Thursday, June 28, 2007

A boy and a pug in a bucket???

Gypsy and Halen...amusing themselves in the shed while Mummy cleans out the car...Montana MADE me march up to the house and get the camera.....couldnt resist it...
This is his last photo ?as a 4year old..Halen will be 5 on Sunday..happy birthday baby!!!Mummy loves you!!!
...and a happy weekend to all!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Supernatural - Dean's Funny Faces

..and its not always scary..sometimes its sooo funny!!

Supernatural - I'm Broken

See what I mean???..and the show has some seriously COOL musak,baby!

Nothing Convention-al about it!

Hello again! I know I sound like a cracked record but I have more convention pics!..heres me and the very beautiful Loretta Grayson...
I LOVED Lorettas class. she is honestly the most gentle ,sweet lady..and SOOO incredibly talented!! I (heart) Loretta...If you ever get to go to one of her classes...DO!!
Well..on a not so lovely note..weve had the vomits in our house this week!!YAY!! weve all been living on toast and Vegemite and Flat lemonade....
such are the joys of being the Mummy...
On another slightly more fabulous note though...Im having a lovely time at Please come LOVE you to come chat!!!If youre ever stuck for a challenge..this is THE place to visit!!!and there is awesome kits put out evry month..and you can SUBSCRIBE!!! Just think..a load o goodies every month without having to hide the invoice from hubby!!!LOL...well thats enough for shameless plugs...
I would just like to also say..theres only 62?sleeps until the APassion4 Scrappin Stamp and Crop camp at Lake keepit. Go visit Lisas blog for more info...(see link list). It will be 3 days of scrappin,..chattin,wine,scrappin,chattin,,chattin...(you get the idea)LOL...I think there are a few spots left. Im teaching a class too!! ,a spaces limited to 16 mini album class..(will have sneak peaks soon)..PROMISE!!..and our beautiful buddy Jen will be too!!
Well my fave show is on shortly..and there are only two episodes left in the season..SUPERNATURAL..gotts to get me some Sam and Dean action now!! Talk soon!

Friday, June 15, 2007


Just want to say Happy Birthday to two buddies...Jen ,who turned 30 on Saturday,and Lisa who turned 35? yesterday..HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my BUDDIES!!! it happens, these two gals are both scrappers,(and extremely talented ones at that)..and both were with us at the Brisbane Convention...oohh and Jen and Lisa (top) are sideways...LOL..never the less.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

What a lucky girl...

What a week. I know, this is sounding like a "Brag" rather than a BLOG but...Look at this..
this wonderful Gulp..hero of the scrapbooking world is in a photo with...ME!!
I got to meet her,and she is every bit as cool as youd think shed be...even after I tried to destroy her hole punch..(sorry)..she still had her photo taken with me. Its because of this woman..(her blogs,her Art,and her willingness to give of herself to help others)that I feel better about a person and as an artist. Isnt it funny how someone you have never met(until now) can affect the way we perceive ourselves...thanks Ngaire..youre an Inspiration.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Good News...

I have some awesome news!! I have been selected to the Design Team!! AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHH!!! I am sooo excited...I am so honoured to be on a design team with soo many talented women...AND for such a cool Store!!! Yay me!!!...LOL...AND>>>

I went to the Brisbane Scrapbook and Papercraft expo on the weekend...

FREAKIN Amazing!!!!I had classes with the awesome Ngaire and Loretta..(YAY ME AGAIN!) and I totally loved Kelly Goree, Kim Kesti and Margie -Romney-Aslin(ooh I hope Ive spelt that right)and Lynette Carol..from the U.S,and the gorgeous new Mum Renee Ross..and my new favourite,Jill Geraghty-Groves!!....the MOST BEAUTIFUL classes and people. AND I got to meet Michelle Grant and Chris Millar too!!YAY ME AGAIN!!!!...and to have my Guitar, Card and LO in the Scrapbooking Memories Site! YAY ME AGAIN!!! I had a gorgeous time with my Mum, and my dear friends Lisa and Bev..I promise I will post pics soon...but I had the best time..just had to tell someone. ..and for one last beloved Guitar got to sit on the Guitar stand of Kirsten Butts(legendary scrapper) hubbies guitar stand!!..none other than David of the Hooley Dooleys!!!(my kids thought that was more exciting than anything else!!!)..We Tamowrth girls LOVE Mrs Hooley Dooley!!LOL Sorry, did an amaaaazing job!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Our Health system..hmmm.

Well its been a not nice week. My Dear Hubby got a nasty attack of renal colic and was put in hospital.
Well..the first thing I notice was the clumps of DIRT under all the emergency ward beds.
Then I noticed the rude,expectant nature of certain patients who wasted Doctors precious time because they want a doctors certificate to get out of work for a day.
Then, when he was admitted to a ward, the bed collapsed...with HIM IN IT!..follwed by the promise of some sandwiches after not eating all day,but there was no one to get them! I would have been happy to go wherever and get him something...but no, so I returned that night..the sandwiches had never come.
The ward was full,and there were some seriously rude old men who abused the already overworked staff..if I hadnt been there to make sure stuff happened for Shane..I dont think it would have.
Please dont think Im bagging out on the hospital..or the staff.They do an excellent job...But our Government is understaffing our hospitals...under funding..sending all the money to the city. Why?? Why do our Government officials get paid a kings ransom,with all expense paid trips,why is there funding sent to help 3rd world countries when our hospitals are in 3rd world status...and the country people are suffering. Stinks. thats all.

Friday, June 1, 2007

James Morrison - Undiscovered (Clip)

...this is my fave song to play in my car at the moment...hes so talented.dig it.totally.

Very Excited Pug

...this unfortunately is more like my dog....oh,dear...teehee

Odie The Pug - secret Im a pug lover..but I wish I could teach Gypsy to do this...Hahahaha

What a busy week!

Well...phew! What ahectic week. After a huge working weekLOL( I only show up 2 1/2 days a week...) I LOVE part timing it!....I feel the need to unload.

I had a REALLY exciting week.

Bought a new Car ..OMG and its beautiful...Ive never owned a new car!....some of my art is going to the Brizzy Scrapbook Convention on the June Longweekend!(Came a finalist in 3..count em...3!!! categories of the Scrapbooking memories prizes though..oh well)

...Other REALLY nice stuff...but more about that later...

Halen put his head through the plate glass door at preschool....came out without a scratch.O.M.G.

Did a few home dos on being the lovely Lisa...who is now a raving redhead in honour of our big trip to Brizzy in 8 sleeps!

Took a few photos....and printed a few more out...(ready for the long weekend)so, a busy week...all in all....along with that awful thing I have to do being a Mummy and a housewife...Housework....

But now..its Friday night..and i want to go in to my little room...and PLAY!!!! Maybe a little Lindt,a little Jack.... and a bit of Black Crowes too....mmmm...Heavenly!Have a great weekend all!