Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Little SIS!

My little sister Renee turned 30 this week. Aint she purty?... She had a little lunch thingy, no big wild party for this gal...

So..Happy Birthday big girl!!! have fun being 30....see?You made it without any hassles at all!............well,mostly...LOL!!!
Happy Birthday my beautiful,beautiful sister....

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Beautiful like a rainbow..

Gotta give it up to Ngaire Bartlam. If you had asked me last week if I was beautiful..I would have laughed at you, and told you to but some glasses...but now, I think a little differently. When people look at you, they see just a face. My face may not be smooth and creamy, with perfectly proportioned bone structure,and creaseless eyes..but when people SEE you..they see the beauty of who you are as aperson, inside and out come shining through..Ngaire has helped me see that about myself. Thanks Ngaire,and all the lovely women who post at

thank you so are all, as WE are all ...truly...Beautiful/

Dan Reed Network - Rainbow Child

This is the song my hubby played on our first date. This is MY song. I live by it..I want it at my makes me feel beautiful. I love this song.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Link List missing for the moment. It hopefully will return when I work out how to make the Link actually work!!!Cheers!!!

A Belated Mothers'Day wish

Our little family would just like to say a special thank you to our Mums...and our Grandmother...these people are in our lives every day...and are always supportive, loving and caring.....We Love You!!!.....

and while we are on that subject:.........................a little food for thought......

...we need to tell the people we love, that we love them. ...We mustnt ever let it pass if the opportunity pops up. My family is my universe...and our friends...well, we always say.."you know who you are" ..but I guess sometimes they dont.

...Those people who inspire us...they should be told that too... so, I guess when I drop in to the same blog many times over,and leave comments..I COULD be accused for being a stalker..but ...LOL....same deal. Why not tell people you admire, you admire them.

Lord knows this world can be negative enough.... Share The Love..thats what I say!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Self Portrait challenge:

In honour of the fabulous Elsie Flannigans new line, Love, Elsie..(which I have pre-ordered and waiting on with baited breath) she has posted a challenge to take your own portrait. I do it a lot.My banner is a self portrait but One with a layout attached? This is it...and(lol) a photo of myself I did in tribute to the far younger,attractive and WAY more photogenic Elsie Flannigan....TFL have a great day

Saturday, May 12, 2007

My Link List

UMMMAHHH..havent got a clue why..but my links arent working!!!AAAARGH!!!Will try to sort that one out asap!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Wings and Crowns...

Being an Aussie scrapbooker is so COOL!! There is such a mix of styles in this country,and we are (mostly) all friendly, community minded scrappers..and we love to share Ngaire Bartlam, Loretta Grayson,Zina Wright,and many more.....and so...Im an Aussie Dare Blogaholic!!! so..every fortnight they (see the I dare You link) put up a challenge..and theres some lovely prizes up for grabs!!..and some of our greatest talent contribute to the blog!So..go have a go!! This is my effort this week:

Missy Higgins - Steer

I LOVE this womans work...her words and music are like a patchwork quilt..small snippets of life from all over... but put together...something truly beautiful.......

Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Little bit of Bling

Just want to 'shout out' to one of the most beautiful couples I know..this weekend they are celebrating the one month anniversary of their wedding....Happy Anniversary Brett and Marissa!!!Big Kiss!xxoo
This little LO happened when I came across my old highschool art diary..and this was a little 'piece' I started,...and never finished..but somehow..I love it just as it is.(Obviously though, the scrapbooky bit was added much much later...tee hee.

I do love a bit of bling...last weekend I joined in the Alison Ellis of the challenges was to use a bit of bling..this is what happened...and i was lucky enough to win a little prize too!!! Yay ME!!! (LOL) actually is a little band aid tin, and it holds all my Alison Ellis Artist Trading Cards from a swap we did....(see the link).
Ok..well time for this old girl to hit my studio..time to that I have the whole Blog thing under control...(well enough for now anyhoo)...So,I bid you a fond farewell...adieu...

The Black Crowes - Blackberry

How much do I love this band!

Maybe the best band in the world

these guys are my absolute favourite...have every album, love every song....

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Liitle bit of my soul......
This is my cover for the Book of Life Album were doing as part of the Shopand Crop Challenge(see the link)...Im a bit happy with this...TFL...Im just lovin the butterflies...xxoo

Moving In!!

Well, ive moved homes... for a few reasons ...but mostly because I can make blogger my own a little bit more(once I work it outLOL)... so the old blog will be no more,and I am now at home right here!! So..Welcome!
This is my little family...(thats me on the left) until I get a little more organised...bye for now!