Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just a quickie!!

Ok.So this is this weeks card. The prompt was "a grateful week". We found out on Monday that halen has a heart condition..nothing too serious, but we will have to watch him..forever...but the best thing is..we know..and if we didnt..Id hate to think what could happen down the track. So, this is my week of gratefuls..obviously, there is a lot more but ..Its only a little card!!!
I have some Christmas thingys to show you soon...(but ya have to hang on..). but!!
So, who wants some Grungeboard??Cuz I sure as heck do!!! ...and I heard a little whisper that you may soon be able to get some (at Shopand Crop!!ssshhh!)..but ONLY after me!!LOL...anyhoo..baked dinner calling, and the Arias have Hot was Rickie lee???? I still maintain she should have won Idol that year!!!Best Idol chick EVER!!!
Ok..going now!!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Tim Holtz - Grungeboard

how cool is this stuff!!! Want me some of this

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd - OFFICIAL TRAILER

oooooo IM trembling in anticipation!!! I can not wait ...can not wait!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

week 41: If you could go on a magic carpet ride...

This is my card for this weeks altered card mini album..

the prompt is ..'if you could go on amagic carpet ride to anywhere..where would it be..."

I picked India. Ive always wanted to see it. Im fascinated with everything...the people, the culture, the buildings..Id just love to see it IRL one day.Until my Magic Carpet ride comes ...ill just dream..

..this is the reverse..the photos are actually one photo..this side is just the reflection...(of the Taj Mahal)...sigh....

I used some Daisy Ds papers, some hero arts bling,some black ink, white pen,a piece of an old bag... and some of my latest favourite thing..Luminarte paints.Thanks for dropping by!! have a good day!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Santa Baby

i really love this song!!

a little bit of Christmas.. many more sleeps:have you done your shopping???Why is it every year, I can easily shop..and a few times over for the kids and the women in my life..but the guys???In need of some retail inspiration..LOL...if theye were scrapbookers it would be easy!!LOL..

How nice are some of the Chrissy papers coming out now???......and with that...

I have to say...went to visit the daisy Ds site today to see whats new....oooooo...paisley sugarplum!!! want some of That!!!


I love the excitement of christams..I love the "lovey doveyness" in the air...and with that..Ill share this...awww.

Gypsy and Cree kissing.Awww..LOL

also..I got to meet the lovely Kylie ,one of my Forum buddies at ShopandCrop...I swear!! I dont think any of us stopped talking long enough to draw breath. It was like id known her for years!

and another thing!!!...Lusi Austin has designed some Chipboard and clear stamps for Buzz and Bloom....they are sooooo cute!!! I love Lusi!! I think shes our Aussie Elsie...

go to to check them out..and remeber to click on the thumbnails!!

Ok..have to go..theres a small orphan (my son) who wants some lunch!!! Bye bye...

fer now!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

BOG Music Video

I LOVE Bo BICE..I tried to find a vid from his first album..which is is one of my all time faves...but it seems he has anew album coming out,,CANT WAIT!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

just a quickie..

This week marks the end of a working realtionship I have with this beautiful curly haired little fairy on the left..Ashleigh. She is a very talented 3rd year apprenticeship who is leaving us to follow her heart(and Man) up to Queensland. The other beautiful lady on my right is Denyce...who is also a very talented hairdresser who has been in the game for (get this!) 48 years. I love these guys. So I want to just say...bye Ash!!! will miss you heaps and heaps!!!! And...Good luck!!!!
Im up to week 39 and 40 in Em Falconbridges' mini art journal..

this is week 39: Someone Spesh!!! This is my Mum in Law..Joy(ce)..ive been doing not much but journalling on the back of each card..but this says.... someone special to me is Joyce.a great Mum,Grandma,&friend she is always there when shes needed and is always so supportive.. I truly have the best Dang Mother In Law in the world.

This is week 40: NOT ANYMORE...why not anymore, what not anymore... Em did heaps of layers on hers this time...(and its beautiful!!!) I had a bash..mine really wasnt as masterful as layering..mine was more like just chucking stuff at the card..and this is what it turned out like..LOL..and yet?? I like it!!!I used my new swirly cuttlebug embossing folder and I used it on the photo too....(then sanded it)..But, my not anymore is "the 3 amigos no more"...

When I was in Highschool, I used to attend a Church here in town, and they had the best youth fellowship. I had many wonderful friends there...and these 2, Pam and Katrina..were very special to me. Katrina used to take us on holidays..we were like sisters. Life unfortunately has its way with us all, and we drifted apart..we graduated from highschool and went our seperate ways..I left that particular Church, and it became just a little hard with our different beliefs..and now..we are virtually strangers. Pretty sad though...but I still smile when I think of all our time together...

Thanks for visiting.... but I have to leave you with a thought....Never judge your friends by what they them because they are your friend.

Have a great day!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Holidays are over!!!

Well,its officially the last day of my holidays before I go back to work..and my little plan to ctach up with the 52 pick a reality!!!this is the rest of them....
this one is the latest theme: I wonder...
and this one is week 37: Draw something....

..and so Im caught up...YAY!! and I have loved every bit of it....cant wait for the next one....

Gotta go clean the house now..AAARRGGHH!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A little Holiday fun...

well, were back from the Gold Coast..and soooo glad we live away from people! My goodness there are some people up there..and, after 5, nearly 6 whole days and no scrapbooking supplies..(except I got to meet Joanne Haywood...(hope I spelt it right) Addicted to Scrap up there..shes so lovely!!)....AAARRGGHH!!! I wanted to kiss my desk when I got home. So, I chained myself to my table in my studio and I didnt move for many, many, many, hours. ..and fun...nice to be back to me.

Anyway, for a long time Ive wanted to do Em Falconbridges 52 pick up art journal challenge...(theyre up to week 38 and Im just starting)..but Im up to week 20s challenge I think....this is what Ive done so far!!
well, have to my pal Bin visiting in a minute..have to clean up the house!!! AAAARGH!!!!

Silverchair - If You Keep Losing Sleep (Music Video)

I love this song AND this video..its so cool!!! and..after my holiday.I no longer feel like a tombstone in reverse OR a twister in a bubble!!..LOL..More soon!