Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sixx:A.M.-Pray For Me Music Video (NEW)

..at the risk of sounding like a cracked record..I LOVE Sixx A.M. LOL...but this song??? You will see my driving around with this cranked right up...ALL the time. This is my favourite song from the soundtrack.
Pleaasee do not think im glorifying heroin use. I am horrified at what it does to this world..but i do admire that this mans' spirit..as broken and lost and the fact that he could smell death on him each and every day..gave way to an appreciation for his life...just when it was almost too late..and now?? he helps so many other people faced with this ....and the children of those with a debilitating addiction...like me.

The Orphanage trailer (ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

oh boy..do i need to see this.... can . not. wait.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Been a little slow.....

Ive been a busy gal this week..my little sister turned 31, I worked ,I joined FACEBOOK!!,I have been attempting to make a dent in my deadline list...so..the ol'blog got the back seat.

Needless to say...I have a couple of things to show you..

New Pink Paislee papers..yum!!!and this was my DT effort for the Stamp on a Layout challenge.....(the butterflies!!!!)..Same photo zoomed out....more stamping with the pink Paislee clear stamps which are in a word........YUMMMY!!!

The kids were dressed for "rainbow day" at school......they raised 3,500 dollars for the Cancer Council.....just by gold coin donation....and butterflies that they made and sold at the Relay for life day.....

..These are my Art Journal pages for the Shop and Crop art class...this month were experimenting with image transfer.......using the Gel Medium method....

Id love to give a HUGE thank you shout out to the Incredible Viv Bonder for the help she gave me a while back in working this method out..I used to do heaps of image transfer in highschool using thinners...but its not so acid free....LOL.....

and then a few Lusi Austin inspired quilling pieces...some more hot glue....

...and some watercolour crayons......

and another huge thank you to Brian Froud for the art that has always inspired me.....in fact..the top little pixie...is my tattoo!!

Hmmm.thinkin about a new one..but thats another post.....Have agreat night!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Inspiring people...

Ive been playing with Picasa(which I LOVE!!!!)... and i have made a new collage of people that inspire me......

and so...here they are....
1.Nikki Sixx,2.Black Crowes,3.Motley Crue 4.Elsie,5.Loretta Grayson 6.Missy higgins 7.Johnny Depp 8. Ngaire Bartlam 9.Emily Falconbridge 10.Tim Burton 11.Brian Froud 12. Queen 13.Viv Bonder 14.Salvador Dali 15.John Butler 16. Steve Tyler 17.Nuno Bettencourt(Extreme)18 Jill Geraghty-Groves...and the rest are repeats.....MMMWWWAAA!

...Now..i got the photos from Google images. I apologize in advance to the photographers who took the photos...because i dont know who you are..but i love your work!!!

and...I want to say a huge thank you to each and every person in this collage...because you inspire me every day....you are a huge part of my every day life..even if you dont know it..or care!!LOL...

Anyhoo..hope your night is great!!!

Oh...hint....for all those loverly ladies doing my class at Keepit....I want you to start thinking about the people and or things that inspire you...because that could well be our theme for my keepit Class!!! (heheheheh)....More soonxxDebxx

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Playlist

I am running a little late with this..but I wanted to have a go at Category Stories' challenge... "MY PLAYLIST"..this is mine....

..At the moment..(LOL incase you havent guessed..) Im totally fascinated by Nikki Sixx. I Love his book....I Love his new band SIXX AM...and the best danged album released in a LONG time... so...this is my playlist at the moment...and if i have a moment where Im not playing Sixx Am....Im listening to old School Motley.....

oh....and I need to say..i did not take this gorgeous photo of nikki....I actually found it on Google images...so..if anyone knows who DID take it..let me know??? ...incidentally... i wish i had taken it...ahem.

My layout features Marah Johnson rub ons, a 7 Gypsies Girdle strap(LOL...truly motley)...mirrors from a christmas bauble, and the words Play & list are from an old dictionary i ripped up...mmmm....ripping....oh, and the metal mesh is from one of my until now unopened Q-tea kits.... they are all so gorgeous..and i have a major problem breaking open the packets...LOL

Thanks for visiting...if youre new, or if youve been here before...Welcome!! and dont forget to leave a comment so i can come say Hi right back!!

Oh...and for those of you going to keepit in August...my class is booked out...but, in case someone has to pull out, im taking a waiting list. For those of you who have already booked in... I PROMISE!!!...there will be sneak peaks and requirements details for you soon!!!!Debxx

Saturday, May 3, 2008

From wicked to sweeeeeet..HAPPY ISD!!!!

...LOL...I cant deny it...I love Motley Crue...i guess not your average Scrapbooking music..but i LOVE IT!!!..Check out the vid if you get a chance..they are still too cool!!!

But...now on a slightly sweeter note... I just wanted to share this little find with you... We went to the Tamworth Rotary Book Sale yesterday.....and i found these sweet little books!!!

The are by Joan Walsh Anglund....look at the illustrations!! they are sooooo sweet.....such a find!!!!And we got these and about 8 other beautiful books for $10!!!!!! O>M>G!!! Bargain!!


Some of you may or may not know that Yesterday was international scrapbooking Day.......

But it was!!!!LOL..I hope you got to do that which we all love so much!!

I was scrapping at home...but i did join some friends here...and did a few of their challenges..well, actually I did all of them!! It was nice to just do stuff..you know???

This is what i did:

..This is an ATC done with Hot glue, paint and kindy glitz!!!

This one had to be mixed Media..using Pens and markers...I actually killed 2 birds with the one stone here....Im very behind in my Em Art journal...so this will go in that...its the word prompt "BEGIN"....and its my dear friend Lisa's son Zach, our our friend Jayden,and my dear little daughter montana..you cant see it but Shane had his hand on her back here...she could only just sit up!!!aahh..so long ago...

..this was a stamp challenge where you had to use 2 of your fave stamps...mine were Stampin Up!!! stamps on transparencies, painted and cut out and applied...i think Ill do this again sometime...oh, and the 2 cuddlers are our dear friends Brett and Marissa on their wedding day...


..and this was a use your 7 gypsies stash one.....

..and a use your Making memories one.....

..and this last one was a collage photographic one.. I do not have Photoshop atm.....so this was done with Picasa..which im only new at...want it??? go here:and it had to be about you..things that are important to me.

So, theyre cutting hair, making pancakes on a Sunday,My art room,Holding hands with my kids,Crocs,My Camera, my Art journal, missy higgins music,Blogging, my kids and my dogs,ART, expressing myself, being able to look at myself and laugh,cuddles, paint,my laptop,my morbid fascination with Nikki Sixx,my love of The Black crowes,My daughters paintings,...and then somehow I managed to repeat a few...ahem...me and technology not always the best of friends...and no, there arent pics of my DH...because every photo I have is of his rude middle finger..and THAT is NOT important to me...but..LOL..he really is...there is just no pics....LOL...

Well, anyhow...have a massive head cold now...so I might sign off..but am feeling soooo satisfied to have let the creative juices flow this weekend.....

Hope yours was a great weekend.....Happy ISD!!!Love, Debxx

Motley Crue Saints of Los Angeles official music video

Ok...lovin the Crue again..maybe theyll visit Oz...crossing fingers!!!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!


Mothers' Day is coming up...I just wanted to show you a mini album I made for Shop and Crop this week...using the fabulous new Clear acrylic Album by Fancy Pants.

I dont know if your Mum used to do it...but mine always used to have these little quips...little bits of advice ..like "ladies always carry a handbag"...."dont pick your nose or you eyes will pop out..LOL

I have to say...they didnt...LOL EWWWW!!!!!!

Anyhoo...heres some piccies...oh!!! And more Sassafrass Yummi papers too!

this last one is a close up..how yummy is that???

Anyhooo..in the words of Lano and Woodley...Mum...mumumumumumumu,...MUMMMMMMUMMMMMMMMMUMMMMMM...


Ill probably have more mothers Day thingys soon!!!..in the meantime.....Love and big sloppy kisses!!!!xx