Monday, January 28, 2008

The Goodies - Animals

who...isay...who doesnt love the Goodies...? I ask you!! This is my Hubbys fave ever episode....aaaahhhh..the memories...Bellamy!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Gotta be a record!!

HEhehehehe...4 posts in one day!!! What the??? Can you tell Im on holidays and hubby is away and the kids are busy doing kids stuff???LOL...major Mummy catch up time!!!

These are my Art Journal entries so far for Ems new Word art journal...

...commit....(journalling is on the back)..this ones pretty straight to the point...because I guess Commitment is something that should be just that..hard, and fast...and not a bit fluffy or soft.

Unlike this one...FEEL. The Kids LOVE this one...its fun to touch.. Lots of bits.

and this is the latest one..."Connect" I converted an envelope..its jst a little commentary on how sad it is there are not so many pens to paper letters the romance of receiving a letter is being lost...but at the same time, I celebrate that we can connect with people in so many new, text, video messaging.,(no to mention the good old blower!!)(!!!


What a Hoot!!! Part 2

Just a quick post...I just wanted to show you what I did with my kit form "Just enough Kits"....this is the kit:

..and this is what I did with it...(and I still have leftovers!!!!)

...Teina has new ones now!! D'OH!!! I am on a budget!!!darn it!!!


A Knight`s Tale Aerosmith

R.I.P Heath Ledger. Terrible, terrible thing.Cant help thinking about his little Matilda..I hope the world will be kind to her.


Heres hoping your Australia Day was wonderful...and that you didnt get too



c)full (tummy that is)


d) many annoying flies.

My Australia Day was spent with family for a good ol' bar-b, a bit of scrappin, a bit of cake making, and a bit of sitting on the verandah talking to my Cockatoo...named...Cocky..hmmm.

This was my Australia Day projest for ShopandCrop this week..

A little provo craft lunch pail tin, and some scraps....a few chipboard bits and pieces..and thar you go!!!

Hope your Sunday is great.xx

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Arty Mc Farty is at it again!

heheh..nope..have no idea where that title came from..just popped into my head and I liked it!!

Any hoo..thought Id share with you my little art journal project....

Im really happy with how it came out...wanna know how to do it???Hot glue!!!Hmmm...Ive now posted my first art "class" over at if you want to have a bash!!! Go to the Challenges and Competitions thread..and there it will be!!! ...and if you play too...PLEEEEEESE post a pic so I can see what youve done...or, leave a comment below with a link!!!

Oh, and there is another Art journal challenge Im doing this year..Its Em Falconbridges "word" art journal..I havent done any of the word yet, lol...but I HAVE made the journal!!!This is it

.....My photo doesnt really do it justice..TFL...see you soon!

Friday, January 18, 2008

What a Hoot!!!

Look what I just bought from Teina !!! Cant wait til it arrives!!! HOW CU-HOOT!Go here to see what else shes got..(and the prices are great!!) .. Tell her I sent ya!!!

So, owing to my current love of all things owly.... I made this little fella for my Scrappin Mama Bev....(although I did a lot of laughing at the first attempt..BWAAAHAAA!) and Im not going to show you!!..But this fella is ok... my hand sewing leaves a little to be desired..hehehe

..and I made one for this layout for Shop and Crop....(check out those KI Memories papers...gotta love those!!!)

Well, now that I have shared with you my wisdom..(bwaahahahaha!)..I have to go to bed..cuz a night owl I aint!! ( bwahahaha!), I havent been drinking....

goodnight all!!lovexx

Are you coming to play???, on the 24th of January my little baby...My.."art of my Life" journal is going live at!!!

Each month I will be offering up a technique "class", all with the aim of creating your own beautiful journal... the first lesson is "Hot Glue Gun"..and also each month there will be a theme. This month? "ART". So if you want to play too...(oh and even better this is FREE!!!!!!! to members of the Forum over there!)...go sign up for the newsletter,and sign up for the forum..then run along and grab yourself a journal..or make one!!!! Id love you to come play too!!!!

heres a sneaky little peak at what were doing....
Look fun??? hehehehehehe come on....what have you got to lose???

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"Hallelujah! Come join the jubilee!!

Ok...heaving chest....breathing guys all know how much I LOVE the Black Crowes???..And all the while that beautiful music you are listening to is The Black Crowes new Single!!! and its from the NEW ALBUM!!!!! First one in 7 years or something!!!Its called Warpaint and Im sooooooo excited!!!!
So..."goodbye daughters of the revolution" is great!!! and even greater??
They are...(i think Im gonna have a stroke!!) coming to Australia!!!! and... I HAVE to go!!! (gawd I hope i can come up with the dosh to get tickets to the Newcastle show in April!!) very happy little lady right here!!!
....breathing a little less heavy now.....
go to if you want to see the video...i cant seem to work out the linky thing...LOL..(technically challenged in soooo many ways!!!)
Love ....xx

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Lunatic gets some Grungeboard!!

..So this week I got to play with some GRUNGEBOARD! Tim Holtz's new is amazing.
It smells a lot like a leather lounge, its strong...the "elements" sets have the most beautifully fine detailed flourishes, but they dont rip getting them out, no matter how rough you are...they are bendy..and yet they are so soft to the suede ...and they are there is lots of options fo roughing em up. But the best bit? The hinges!!! Great for all those off the page projects!!!See how those little suckers just wrap around that big fat book!!
Can you see how fine the flourish details are?? and check out the butterfly wings!!! Man..lovin this stuff... more soon...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy birthday

Its Sashas birthday today!!! My cool cool "boss"at Shopand Crop...have a cool day Sash!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Pan's Labyrinth full length trailer

My beautiful Sis gave me this on DVD for Christmas...even watching the trailer again makes my heart race and gives me goose bumps. A dark, beautiful tale...but VERY violent..most definately NOT for kids eyes. Love this