Saturday, September 22, 2007

In the words of the great Missy...

"up wher the hunted hide with ease,

under the arms of eyeless trees,

up where the answers fall like leaves,

and all I need..

Yeah, Im going North...."

Its Time for a holiday. I am not having any time to scrap for me. When I do..nobody wants to publish it. Feeling just alittle like I have NO IDEA what I am doing thinking I can call myself a scrapbooker.
PLEASE! dont think Im after just gets like that sometimes ...dont you reckon??

The ideas are there..but when I sit down to play..I yawn, i nod..i think of soft, flannelette sheets,and how glorious it is to stare at the back of my eyelids for hours on end.

My neck hurts..I hate my job. so....

as of today..I am officially on holidays.two weeks away from being Deb the Hairdresser..two weeks away from the grind of everyday....two weeks for me and my beautiful family..the real reason I get up in the mornings.So I might not post for a week or so...dont think Im ignoring..I just need to stop...recover..rejuvenate.Need salty air..need sand in my toes.Going to the Coast...
going to get behind my camera...going tobeautiful Queensland...yay!!!

Until then..go wont be sorry.....!!!and I made this..
Its a little collections chipboard house..and it opens out to look like this:

Lovin the probably cant see to well.but the pics are of my fave parts of my house.

And then I made this for Everyday Garbage blog:

you hads to use garbage from the i used a plastic bag from the fruit and veg shop,stitched it on,ripped it,stitched it some more, a white paper doily left from christmas..and the hearts are a cheesecake shop cake board leftover from My Mums ?birthday cake.The words are from my latest fave song...On the Radio..which Ive posted the vid of here....This? this was fun....and no..its not Acid free or acid safe..but to hell with it..lets be reckless!!!! Life is too often about have to big MWA!!!! A big slice of cheesecake, a double strength Latte, a magazine,wind in your hair .a locksmith to release me from the chains of everyday normalcy...and an "I LOVE YUS AWL!!"...and Ill see you soon...MWA!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Regina Spektor - On The Radio LOVE this song. Its is well and truly stuck in my head and we sing it all the way to town each day..and all the way home again.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bye Bye Birdy...

I have to say...Brianna is gone. I know her last couple of performances werent as amazing as her Regina Spektor cover, Or "Jaqueline"..but I DO NOT CARE. I think she is sweet,amazing and clever. I do hope she gets herself out there. I, for one, will line up to buy her first album. I, for one will look forward to the day her poetry,and individual artistic music style is pressed between the layers on a that I may purchase it and drink in the delights..but until then..........
Ill be watching Kath and Kim...NOIWSE!
...which leads me to one more thing I have to say. My heart breaks for that gorgeous little girl, the little girl they call "Pumpkin".How could her own father leave her there like that?.... How could anyone leave a child like that?..I know that life can get hard matter what is going on in our world...the children we bring in to it...who neither asked or had any hand in being bought into this world...deserve our protection. This beautiful child ... who it seems has now lost her Mumma.It pains me to think what could have happened.
I remember watching ..with tears rolling down my face at how this little girl just stood there and watched her Father walk could he do that?.. tonight..I pray for every child..the loved,the abandoned,the cold,the hungry,the frightened,the tormented, the unwanted...and I pray that they will all, someday feel the warmth of a Mothers love..the open, wide arms of a safe and happy family...and should that family be not their own..I Pray that somewhere,someone can give each and every one of them..the Love they all deserve. We were all children once..we should always remember that...Someone once said, "ever child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man"...we should show Him that we are not discouraged of ourselves?..

Saturday, September 15, 2007


..LOL..thats what I sound like..I have a cold in my nose...I managed to catch a very beautiful snotty nose cold from my son..who has been very ill for over a week..and hes normally the energizer it is a little sad to see him lying about...but boy, do I know how it feels! ..I very rarely get sick..but this thing..PHEW!! but thats enough whingeing...

...This week my friend Mandy leaves Tamworth to live up the Coast. I have worked with her on and off for about 6 years...she is a seriously beautiful lady with a tremendous amount of style and taste...and her hubby and kids are cool too..and Mandy and Jaimie are the best fun to go out with. I will miss her terribly. I made this layout at Keepit in 20 minutes.Start to finish.Love Basic easy to make it look good.Those flowers are Bella,and I bought them from Katie..Simply Cre8tive at Uralla....(who was also at Keepit!)

MY beautiful Boss Sasha has just announced a Retreat to Port Stephens with Shopand Crop on the 28th do hope I can go...My other Boss(hairdressing boss) is travelling over to Holland around there if its when shes over there..I cant go.So..lots of finger crossing.....that shes home by then.Maybe I could just quit??LOL... Anyone want to give me a job?..I can cut hair..answer telephones ..bugger up tills...all that stuff..???Oh..and I only want to work 3 days a week and no Saturdays???Any takers???..NO????LOL.didnt think so.LOL..

Maybe I can win the Lotto between now and then and just scrapbook and do school, that would be nice..or a Uni course..Visual Arts maybe...ho..hum...

Hope your weekend is awesome...were going clothes shopping for the troops tomorrow...were off to the Gold Coast we all need stuff...and I am promising myself there will be no black clothes purchase on my behalf..I need some colour..

Im about to go back to red for my hair again...Ive had it streaked to get rid of some of the black..but I wont frighten you with pics of that ugly orange mess...but i will post some red ones when its done.....I usually go red in Summer,black in Winter..why???Havent a clue...Its fun???

I cant remeber if Ive posted this pic before..but its fun and makes me feel a little less sloth Im posting it again...I did this for ShopandCrop design team challenge..pile it on...I hope you have a fun weekend! MWAA!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Playing in the garbage..hmmm

Playing in the garbage...sounds like my kind of fun! The extremely cool Lu Griffen,Cass Glass,Luci Austin and my fave tall person..Jill Geraghty-Groves have started a new challenge blog..called Everyday garbage..the first challenge is on The 18th Of September..soo.whos gonna come and play??I Cant wait!!! go!!! must! The creative genius in you is screaming...".what the heck am I throwing this away for???" "I can make something with this!" husband is absolutely in the pit of he knows i will have a use for all those things I keep "just in case"..he hasnt a hope in hell...YIPEE!!
I think Ill update on the Shopand Crop forum too..just watch me go!!LOL...(sigh)..its nice to be excited..

Saturday, September 8, 2007


I have been missing for a while..tis true. My pooter got sick. Seems my DH downloaded a rather nasty one with something..ate stuff.not happy.cost money.still not happy.couldnt do my DT upload for ShopandCrop...thanks Jaimie.....nuff said..not happy, Jan.

Back now must look at my youtube vid this week. Get the Funk out..I love everything about that song. The words are cool as, this is my anthem.

....the song is a supercranker..i.e:crank it up!!! It is the best when its at head thumping volume...We are a HUGE EXTREME family...and Mummy is very fond of looking at Gary Cherone and Nuno Bettencourt....yummy..particularly in this vid...dungarees and a bowler,no shirts and long hair...mmmmmmmmmmm.Nuff said.

So..this niece turned 5! Happy Birthday Paige-o-rama 2000!

..I worked my tail off,whether it was cutting hair,or at didnt seem to stop!!But, I did get to make that was good.

So this was my Layout for last fortnights Aussie Dares Blog challenge:To take off an advertorial...Mine was Panadols add. Loved this!!! Was sooo fun! This fortnight its from the get into that one.

Then there was this:

My second last Book Of Life page. The theme was "how do you wish to be remembered"...and you had to use old stuff fom your stash..sooo.I used this Dr Seuss paper Ive had since Noah was a boy....and then:this one was my very last BOL page...the theme was.. the person who has had thr greatest impact on your life... this is my DH, Shane. Love youxxoo

and this is one of the layouts I put together at the Big Keepit weekend....

Pretty happy with this one...this is the Love, Elsie "Riley" papers. Bought them through Hobby Lobby in the US...had to. me obsessed. cant help it. Love it.

...and this is my Big letter D I bought in January at Scrapbooking By The Sea in Port Macquarie.

The papers on it are Love, Elsie...LOLA!! Arent they gorgiful??? Love Elsie. Love Elsie.

Same deal...I dont think Lola or riley are coming here,so ...I bought them from over there. Postage wasnt nice either..but..when you are an addict..what can I say???LOL...If the need is great....yadd, yadda, yadda...

......and Finally...a big HOWDY and I miss you all to all the gals who came to play at the Tamworth Scrap and Stamp camp.... there was sooo much laughing and chatter, and so much darn talent in that (really big) room....I wish we could have Camp every month..LOL..mind you,it took me a full week to get over it!LOL..and Julie...if you read this...please email me!!I have totlally lost your email addy and I need to send you those pics of you and the little pink mousy!!!

Time for "The Side Show"...have to go..Paul is waiting for me to look at him......LOL.Just wish DAAS would make a comeback.......sigh...I can wish....

Extreme- Get the funk out (videoclip)

Ok.So this is an 80s song..and I might be showing my age but..This is one of my all time fave songs,and Nuno and gary arent bad either..HMMM.yummy..