Friday, August 31, 2007

Brianna Carpenter - Semi Finals - Fidelity Im joining the Brianna carpenter fan club..this girl is cool!!and then some..

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dead Animals need love too...

OK,OK, I know this is a very macabre name for a post..but..thats what it says on the tag for these little guys...They belong to my beautiful kids....Halen saw them in a store in town one day, (Jay Jays) and he dropped the bottom lip and began sobbing like his heart was broken..after much trying to convince him to tell me what was wrong, he cried"but, Mummy, I need to take them home and love them" heart broke on the we came home with two. One for him(the rabbit) and one for Sissy, (the Monkey)..he did try to convince me to take home the kitten too..but come on...two dead animals in the house is enough.
Kids..Gotta love em. Im having a moment...

Just feeling a little over my black red and white self at the moment...Loving green and red and black..LOL...just a small change..tee hee..could well change back..but this will be my new header for a little while...hope it doesnt frighten toooo many people...LOL...ahem.Promise..piccies soon..

Brianna Carpenter

I LOVE this girl!!! She just made it into the top 12!!!WOOOHHHOOO!!! Love.IT.Full .Stop.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Retreat was..NEAT!!!

Yes..boohoo.its over. The Tamworth Stamp and Crop Camp was a huge success but its over...I have honestly not laughed so much in such a long time..and I was not the only one. Whoever thought us Scrapbookers were a bunch of quiet,lovely well behaved women was WRONG!!!SOOOOOWRONG!!!..this beautiful photo was of my best gal pal Binny and My buddy(and accountant!) Maree..We were in pink Jammies for think Pink night..(our breast cancer fundraiser night)...........................

And then there was the beautiful Lisa,(the organiser and boss of the shindig).and the not-so beautiful Lunatic Fringer......

..and this is us in front of the board on Sunday ..we actually raised 1235 dollars in then end!!!!WWWOOOOHHHOOOO!!

The winners of the raffle are as follows...

1.Layout Donated by Ngaire Bartlam..Bev Miller

2.LO By Evana Willis: Lisa Johnston....

3.Layout by Janine Kaye.....Helen Hill

4.Digi LO by Karen Scrimes: Julie Claydon

5.Lo by Kylie Tout....Ben.

6.LO by Jaimie Emmerton...Susan Shields

7.LO by Deb Godley(or mini book): ...Kay Love

8.Pink Chatterbox album...Judy Bruyn

9.K&Co Pad from Simply Kreative:....Kristy Meaker

10.For Keeps 12 Month Subscription: Nancy Tilley

11.Crop-a Dile tool:...Julie Aitken

12.Stampin Up Markers Set: Kim Ford

13.Pink Nutrimetics pack from Anna Baird:...Susan Shields

14.Stampin Up pads and card pack...Judy Huggins

15.Stampin Up Voucher : Gina Goodwin.

Thanks to everyone who bought tickets and donated prizes for this raffle...all the money goes to a cause research and hopefully one day obliterate that no more lives are destroyed by this terrible disease.

...and this little piccy is of some of the 16 women who did my class on the Saturday..can you say....confusion????...LOL..No...not really...i promise to post photos of the project soon...but I have to class was pretty was supposed to be a 2hour class..we stretched it to 2 and a half..but we still didnt finish...buteveryone seemed to enjoy it and I had sooo many beautiful comments afterwards. So Thanks Guys!!!!

....and if Fiskars doesnt get a lot of sales for that Bril new Drill of theirs from round this way..well, Ill be a monkeys uncle!!!!LOL..

Have to go catch up my washing soon!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

One more sleep!!!

Well...its only one more sleep to the Tamworth Scrap and Stamp Camp!!! Im soooo excited....Im totally in love with the idea of no housework..and 3 days with "my girls"..

Least of buddy Bin...sooo excited shes coming from Wauchope to attend our camp..and play silly women with us..LOL....

BTW...look at that hair???that is UGLY hair im wearing...WOT WAS I THINKING?????LOL..

Anyhoo..I made this little birdy for Shop and Crop ..this weeks challenge was "Pile it on"...hmmm...but I had a few leftovers, so...this is what I made with them they are the jenni Bowlin Chipboard bird set..(used the big ones)...and i used the Tia Bennett stamps from Autumn Leaves for the title...I LOVE these stamps!@!!

...and the rubons are Marah Johnson..I LOVE Marah Johnson!!!

.....and I really love LOVE,ELSIE...soo impatient brat that I am...I did an OS order to get the RILEY and LOLA paper pack in...and a few rubons and a few soft squishy charms..oooooo I love them..hmmmm....lovin the

ok..sooo now Ive proved I have major issues with patience and that my Scrapbooking addiction is reaching sickening heights LOL..(and I wouldnt have it any other way)..I best go do the packing thing....ready for tomorrow..promise to upload lots of los next week...

but ! before I go..I want to say two things...Congratulations to the beautiful Steph Cakey-Devlin and her hubby on the birth of their beautiful little girl...(makes TWO beautiful little girls now!) and to the equally as beautiful Kate Mason and Her hubby, Congratulations and Salutations on their lovely news x2!!!!!(making 4 little bundles in the Mason household in about 9 months!!) AAARRGGHHH!! so exciting!!!Gotta love little bubbies..gotts to LERV the bubbies...

..Im not allowed to have any Hubby said now..everytime I get clucky..wer get a new dog....LOL (not quite the same though)..Oh! almost forgot!!! This is our new baby Sascha!!!!(no connection to my Boss at Shop and Crop...she is 6 yo and already had a name..LOL.shes a Maltese/Shi Tzu cross and she walks on two legs most of the time...(shes so clever!) and is absolutely adorable...shes settled right in at our house....and as you can see...she is loved..very much...

...oh..and last but not the very least..This beautiful lady beside me is Jilly, (Jill Geraghty-Groves)..,one of the most talented, and instantly lovable women I have ever met..(this is us at Brissy papercraft)...and anyhoo shes going through a bit of a rough patch with her back...just want to send a shout out to my pal Jilly and wish her love and a whole pile of strength..and that well all be cheerin you on down here in Tamworth..we love Ya Jilly!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

A whisper...

Just wanted to share this ...I made it for Shopand Crops 'Scrapbooking whispers... i love it cuz its my puppy..and my current fave product..Love, Elsie..

...and this was one of my BOL pages for this month at Shop and Crop...I am Proudest of...."

..and this was the "I wish" challenge for the BOL...(Book of Life)....Hope you loved The Butterfly Ball Vid. I loved it as a child..still do. "Love your neighbour like you love your brother..come on and lend a hand..cause Love is all...Love is all you need...Love is can make you sing...when you want someone to lean on...." I love the words...should be the national Anthem...World Anthem....

roger glover - butterfly ball - all you need is love

When I was a child this was my fave used to play on the ABC to fill in time...Its still one of my faves..and now my kids. I love this..soooo much.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Some cool tunes, a pic and a page!!

I gotts to LERV the John Butler Trio...theyre sooo talented and I LERV the mans' DO!!! ..dreads and a goatee do it for me,yes indeady they do!But, really, this music is food for the soul. Sometimes you just need to immerse yourself in it up to your eyeballs and shut yourself off ..from everything else but the tunes in your head..and all the monsters of everyday life go quiet.

Another way to do that is make stuff. I made this for Shop and Crop this week.the challenge was Get Arty...not really my Artiest(is that a word?) creation..but I like it. Thats all that matters. Right???(somebody please say yes!)LOL..

..and another way for me is my puppy.I love this little one..and she loves me... long as I feed her!!! LOL Have a great day!Thanks for visiting!

Good Excuse - John Butler Trio

I love this band!!! and OMG..what a Seriously cool vid!!!LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!I love this guys hair!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Just some random stuff to share:

so..this is the Layout that hangs on the wall at Shopand Crop..all the Design Team did a personal layout and Sasha has put them up on the wall in frames..They look great!..(Im stoked with mine cuz its the 1st thing I did with my fab "love, Elsie" stuff.more to come..dont worry about that!! (am seriously hangin for the NEW stuff!!!)specially love love... This is an album I made for my Friend Mandy..who left work move to..Merwill...Murwill...somewhere near Queensland..LOL
...and this is the little cardy...which also served to fix me up for a Shop and Crop challenge!LOL
....well time for some Hot Chocolate..and to put two kids to bed...and my other 2 babies..Gypsy and Our new friend Sascha...(shes 6..came already named and belonged to my sister in law)
Will show you some pics when I take some decent ones!!But..this dog is amazing!She walks on 2 legs!Its bizarre I tell you!!
Love to happy..and if youre not...GET HAPPY!