Thursday, February 28, 2008

The art of coffee I need a coffee..can you smell it? I sure can..yummmmmmmmmmmmmm....

Art Journal stuff...

So... hoping youre all well...and that youre all feeling creative and A slack tart. I havent put any piccies of my Art Journal over on Em Falconbridges Flickr site..cuz Im shockin with the pooter and cant figure it out. are my piccies of my pages.

This is the "choose your own word"..I chose clarity... you cant see probably but its see through(I took the photo on a white table)....
Balance: This is a charcoal drawing ... done on Stampin Up! cardstock...funny..I did this after work one night..I was after a flowing balance feel....once it was all done ..I looked at it and it looks like the top of someones head... which I guess is what I look at all day...and is what i go for when Im doing a do..balance, and proportion and thar you go..LOL
.....this one is Emotion. I love this one. "She thought she was Queen of her emotions and yet each day they ruled her"..(Deb G...hehehe)Its glimmer mist, bubble wrap painting, hot glue, gold rub, a playing card and an artline pen..also there is a Maya road key there somewhere too.
..And this one is "FLY". Its a see through number too...(laminator!!) the feathers are from my Cocky...and the quote is from "Jonathon Livingstone Seagull"...some stitching..some Stampin Up! cardstock and paint!! the new word is Magic....havent done it yet!! LOL...hope to get to it soon.
But now? Time to pick up the kidlets from school.
Its P day today..and my beautiful (and very very naughty exhibitionistic)son went as a Policeman. Man I hope he grows up to be on the right side of the Law. All I have to say about that.ahem.Have a great day!debxx

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Witness - Bo Bice this is the new song from the new album..I LOVED his first album...not so sure yet about this the mean time...VERY nice to watch this video..(the scenery, I mean!!)LOL

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Its so important to find an excuse......

.......To get out of the I look around honestly looks like the house will only post a couple of fun things I have been doing..and then??? Back to the drudgery that is housework...

So...Ive been making these:

ATCs.... I used to make them a lot once, whenI first started Scrapbooking.....and now..Tanya Davey (A Shop and Crop DT gal) has managed to get me interested in making them again... They are so much fun...and they are great for when you just want to make something...but dont have oodles of time...cause they are only little!!!!(this one was fun!! thats kitchen foil!!!!):)

And then we ran a Challenge to use 5 "outdated "supplies and or techniques..... this is what i came up with...

So I used 1. Metal rimmed tags 2.Mulberry paper..(well actually this is Saa paper but close enough..and I tie dyed it)3.paper piecing...(my rainbow! and Im stoked with I might do more of this kind of thing outdtaed be damned)4.Shaped brads..and still..I like them....5.Double matting....hehehe

and the gal with the big teeth?? My Bestie Bin...... The journalling is an irish blessing that reads:

"May flowers always line your path,

and sunshine light your day,

May songbirds serenade you every step along the way.

May a rainbow run beside you in a sky thats always blue,

and may happiness fill your heart each day your whole life through.

...may the luck of the Irish bless you all...............and make your housework vanish....LOL

Better get to it. Blech...until later, have a beautiful day......xxoo

Thursday, February 14, 2008

salivating,drooling,slobbering....etc, drooling. When I grow up i want to go to CHA with a whole bag-o-money. have you SEEEEEEN some of the stuff coming out??? I most definately must have some of this gear..also on my list is Elsie's new recipe book....and go to and check out the Notting Hill line...and the new book handles!!! I soooo want to win lotto right now. ho hum....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Please help...

Like many of you.....Im a Mum...Im a daughter, ...Im an Auntie, Im a Godmother, Im a sister, and Im a friend...and in my life, children have played a big part. In the past..I was one... now..I have been given the gift of children of my own. I can never ever imagine how anyone could hurt a child..and yet it happens. But..there are people who are there to help these children..and give them back some fun..some happiness, some positive memories.

Such is the Southern Cross Childrens Camp. Each year this camp dedicates itself to positive memories for children who have been affected by abuse, neglect,and violence. This is where you step in.
As part of the positive memory process, the children put together memory albums of their time at the camp...for most of these kids..these albums are so, so,...

Can you spare a few hours, perhaps with your scrappin friends to make 6x6 background pages for the that the kids can embellish and decorate, and add their own photos to???

Can you make lots????

If you can help..with 3 or 300 ....please visit Julie Stones blog....

and there you will get all the info you need,and if theres something you dont know, you can contact Julie through there. will be helping soo many kids.

..and it will nourish your soul...truly.

Thank you..Love, Debxx

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today, I marry my friend....



.......Have to go all mushy here..and say a Very Happy 14th Anniversary to my beautiful Hubby, Best friend, and Soul mate...Shane..we might have changed..but how much I love you hasnt..xx00

White Lion - Till Death Do Us Part

This was our Bridal Waltz...we were dancing to it this time 14 years you babe!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Just a little play....

Only a quick visit today.... been playing with Glimmer Mist....made this:
....I LOVE this stuff!!! Stains wood beautifully!!!..and its hard to show you just how beautiful the lustre it gives is...go orn...get sum!!LOL(shop and crop have it!)

..and this was my ATC for Tania Daveys ATC challenge over there too... bit bright..but i LOVE it!!...and this was one of my Layouts for the Design Team challenge..."scrap whatever takes your fancy".... using the Yummy new Basic Grey!!!2 scoops. Need their new BOXER ..soooo much!!!

...anyhoo...need to go to bed..tired. sleepy....lovexx big sloppy soon...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A new day...

Well its official. I am the mother of 2 school age kids. When did that happen?This is my beautiful boy on his first day at Kindergarten. Still looks like a baby to me....but he had a great day and insisits he is a big boy there you go...ive been told.
and this.....

this is my ATC from Tania Daveys' ATC challenge over at Shop and Crop. She is a whiz with coming up with some seriously cool techniques..this is a masking technique. Go to the Hints and tips section of the forum...come and play too!!!!(oh and if you like the stamps..go see my friend Lisa Johnston..

And this is me... yes, with blackberry seeds in my teeth when we went to Marissa and bretts blckberry picking on the weekend.... seriously scrummy stuff...totally worth all the prickles in your hand, arms, legs for the beautiful fruit we got....

and this...

..this is Marissa herself with the biggest blackberry of the was massive!!!

Soooo much fun!!!..more