Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to everyone. January 1st, 2008. Hard to believe its a new year. New Beginnings. Out with the old, in with the new. BUT!!! ......

I have to show you something from last year..all finished now. 52 weeks of fun. 52 weeks of prompts from Em Falconbridge. I have to show you my 3 last cards...and then...where they now live. Im soo proud of them...they look so beautiful all together, and they all mean so much to me. Just sad its over.Thanks Em!! you are the best!.
This one is the.."greatest gift you ever received".....there were so many gifts I could have picked..but..I went for a more universal one..the gift of being an individual..and being allowed to be that way...
and then..there was "made me think of you".. this one is about my Nan. She was of Irish heritage,she believed in fairies and leprachauns...and she was a great lady.I miss her.
and my last card...and by far my favourite. Dunno why..just like it..lots. The quote on the back comes!!!
and this is them in their home. I LOVE how they look. The kids love to flick through them.Just so much fun.
and because Im a late starter...i havent put some of my cards, here are every single card in their cases..(but Ive only put the fronts).

I want to say a big thank you to Em. You inspire me.

and a big thank you to everyone who did this art journal right along with me..and made the time to visit and tell me what they thought. I know time is short..(so if you visited and didnt comment..,thank you to you too. I know i didnt always comment... but I visited you all too! Lovely lovely cards...lovely, lovely people...dont be strangers!!Its lovely how this thing of Ems has brought us together, even though were many, many miles apart. Well done Em!!Love, love love to you all...and Happy New Year!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Masters 2008:nothing conventional about it!!

So, its past 28th of Dec, and the Masters issue of Scrapbooking memories is out. OMG!! thats all I have to say. The work thats in this issue by these amazing Masters is a Credit to each of the Masters, and to SM for their choices. I have to say my picks are Fiona leehane (and cuz shes a Shop and crop DT gal too, and one hell of a nice gal)..her mini album is amazing!!..and of course, one of my all time heroes..Max. Her work as always is amazing..and I cant believe she hasnt been a Master before today.

So..anyway...this is what I did for my Masters entry...and as there was no Master or HM Im allowed to show it where I want!Cool!. Thanks for looking.

so..this was my mini album cover closed...

..and open(from the back)

and this is one of the pages..I did them all totally different.

And then theres this: this is my storage device..a ribbon box...closed...

....and open....

and then there was this..the double page layout I did...had to be about an event that meant something to you.

details of pages:

and this was the single layout.

....and case I dont check back before.I want to say thank you to everyone who has visited me this year, my first year as a blogger. I love the beautiful things that you say to me, for the encouragement and friendship across the miles, love to you and your loved ones..and from me to you.....Have a safe New Year..and a very happy one. LOVE, big sloppy kisses, and Bundaberg peachy to you!!!MMMMWWWWAAAA!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Whenever You're Away From Me I love a good musical..and I LOVED this one...I have had a life long love affair with Musicals...and great dancing.

High School Musical 2 My DD got HSM2 for Christmas..and I gotta say I LOVE this song..cant get enough of it..I LOVE a good musical!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Darkness - Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End) I know..but I LOVE the Darkness..and this (slightly twisted) Christmas song...Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

My How Time Flies...

Time sure does it just me or do we seem to be missing some months out of the year???This weeks card prompt (well, actually it was last weeks) was "time flies" is my card.


I have to say..Ive been trying to get used to a new compact digital for these pics..but Im going to have to go back to my SLR for all my uploading..cuz the quality just isnt there.,

I thought Id have a bash at the Fiskars Tag challenge..but I was too here is my tag..

Kinda doubles as a deco?yeah? And then..last but not least, for those of you that arent members over at Shop and Crop...Id like to invite you to take part in my Art Journal challenge next year.

An Art journal is something I have always kept since highschool(that was a looooong time ago)..and after doing Em Falconbridges 52 week one..I thought it might be great to share the love abit..

so...each month Im going to suggest(there will be no right or wrong!!) an art medium to play with..and a theme.

Its good for the soul to play , get a bit if you want to come play too...head on over and join our little forum..its not hard..takes about 3 minutes. ...and, we go live on January the 24th with our first technique, and there or be uninspired!!!

Talk soon!! Luvxx

Thursday, December 13, 2007

its a whopper!! scrappin friends all got together and we had a Christmas party thingy..we had more food than we knew what to do with..lots of giggles..and a little bit of scrapbooking..LOL
...secret Santa bought me some Fancy Pants, a Maya rd album, a MY Minds Eye tag(?) and some queen and co lovelies.....and here she is!! Mumma Bev!!! I was her Secret Santa and she got a fancy pants big board set, some 7 gypsies, heidi Swapp clocks,and a bag o bits...and id imagine she wont be too fussed on the photo LOL...sorry Mumma!!(but theyre MY memories Bev!!!)LOL
...and special mention has to be to Mum of the year Jens' vanilla slice. OMG this stuff is gooooood. Jen had to work and so missed out on some of the festivities..and so, no photo cuz shed smack me..LOL (you know how we all look after work!!)
and from something sweet and fattening, to someone sweet and totally not fat!!...

These are a couple of pics I took at Missy Higgins concert In Tamworth late November. Montana, Renee and I was GREAT!!
..I got a shock at just how tiny a little thing Missy is...and yet with such a big big BIG voice. She is incredibly talented...and there is such a calmness about her. LOVE. MISSY.

so..ive been a bit snowed under and havent had a chance to post my cards for my 52 week art journal..and this photo is seriously cruddy..but this is the Rejuvenate prompt.

To rejuvenate..i like to go "play"(scrapbooking!!) and other general silliness with my friends.LOL

And this is the "My Happy place" prompt...front...
....and back!!

and this is the Idea prompt.... I love this one...its Love Elsie fabric paper whitewashed...

..and stamped on.

..and this whopper of a rug is my Art rooms Chrissy pressy. I LOVE this rug!!! the kids love it too!! The only thing is I find myself wanting to sit on it..not actually do any scrapping.... get off the pooter..gots to get ready for work, school etc....playing catch up will happen all day if I dont hop it!!!Have a good one!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ok..MIA, Ive been Missing In Action..Christmas is soooo busy at work..end of term at school,Christmas parties abound..and then theres the shopping!!!These gorgeous gals up here are my work mates.From the left is Hannah, me(in the sexy new t-shirt I got from Utopian Bazaar) Denyce,(who has in the last fortnight celebrated 48 years of hairdressing.My Goodness!!)Sharon, E.J (short for Emma Jane and who decided to leave us this week)and in front is Emily,(seriously fun chickky..) and my boss, Louise. Ive been a "belmore girl"for 3 years on the 17th of January.And..this year Ihave really come to appreciate NOT owning your own hairdressing salon...and working for someone else. I have a lot more fun that way...LOL..
These are my "my Christmas memories" layouts I did for Shopand Crop this week. Finding photos of us as kids enjoying Christmas was actually quite hard...Mum and Dad didnt take that many photos...(yikes..not like their daughters)so we really only had ones on Santas knee. Werent we cute?LOL..The little red headed chubby on my right in this bottom photo is now my skinny, attractive dark haired little sister...who has a little one that looks just like that!!LOL...
I have more Chrissy projects to show you stay tuned!!
Off to do Grandmas hair..gotta go!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Whats this??

Ok..some giggles for you.. this photo is almost exactly 32 years old. This is me at 3!!! LOL..I actually LIKE this photo of me!!LOL...Funny thing is... Ive always said My son looks like his Dad..but oooo..I can see him in this piccy..

..and this..? This is a mini album I made for a ShopandCrop was our Cybercrop class.... it is sooo quick to make...sooo...
...I made another one!!!

I Loved how this Daisy Ds paper( wot is most definately NOT Chrissy paper) came up looking so festive!!!Inside I used a tag sheet to embellish the book with..and its tiny!!! It only measures about 15cm x 10cm...just the right size for (the larger type) index prints or passport photos.

I have been a slack tart and not uploaded my cards for the last 2 weeks...but I will do it this week ..I promise!!! to bed for me!!Nighty night!!

The Nightmare Before Christmas - What's This? all know how much I love Tim Burtons love Jack!!!