Monday, March 31, 2008

Music Video Thief

Ok.So this isnt normally the kind of music Id go for..but yet.. i really quite like this song. Its very Ben Folds five.....and any friend of Elsies a friend of ours..yes???

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mika - Lollipop (Official Music Video)

Oh...this is my all time favourite Mika song....and now theres a video ..and i love it even more!!! its a festival of inspiration!!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why is the chocolate always gone???

...why is that???

The easter Bunny visited our house, and DD woke up and proceeded to wake her brother at 4.30 because she was so excited she couldnt sleep. HMMMM. We finished our egg hunt at 5 am. Then Mummy marched them both back to bed. Hope your easter was fun.

We had a little gathering of friends and family who are scrapbookers at my house on Easter Saturday. We ate lasagne, and created for most of the day.

By the end of the day though, I had come to appreciate that wonderful quote: "Real friends know everything about you, and like you anyway." is a big MMMMWWWAAAA! to my beautiful friends. I love you all....even the absent one, Bin..who i miss terribly.

I have been trying to convince darling husband that a move away could be good for us...but...i couldnt leave my beautiful friends.

A big shout out to margie...who had her last scrap with us before her big Aussie are brave girll....Im so excited for you.

So, my beautiful girl is growing up and into a fabulous artist.

This is her with her creation from easter saturday.

Its sooo pretty!! I asked her if i could have it in my art room..but...not allowed..Hmmph.LOL.But instead it takes pride of place in the family room.She has grown too fast. see the sepia photo behind her??(the one at the top) that photo was of her at 3 months..not that long ago. *sigh*

This is what i came up with that day....

this photo was inspired by my special friend, Jillybean..... I finally scrapped it!!!

These were part of My design team Showcase this fornight for ShopandCrop...using one of the 5 new Basic grey ranges. This is ARCHAIC. how cool is this stuff???..and i have to give credit to my beautiful pal lisa for my crankysaurus title..LOL...

...and this one is my 36 yo layout. Lovin the grungeboard, and dont cha just love the Cosmo Cricket Blackboard Fleuriste flowers???? Yum.

well.its homework time. more soon....Love debxx

Ps..woohoo! Finally worked out how to link LOL..only took 12 months!!! and technology!!!woot woot!!!

Lindt Easter Gold Bunny advert doesnt get much better than this.Except when they add chilli. Hope your Easter break was a happy one.

Monday, March 24, 2008


hehehehehe..sooo...Ive been to visit a artist whose work i LOVE!!!!!!!...and i got the link to get a peciliar aristocratic title>>>> I had a great laugh..needed it. Go on , have a go!!!
More soon!!!Love debxx

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter grease and an epiphany.

Well, its Good Friday, and we are all at home, just chillin after a glorious fish and chip lunch...with lots of salt and grease..and it was gooooood!!!

...and in my vulgar, greasy over full tummy- state..i have had a thought... know Ive had a birthday...and along with that comes thoughts about where Ive been...where i am going.

Ten years ago...I would have never thought that i would have EVER become a scrapbooker.For starters, I had never heard of it.!!! Ten years ago.. i would have told you 36 was old. I was pregnant ten years ago...heavily, with my first child.

Ten years ago I believed everyone was genuine.

Ten years ago i owned my own hairdressing salon.

Ten years ago I bought my first SLR camera.

Ten years ago I drove a commodore..(WTF???)

Ten years ago I was married to my childhood sweetheart,and the person who always made me laugh.

Ten years was about to get very different.

I had no wrinkles, was about 12 kilos lighter,and was well.. a lot less busy.

..So this is me at 36. Lots of wrinkles!!!

Bloody red hair.

A Wife. A Mum. A friend. A Scrapbooker. An Artist.A part time hairdresser, who still likes her job 80% of the time.A little wiser....unfortunately a little more cynical.a whole lot more vague.
Slightly worse hearing.Worse eyesight.


I am still married to the same man who can always make me laugh, and i like my wrinkles..( alittle)...and I love that I am a part of this beautiful community of Scrapbookers and life artists, and I finally feel like I fit in. I have reconnected with my artistic ablitities, and am learning all the time.

I have a job I love with Shop and crop..all i need now is to win the lotto so i can do this full time!!!

My kids are the very air I breathe and i am so proud of both of them.

Where am I headed??Who knows???I couldnt have planned to be here 10 years wherever destiny takes me...thats where I will go.

What about you??

Onto bunnies......

I hope you have a safe and Happy Easter, and celebrate it however you believe to be the best way for you!!

And I will leave you with some of my Design Team Easter Layouts for Shop and crop....

For these i used the Daisy Ds "wonder Years" papers..and the rubon tape is to die for!!!

All I need now is a Dark Lindt bunny..and my easter is complete!!Love, Debxx

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy birthday to me..and Celine!!! I had a birthday on the 11th. Im a good irish girl(or so my Nan God bless her soul used to say)...and celebration of Celine Navarro's birthday..(which is the 17th of March..St Patricks day)...and also the fact that we DTers over at Shop and crop had to do a little monthly challenge called the Seamstress Challenge- I thought I would combine the 2 and came up with this:

...So ive used Some American Crafts papers(which I LOVE!!!), some Rouge De Garance paper..(ditto),a beautiful big ol'Prima flower tucked away nicely in that thar pocket!!..some Kaiser wood scrolls, jenni bowlin felt button, fabric, felt,lace and denim..(sorry Halen..they were your spiderman shorts..ahem)..



Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Aerosmith - Love in a elevator 18 years ago..this was my favourite song in the whole world. I just got my license..was driving the big old yellow valiant to parties... including my own 18th. i guess that means..ive turned 36. Happy birthday to me.I still really dig this song!!and I still think Steve Tyler is amazing!!!

Enuff 'Z Nuff - Fly High Michelle it was the 80s. I LOVED this song...still do. Oh...and this video is soooo pretty!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sooo.Ive been tagged... Ive been tagged...its never happened before..and the lovely Kylie tagged me.. Kylie!!!so here goes...first: the rules....

Well...Heres the rules 1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.2. Post the RULES on your blog.3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog. 4. Tag 7 people and link to them. 5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged. here are my random?weird facts....
1.I met my husband in Highschool. In fact, he lived about 6 doors down from me for about 12 years of my life..and I wouldnt walk on the same side of the street cuz I thought he was scary!!LOL..
2.Music is a MAJOR part of my everyday life. Silence in our home is a rarity&My fave band is The Black Crowes.
3.I also have an INSANE pre-occupation with Tim Burton films.
4.I wanted to be a journalist as I was growing up..and even did a trial with the local newspaper...but I hated it ...I also wanted to go to Art school..but couldnt afford to i became a hairdresser instead!!!
5.My nickname in Highschool was best friend calls me Roon.
6. I am happiest at home with my family just hangin out.
7.I dont do fashion. I do that which makes me feel good in. So... you may see me in a frock and workboots...or a tie dyed shirt and ripped jeans...but I will not wear thongs....and thats how it will always be.
So..thats my 7 things... so..Im gonna tag.....
hehehe..Thanks Kylie!!
More soon! xxoo
Oh...has anyone seen the latest Scrapbook Creations and seen that gorgeous Layout on the cover!!!LOL..heheheheh???

Thursday, March 6, 2008

funny things....

these just made me laugh today..LOL...gotta love the small and fluffy!!!Have a happy day!!MMWWAAA!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I am inspired

Its true. Art is everywhere. Doesnt matter when it was created..its just important that it is,and that it moves you.

I am fortunate enough to work in an industry where I can be creative every day..and one of the benefits of that is that i am also lucky enough to work with other people who are creative..and love their job like I do. One such person is Em.This is her with me at our work Chrissy party.

Em is great. Shes a straight up..take her as you find her...dont take crap from no-one kind of girl..and funny as hell...and I love that!!!Her road hasnt always been easily travelled..and yet she is not bitter or twisted....and for that... I respect her.

Em loves to draw...she works mostly in charcoal...and shes good at it. One day...she bought in to work an art journal from when she was at highschool. I was honoured that she would let me share some of it with you... but I have to of the pages moved me sooooo is honestly such a rare, beautiful photo....and it inspired me. So, Id like you to have a peek at her journal..and then...Ill show you what I did with some of that inspiration.....and this page..I love the most. This is Em in 1982 with her little brother Nick. There is something about the purity and innocence in this photo that is just...beautiful.........and so this is my Layout inspired by her.....and her art journal. Thanks Em....

Inspiration can come from just about anywhere...even at work. People are so interesting...

Anyhoo...for now....need to go get coffee... more soon...promise!!!xx