Monday, November 26, 2007

closer and closer......YIKES!!

Well...Christmas and the arrival of the big fat man..(er..Santa..sorry!!LOL) is getting closer and closer. There is a tree to put to do....prezzies to make...oooo and it is so much fun.!!!This is a little "house " card I made from the Collections house sets. They are sooo fun!!
This is the christmas house I made with them for the ShopandCrop newsletter a couple of weeks ago. It can open out to make an album..or, I think it might make a lovely candle holder for the Christmas Table...dont you think???
...and one of the BEST things about that its a perfect time to remember friends and family..and to give to them a gift of love...from the heart...and even more make time to be with thank them for being there for you...for everything....and just for being them.
This layout was my "Yellow" challenge for ShopandCrop's new Monthly challenge...its a photo VERY dear to me... and well, I think ill whack this one on the wall. Love it!!!(if I do say so myself...and I do!)LOL..every person in this photo means a lot to me...Bev,my scrappin Mum,Jen, my totally hypo and anal(LOL..sorry Jen) scrappin buddy, teacher, my mentor,my dealer(scrappin supplies that is!)& my very good, special friend,Nancy..My REAL mum..and guru.. Thanks guys!!
So, I guess.. My Christmas goal is to say "I LOVE YOU" my friends and family in the best way I can...and to all my friends..whatever part of this beautiful world you live in...I love you too....( all mushiness and soppiness included).
So, off to do some of the retaily bit that goes with Christmas.Love ya!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Go Red Instead

OK..soo its my other favourite colour(well officially black isnt a Christmas..Im going red..unless you think its too hard to look at)..but I think its purty!!!
More soon..xx

oh..the slimy beasts...

How long has it been since you held a snail? My 2 littluns had themselves a wonderful time at Nannys, playing with these snails...letting them wriggle up their arms..and indeed made me take them home so they could live at our first i know...blech to all that slime...but!! they truly are soo beautiful...magical even. The colours in their shell, and the silent way they move about their life. ..leaving the most beautiful trail of glitter in their wake. Sure, some people might say its a trail of slime..but I guess its just how you look at it....
and well, the garden??? NOT , I repeat, NOT! going to poison them...they have as much right to be here as us..and well, I am officially the WORST gardener in the world..and quite happy to be that way. If it grows there..good.if it wasnt meant to.

So I guess what Im saying is...get outside...look at things up close...the world really is a beautiful place...I guess sometimes its easy to forget...

Might go make somethin now.Talk soonxxoo

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Attack of the Approval Junkie this is my Art Journal card for LAST week...the prompt was "self realisation"...i took it to mean something Ive realised about myself. Yep. ...hmmm...I can talk it till Im blue in the face"dont care what anyone thinks..blah blah blah"...but the reality is..if its not right..if Im not right not doing ruins me..puts me in a comatose state of depressed self loathing. Why???Havent a clue. Stupid really.Maybe its the whole obsessive thing I have going on.....
...On that issue... I have to say... I have also come to the realisation this week that I did not make Masters this year. I was shorlisted, for which I am immensely, hugely proud...but I believe the calls went out last week..I did not receive one. So, after a weekend of going.."oh, Debbie you suck... you stink at this thing anyway, you havent enough talent to have been chosen , and all other manner of self-depricating(is that how you spell it?)..LOL..I have come to the decision that..
I WAS honoured to be in the top 100. I AM proud of what I did....I did WELL to get that far..and I WILL enter again next year..I WILL make Master before I die!!LOL...(maybe)???..LOL..and maybe I dont suck at this 'whole thing' long as I am proud of what I do. Thats really what its all about yeah??
To the Masters... I am in AWE of you...insanely jealous that you have the title this year..and Humbly so proud to even be put near you in the judging. ..and I TOTALLY look forward to seeing everything you do in the next few years...and..I AM a scrapbooking I will visit you!!!LOL..(ONLINE THAT IS!!)...
and in honour of all things beautiful in this world..and the passion of our ART, and to remind myself why I must express the judging good bad or otherwise..
here is something I made for Shopand Crop...cuz I love it.... Master or not.. LOVExxoo

Thursday, November 15, 2007

A little bit of puddin'

Christmas is...39 sleeps away!!!eeek!!! to celebrate the impending is having a couple of little classes...Im doing a Christmas card workshop online on Friday, Nov 30th...8-10...(pm)..heres alittle look at what were making...(lots of Basic Grey figgy pudding!!!)
and then... the next night...well be having a Cybercrop!!! will be lots of come and play!!And ..I think Sasha is offering a class free to the first 25 people who sign up...all you have to do is buy the kit and your class is free..or something like that???.(PLEEEEZZE dont quote me...check with the girls at ShopandCrop!!!)but ...well be making a cute little project..ssshhh....its a secret!!LOL... with...yours truly!!!
I LOVE this time of the year!!!! Everything is so frantic and fun!!!I might even go wrap some prezzies now....hmmm...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Kind of Kooky...

Well, I have no idea why Im posting a pic of me..just my Boss took it...(im trying to talk her into buying a digital camera)..(not working!!!) and I actually didnt mind it..and..its proof that I actually do go to work ...(sometimes!!) LOL.. This is the mini album I created for Kay Love, who won my prize for the Keepit Breast Cancer research raffle...she said she loves it...its always a bit hard doing things for other people..fortunately..Ive also been her Hairdresser for about 5 I know her fairly well.

and this...Ive posted this album cover before... I Love it..and Steve Vai is big bikkies in our house..(and hes cute)LOL... so, for Aussie dares this was "be inspired by a CD or album cover"..this is what I did..
hehe...its kind of kooky, but I like it..LOL. to do some Christmas shopping...see you soon!!xxoo

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Art Card:Home

This is my art card for this week. It was about Home..what is it to me?? where is it??? What is it??. its funny, its easy to spend your whole life and pay packet on your "home"..and yet..the more I thought about long as were together..that is what feels like home to me...dont need a mansion...just these 3 beautiful people with me.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


If you are, like me, contemplating the concept of BINDEEZ for your children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews/friends/...DONT!! and until further notice..if you have some..throw them out.. ...
well, I was visiting Ngaire Bartlams blog tonight, and discovered that it seems children can be poisoned by the beads if swallowed.
It seems the body metabolises the supposedly non toxic glue and creates a poison not unlike the hallucinogenic drug GHB(grievous bodily harm) ..and is frightfully dangerous.
Please visit Ngaires site for more info..or,go here:
for more info..
Darn it.....

So, ..on the weekend...

So, on the weekend, I went to a Cancer Council "girls Day in" and apart from lots of giggling, carrying on silly,coffee and Jen Kirks gorgeous Strawberry cheesecakes and vanilla slice..I FINALLY got to make my Brisbane Expo mini album!!!
Ive made it from Love Elsie Betty album..and LOTS of Love Elsie stuff..Lola, Riley, Betty, Jack and Abby, Roxy...hmm..lots of Elsie goodness!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


I swear! The only posts Ive been doing lately have been my Cards!! ..thatll change soon..I have lots of Christmas things to share soon..Im doing a Christmas Card workshop through ShopNCrop, and watch the newsletter for a little "housing" project!!LOL..
But for now!!. Em Falconbridges prompt for this week is "SCARY!" honour of the whole Halloween deal..which I think is so cool..and I 'poo poo' those that say its too American!!..cuz I think "why should they have all the fun?" ..and whats with that whole"too American?" ..its no different to saying "too black" or "too chinese"..same deal really. the soapbox.....

This is my card for the week.. anyone who knows me well knows I am a HUGE Tim Burton fan...his work is always off beat, a little (or a lot) dark... but always beautiful. My card is inspired by his stop motion animation "the Nightmare Before Christmas".... the main character, Jack Skellington.

The front:The back:...To create the card...I painted the background red, and then used a hot glue gun to put a big blob of hot glue on the card, then as it cooled, sculpted his face in, then I painted him,followed by dimensional magic to make him pop out.

The back of the card is actually a print out of Jack from google images...just inked the edges.

So thats my card.

This Sunday were having a girls day in for Cancer Research. All day with the gals..scrappin. sounds great!( I dont really do girls nights out)....Im definately a morning person.

On a sad note: I have to say... a beautiful, talented young man died this week..a talented photographer and good bloke. He always had a smile for could spend 5 minutes with this man and feel youd known him your whole life...generous, caring (and funny as hell)... he was killed accidentally on his way to work on Wednesday morning.

It really is so sad for his Family, and my thoughts are with his partner who survived the crash, but is now without her fiance.

You never know when your ride will be over. Make sure you throw you hands in the hair..let go and enjoy the ride...but make sure you throw in a few wild squeals..and have a ball!!!..Be who you are...cuz theres not enough time to be anyone else.