Saturday, July 28, 2007

So..I made a little dolly..

This is me!!HAAHHAA!!! if ONLY I was that young and skinny..but what fun!!..I think she (I) can stay a while..

Friday, July 27, 2007

A circle and some Junk...

This is what I made for Aussie Dares "Junk It UP' this had to be 6x12 and contain no Patterned paper,and found items..I used a cereal box,packing cardboard,an old music book I bought at a book sale, and an old cotton tablecloth I cut up..heaps of paint and a bit of an orange bag,stray buttons..and this is what I got:..have to say though..IRL,it doesnt look this bent out of shape???
And this was my SHOPANDCROP DT challenge this week..."the cutting Edge", I did this..
Thanks for dropping by...I have some other things to show you..but I have to cook tea maybe tomorrow??Have a good weekend if I dont see you before!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

All is well with the world

..Im a happy gal. I have finished my HARRY POTTER and the Deathly Hallows...and was everything Id hoped for.It was amazing from start to finish..and I couldnt put it down..(although my family wished for it sooo much)...Until now, my fave was always The Prisoner Of Azkaban..but now..its this one..somehow though, there is a sadness that it is all over..and therell be no more of that funny little man in the glasses...I loved these books..and all the characters I have come to love.

Thanks J.K. youre a legend.

This week I went to the opening of ShopandCrops'store in Lambton..My Goodness!! It was huge!!!I got to meet Sasha Fenton..(the owner and my supercool boss)In Real Life!!.and My fellow DT member and talented photographer, Janine Kaye!This is one awesome shop...and if you cant go can order online at gals are cool there!!
Thanks to Janine too,for sending me this pic!!
And next: CHA..oh..I love this time of year.....Look what Elsies gone and done: this is some of her ZOE collection. Im in love with this one..and I NEED Jack &Abby too. (go see her blog)..youll see what I mean.

I also need ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING on the Maya road Summer CHA catalogue..of course my DH would disagree..but I do!!I do!!!

And 7 Gypsies, my 1st love, have bought out an ATC card display stand..and ooo its gorgeous!!hmm..would have to make more ATCs to get away with that one..LOL..

Well, now that I have shared my week with you...I have to go off and do the groceries...(yuck);;oh, the mundane..what would we do without it..but you know, if I dont DO the Groceries...I would have more scrapping for thought...BWAAAHAAAHAAA!!

Ohh...and I almost forgot!!! Ngaire..hope youre feeling better soon...MWAA!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix International Trailer I NEED to see this..but Im busy reading The Deathly Hallows right now..see you when Im finished!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Lately Ive been inspired by:

Ive been prone to visit Jill Geraghty -Groves blog a bit lately(aka Jilly on my link list) and one thing she loves is photos of crying children...well, this is my Jilly inspired photo of my son...after a major face plant into the brick path...ahem..and here I was...going look at me Halen...and Montana is going.."look at Mummy"..and the poor little fella had ripped his track suit,bleeding from his knee and all he needed was me to cuddle him..ahem..but the need was too great for that perfect shot! Needless to say,he went off to the house with a good dose of the salts..ahem..
Yes, my mother of the year award will be arriving sometime soon....

Monday, July 9, 2007

A couple of ugly dollies..

I made these two little dollies for my kids on the weekend.They were inspired by an XBOX game called "voodoo Vince"...I used to make dollies once..but it seems my sewing skills have slipped somewhat..but..i used all scraps from a deleted fabric sample book..and the cotton i used was very was from my great grandmothers sewing kit..why??i dont know..but Ill probably have to put them back together fairly often seeing as the cotton is a bit weak seeing as it is probably 100 years old!!LOL..Oh, and the kids call them Vince and Violet...
Ive also posted them on Aussie dares this week..the challenge is "How dare you use FABRIC?"

This is my shopand crop Design Team challenge layout for this fortnight..its all about Winter...

...and this...

Drumroll please.....

here is some sneak peaks at the class I will be teaching at the upcoming Keepit Stamp and Crop camp organised by the lovely Lisa Johnston...>>(see the link)..please come!!!I think there are a few spots left..But you must be quick the camp?130 dollars....the class with me?35 dollars..and mty dear friend jen is teaching a K&Co class too...should be good....

...Im calling it..... "so lucky for scraps".................

Its a mini album....hope you likee the lookeee..should be fun!!! ..
...and the BESTEST news..
We are having a "think Pink" night at the retreat... which will be a night with the aim of raising as much money for Breast Cancer research as possible...there will be Auctions on the night,but we will also be conducting a raffle before as well...and the prizes...
Ngaire Bartlam will be donating a single photo layout of her talented design to one lucky winner,
and the fabulous Shop and Crop Design Team Gals are also going to donate their fab talents to the cause...Kylie Tout, Jaimie Emmerton,Karen Scrimes, Evana Willis,Janine Kaye and ME!!!are fordonating single photo layouts as prizes (although i might be convinced to do a mini album...just something different)... so...get it and buy your tickets through Lisa>>>>see link...and I will probably have tickets at my workk(will clear it with the boss firstLOL) are just going to have to come to the Retreat....LOL..
hope your day is full of lovely awaits...yuck.

Saturday, July 7, 2007


The following video is pretty scary husband thought it was scary and that i would find it interesting...PLEASE dont watch it if you have a heart condition or any other disease where a shock will upset you...darn near wet my pants...but I could laugh afterwards....!!!
Sweet Dreams!LOL

Ghost Sighting at a dungeon...

Holy crap..scared the hell out of the top right hand corner carefully!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Just a few pretties:

I did this Layout for Shopand Crop...for my Design Team challenge..the theme was rubons...the kissy people are my beautiful friends, Mariss and Brett, at a photo shoot I did for them before their wedding at Easter. The journalling reads: When I see you two like this, Im sure I hear the fluttering of a thousand tiny...WINGS.
This was for Shop and Crop...the theme...Buttons...
This was for Shop and Crop too...for..Rubons!!(must have been liking the button theme still)..this is my little Sis, her Engagement shoot...

And this was my Introducing Layout for the Shop and Crop Design yep..this is me.
"Call me Deb"..cuz, DAMN! I hate being called Deborah...I only ever got that when I was in trouble....
The Book of Life Challenge is going great!! The challenge is to scrapbook real life, and to journal about those things in life that confront us every day..There are prizes each month..but the best thing??Its cheaper than ,seriously, there have been many brave women actually documenting things that have challenged them...brave brave women.But anyhoo...
Im soooo sorry its taken so long to put these up...but I wasnt sure if i should...but there you have seriously need to come on over to Shopand crop..I am sooo lucky, I get to work with some amazing women...and I have the nicest "boss", Sasha Fenton..and today,....
Yay Sash!....go see the link>>>> for more info!!!
The official openingIs on Saturday 21st of July..and Im dragging my hubby so busting to meet some of the girls(who are coming) in real life...and to do some serious shopping...ahem..(we wont be telling hubby that one til we get there) come say Hi!!!..and if you cant...go spend some serious money at the new dont need to eat this week....devon and tomato sauce sandwiches are great on sooo many soon...:)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Just a leetle toot!!

I just have to tell you...shhh..dont tell anyone else Im tooting but...
yep...the fabulous people at FOR KEEPS finally decided they might get me off their back if they put my stuff in their magazine..soo. For Keeps, issue 56......the Introducing article...its me!!!!
Oh what a happy little gal I am...
thanks for letting me indulge..

Who Loves Ya, BABE???

Awww..isnt it beautiful??? They soo love each is a pug..lives inside,..mad,spoilt,prone to bizaar behaviour..good for giggling at,cuddles and disposing of all manner of food and plastic toys...
the other? border collie,...a totally beautiful creature, lives outdoors,incredibly smart and elegant,..bred for work,loyalty and ways about 3 times the other,one has long hair,one has has a nose..the other???nose impaired...BUT!!!
they are both dogs......
NO! I hear you say..who is an intelligent little scrapper???tee hee..but the moral of my (tail) LOL is this...
at most basic level..these two creatures are from the same species..and however different else they may be..they still love each matter what.
A lesson for humanity dont you think???...............hmmmm.
...may all your kisses be sloppy ones.