the photo and loaded it on..LOL D"OH!!

I thought about it for a while...and asked my husband what mine are....and let me tell you...there are too many.ahem.Some are more just plain bad habits.....some are really strange..(apparently..I didnt realize..LOL).

But anyone who knows me well knows my head is mostly firmly planted in the clouds.....and it takes a fair bit to get it back out. LOL

I am vague, a daydreamer, forgetful,....I get totally absorbed in my own thoughts at times and the world could blow up and I wouldnt know. Shane always challenges me if there is a disagreement about where something is, or what time is something on, or when something has been moved"are you 100%?' hell say.

"Yes....100% Ill say.

"Are you sure?" Hell say.

"Maybe 80%" Ill say.

"are you really sure?" Hell say.

"No, actually I havent got a clue..". Ill say.

So..heres the pics of what I did......(far too much digging myself a big hole going on..LOL)

This is a close up...a lil ol" painting of the cloud head herself.Can you see the spelling mistake??? LOL...It wont be there long!!!

So....what are your idiosynchrasies???Please...feel free to tell me!!! I would love to know Im normal...LOL?????

Friday, July 18, 2008

A bit of this and a bit of that.....

I have some piccies to share!!!!

First..there is this one:

Saschas' beautiful puppies are now 4 days old...and they have just about doubled in size!!!! They are gorgeous...I have been obsessively taking a photo every day since their birth..and plan to do so until they leave proud of my fluffy girl. She is a wonderful Mummy.

Their Daddy is the next door neighbour. I dont know his name...but we refer to him as the "fluffy white tart."...LOL..hes a Maltese and has apparently fathered many many puppies up and down our street....Sadly, its a bit of a pain when the girls are in heat..(hence Saschas situation..hes very persistent)....but that will be rectified shortly....a bit of a snip snip for both of my girls as soon as possible Im afraid.

Nevertheless...all of these little beauties have loving homes to go thats all i can ask for I guess. when i was doing the housework...Shane came flying in to escape some wasps...hed uncovered a wasps nest between the tanks....and they didnt like him knocking down their house...but after all the excitement died down...he bought this to the back door:

Its their nest!!! How amazing is this?? I sat and looked at it for ages...its amazing the fine, precise detail this has....the texture, and the beauty of it. Its truly amazing!!!!

..and these are some pics of a little album I made using my Bind It All last night.(This is the first project Ive done with it...but i love this machine!!!!) I have major issue parting with scraps of paper, so this was a nice way to make use of them....Ive added a few of myfavourite stamped images, and some leftover homemade transparencies.The cover is some more of that fabbo Thai material and recycled silk ribbons I bought from Vivs' Etsy Shop...Im going to keep this little number in my handbag...and if I need to jot any ideas down..or sketch something up...or record a thought...Ill have somewhere to do it..instead of the back of hopping dockets and serviettes and tissues.LOL.

..and this is my Art Journal entry for the CREATIVE THERAPY blog challenge.This week you had to "Tell us what is your favourite place in your house and why?"This page started off all painted and pretty...but i hated it...and ripped it out and started again....LOL....but Im happy with this one.It says what I want it to. Thats whats important..yes??

.....This is a page from my Emily Falconbridge Word challenge. I must admit..I dont always keep up....but I did this one a while back..and I havent shared it yet so i thought i would!!! LOL..Tha art work is from Brian artist I LOVE....(and the top little fellow is tattooed on my lower back).

And then...

this week at Shop and Crop our Design team theme was Transparencies...and this is mine!! I used the Hambly Clearly Heavy overlay, and some KI Memories papers , rubons and Lace cardstock and a few blingy bits, including some Heidi Swapp mirror butterflies..... The journalling reads"We are sisters...mates and mortal enemies, we are 2 sides of the same coin- sisters? family"....

..and if you flip it over.......

.......this is the other side!!!!! Thats my little sister.....(and my reflection in the transparency...LOL)...actually it is perfectly clear too...I have taken it on the kitchen table... (thus the woodgrain look)...because My initial photo was taken on the window looking out over the hills, but when I resized it i realized there was a dog in the pic...see through layouts are not easy to photograph!!! LOL...

and then there is the colour combo challenge I posted this week. Red and Orange.

I Love Red. It is my favourite colour. There i said it!!! And orange goes beautifully with passionate and hot!!! (Just like the man in the photo on the layout!!!)LOL....

If you want to play you just need to join our forum over there so you can uploadphotos, and upload a red and orange project in the colour combo challenge gallery and you could win a $10 voucher to use at Shop and Crop...we are running this every come join the fun!!!

..Well it seems the sun has gone down, and the Cockatoo that lives with us would like his scotch finger biscuit and to get into his cage and be covered up for the night..which means the dogs will be requiring their dinner..which means it is time to cook food for us too!!! cut a very long and involved story short...Im signing off for now.....

Have a great Friday!!!!

Love, Debxx MMMWWWAA!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ive been tagged!!!

...So.. Ive been tagged by the very talented and beautiful apparently I have to answer these questions and tag four more people.....and then I have to go on over and tell Julie I have answered!!!..So if I have tagged you...this is what you have to do too!!!(except you leave me a comment and let me know youve answered!!!) LOL.

Q1: Ten years ago...........was the owner of Athena Hair Studio, a Hairdressing Salon in Tamworth Shoppingworld, Tamworth...and a new Mum to Montana....child number 1!!!
Q2: Five things on today's to-do list....*tidy the house*,cook for the dog,wash some clothes, cook meals,hopefully do some scrapbooking.
Q3: Snacks I enjoy.....crackers and dip, chocolate..preferrably chilli Lindt or Lindor balls.(LOL)...(and always with coffee)
Q4: Things I would do if I was a off all my bills,buy Shane a farm, buy a house on the beach,retire from Hairdressing and be an artist full time, set up trust funds for the kids, and a nice retirement egg for us, and whatever is off the rest of the familys' bills.
Q5: Places I have lived......Lithgow, Orange, Tamworth, Kootingal.
So, now I tag Nicole, Teina Scrapwitch. and Kathie.... Woohoo !!! Ive done it!!
Will have some piccies very soon!!! Til then...MWWAA!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Inspiring people...

so... Ive been thinking about people who fascinate me....for whatever i thought Id share......
so here we go...

... This is Dermot Mulroney. Actor. I just saw "Wedding Date" its not new, nor is it rocket science..but its a great Chick flick, and it left me all fuzzy inspires me...(and that scar is seriously, mind boggling-ly ..."fascinating!!" Kat Von D. Formerly of Miami ink stardom...she now has her own show..."L.A. Ink". I think this woman is talented with a capital T. She makes me want to be a tattoo artist...and, sell my house and go to LA and get her to do some work on me!!Her black and grey portrait work is amazing..and she is passionate about what she does.Gotta love that.
This is Linda Perry. Her music is gorgeous. She has the coolest singing voice....and her music is soul stirring.
Nuno Bettencourt. "Extreme"-ly talented musician...and just one of those people that oozes Charisma. ....fascinating.(and not bad to look at either)LOL..
Nikki Sixx. I wont bore you again. Just think hes cool.(Grooowwwwwllll)

..and then theres Elsie. She is girly, soft, pretty,sweet, lovable...and likes to bake. She loves pretty dresses and lipgloss...(soooo not like me LOL)and is the most talented and inspiring woman....when i look at her work i go"How did she think of that?" I dont know where it comes from..but id like to find out!!!She is fascinating!!


We have had 4 new additions to our family this week......Sascha, our little Malt/Shi-tzu cross gave birth to 4 gorgeous little...squiggets.(well, at present they look more like mice than squiggets is good!!)
..and gypsy???? she has absolutely NOOO idea what is going on with all that squeaking behind the fence......LOL...

I have been busily making some goodies for Shop and Crop.....but I cant show you yet...LOL.
..well thats it for now....more soon...
Love, Debxx

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Real Life shoes.,Ive been to visit Jill Geraghty-Groves' Blog.., and she has issued a challenge to go out and take a photo of the shoes that make your life ..your life.

So I did.
These shoes are my Red Backs. I have two pairs.. a black pair , which are new ish..and these pair..which i have had for about 4 years.
I wear these every day. They go with me to school,...out to dinner, around the yard.
I wear them with jeans, dresses, tights and pretty shirts. They aint pretty..but they are comfy..and they are me.
They remind me every day that its ok to be comfortable in matter what you look like. No need for flashy,just to impress someone else....
I could walk a mile in these shoes, and still feel like dancing ...
they help me forget my broken, twisted feet and my scoliosis...because though they arent pretty..they are like walking on clouds.
Sure, people point and giggle and make funny faces and remarks about my shoes.."is she really wearing workboots???".but do i care?? No, not a bit.Like Forrest Gump said... "Ive worn lots of shoes"..
but these one fit me best.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Creative Therapy catalyst....

This is number 17."What one quality do you look for in a romantic partner?"

This is done with halens' textas..(LOL- school holidays!!) and my watercolour crayons.I sanded the photo then used the crayons on it...very happy with that effect...not so happy with the title...but you get that..
oh..and incidentally...doesnt spam in your comments give you the right royals???
So...heres a note to spammers:if youre going to put some crappy link to some site that sells crap....dont leave a comment.I only delete it...I dont want people computers' getting diseased by your garbage. Thank you.
..Do you think that will work??? hehehe.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Creative therapy...

Ive talked it up about starting a new art journal..most specifically with the "Creative Therapy" blog...just for me...and I got started.Do you like the cover??? Im not sure yet..LOL..but all i know is I wanted to use some o that glorious fabric and recycled silk I got from the very beautiful Viv Bonders' Etsy shop..gotta love it..really I do.....Thanks Viv!!!

This is my first page from the 16th? catalyst.... "your dream home" really got me to home the building itself...??? The one i get so preoccupies with cleaning and having looking pretty...or is it a location...(the bush? the city? the coast?)...and yes...Id love to be by the of those houses with a beachfront view would be nice ...but I know in my heart that my dream home is the one Im in now..not necessarily the house itself..but the place where I feel loved, and I belong....the place where my love is strongest....with Shane, montana and halen home is with dream home....(do you like the little heart>> Its a collections chipboard heart with some of the new Doodlebug Flocking on it!!! I LOVE that stuff!!!)

...and this little number is a canvas!!!! I did it with the free kit I got from here that we were given for completing the first two mixed media challenges there.

The theme is paint this, I used the red paint that came in the kit, then washed over some metallic gold, then an oxidising patina (green)..then threw a bit of teal at it....once it was all lovely and dry, I applied my rubons, and then attached everything else with melted beeswax!!!

Very cool technique i learned from an old stamping and papercraft article by Jhodi Bennett. I love the effect..but i do worry how it will look once summer hits..LOL...But was very much fun....thanks BB!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Debs "best thing on TV" list....

One of those...dont- really -need -to -tell -you -this -but- Im- gonna- anyway posts...this is when youll catch me in a vegetative state..and GAWD help you if you ring me when any of these are on..cuz I wont talk to you LOL...

Miami Ink...we dont get Austar..but itd be worth it for this show...I have to settle for the series on DVD. I think Im going to be an old tattoed woman......this is something Id love to learn to do.Tattoo. These guys are amazing....and I love Kat Von D's work too...she was on the show for a while..but now she has her own show...L.A. Ink.Gotta love a good tattoo.I will NEVER talk to you when this is on. Will not miss it...LOL....even though Channel ten moved it to some gawd awful hour on a Sunday night.

....The only CSI for me. Nuff said.

...and then theres this.....quite frankly..its piddle your pants funny....anything with Paul Mc Dermott is....a fan from the DAAS Big Gig days. Nuff said. *sigh*....

..ok...going now..two posts in one daY!!! phew!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Looky, looky...

Well..its nearing holidays...(they start officially here in NSW this afternoon)..but I have 2 snotty, chesty kids at home with me today.......NOT the best way to start holidays. But!!! It certainly tells me that they are both ready for holidays...they are tired......and Im tired of the routine...and I LOVE!!! having them at home with me.

So..Im a bit slack with the ol' blog a rooney..but Ive been at my table a lot instead...and thats good..I LOVE being at my table.
So..this is what Ive been up to!!

..This is the other layout for the Shop and Crop

crop comes with instructions too..Im not sure if there are any left for sale though..but youve just gotta love those Sassafrass Lass papers!!! part of our regular DT challenge, (where the Forum and Gallery members set the Dt a challenge.... for june, they came up with weddings!!!...and, as Col was married in May, the DT scrapped her wedding photos.....

This is one of her beautiful children Roisin, and Ryan. I left the journalling spot free so she can journal her thoughts about the day herself. I printed the photo up on cardstock, because i love how it brings a "painted" feel to a layout...and its so soft and pretty..perfect for a wedding layout!!

...and this one is of Col with her handsome grrom..taken at the Marina...again, I have printed this photo up on white Bazzill cardstock.

This is this weeks DT theme..."4X6 photos"..and although I am more of a 5x7 gal...I love how these turned out. The papers are the new Cosmo Cricket "hello Sunshine" line..OMG...I could have 100 of these. Love. em...and that is one of the new Heidi Swapp mirrors there on the right...yum, arent they???

...and this one was for that theme too...arent they the prettiest colours?????

...and this one is, for some reason..a very bright pic of a layout done with the new Basic Grey Euphoria. Nice....but Ill be honest...not my favourite colour combos....its very' pretty'....and soft..LOL...not me at all...LOL...

...and this little number is a Rusty Pickle clear arrow album. Ive used bits of my favourite things in my stash....Hambly screen Prints transparencies, Love Elsie papers and rubons, Ki Memories lace cardstock,paint....Daisy Ds stamps, Kaiser rhinestones, Basic grey letters......hmmm.yummy.Came up ok I think too?????

Well..thats what Ive been up to this week...( and some moreLOL)... so now, off to do the housework thing so i can sit down and art journal tonight when the kids go off to bed......Woohoo!!! feels good!!!!!Have a great weekend!!!MMMWWWAAA!!!